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Mizzou Links, 9-13-12

Notre Dame vs. Florida State: now a conference battle. Sort of.
Notre Dame vs. Florida State: now a conference battle. Sort of.

Mizzou Football Links

First things first: Major congrats are in order for Dave Matter.

Tribune sports reporter Dave Matter won first place in the feature-writing category from the Football Writers Association of America and placed second in the game story category. The national competition is judged without consideration of circulation or outlet type, so Matter was competing against writers from newspapers and websites of all sizes.

In the winning feature story, he wrote about the Missouri football team's trip to Joplin to help with rebuilding efforts after the town was struck by a tornado. The judge wrote: "The writer's superb description of the scene makes you feel as if you are on the bus with the players."

We have been incredibly spoiled by the quality of a lot of the beat writers covering Mizzou, and we're incredibly spoiled by the simple fact that Matter still works for the Trib. One figures he probably could have moved on to a larger market right now, but he hasn't, and I think we're all very thankful for that.

Other Football Links

  • Notre Dame (Mostly) Makes A Move!
    SB Nation (Spencer Hall): Notre Dame Football Stays Independent, Gets Everything At One
    EDSBS: RON CHERRY IS ABOUT TO SHOW YOU THE REWARDS OF ACC MEMBERSHIP (Andy Staples): Notre Dame joins ACC, John Swofford wins conference realignment
    Frank The Tank: The ACC Has the Luck of the Irish: How Notre Dame's Move Affects the College Sports World
    Big Lead: ESPN Should Mention Conflict of Interest Covering Notre Dame's Move to ACC
    Dallas Morning News (Chuck Carlton): With Notre Dame's ACC deal, Big 12 must re-evaluate future plans
  • Very Good Points Here
    Saturday Blitz: Savannah State's "money-making games" offer more than just finances

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Mizzou Madness Returns Mizzou Basketball Hosts Mizzou Madness Oct. 12

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

Mizzou Volleyball Links

Hope you got a chance to catch last night's volleyball match, either at Hearnes or on ESPNU. For two and a half sets, it was an outright disaster. Mizzou built a 10-5 lead in the opening set, then dropped 56 of the next 86 points. Defending SEC champion Tennessee took a two-set lead (25-20, 25-14) and maintained a five-point lead through much of the third set. It was 20-15, and Mizzou was five points from defeat … and then Mizzou took 52 of the final 87 points and took the match, 20-25, 14-25, 27-25, 25-21, 15-9.

It wasn't only the comeback, though; it was how the comeback unfolded. While I'm sure there were more strategic adjustments than I even know, the biggest factor in the turnaround simply seemed to be that Mizzou stepped up and started winning more 1-on-1 battles. Molly Kreklow, Whitney Little and Nebraska transfer Taylor Simpson looked incredible on defense (Mizzou outblocked UT, 18-7), and after a dreadful first two sets, Lisa Henning powered out 26 kills and a .292 kill percentage (pretty sure it was around .120 two sets in). And eventually Tennessee just folded. It was heartening, to say the least.


  • Because We Haven't Had A Bourdain Link For A While...
    Travel Channel: Anthony Bourdain's Drink Guide: No Reservations

Speaking of No Reservations ... anybody watch his Austin trip last week? It made me want to go to this place really, really badly...