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Mizzou Links, 9-14-12

Sept. 8, 2012; Tempe, AZ, USA; Arizona State Sun Devils corner back Osahon Irabor (24) tackles Illinois Fighting Illini running back Josh Ferguson (6) in the fourth quarter at Sun Devil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Hilderbrand-US PRESSWIRE
Sept. 8, 2012; Tempe, AZ, USA; Arizona State Sun Devils corner back Osahon Irabor (24) tackles Illinois Fighting Illini running back Josh Ferguson (6) in the fourth quarter at Sun Devil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Hilderbrand-US PRESSWIRE

Goodness, it's been a week ... but you will get your BTBS preview today, come hell or high water...

Mizzou Football Links

  • Game Week
    House Of Sparky: Missouri Preview with Tigers insider Bill Connelly
    House Of Sparky: Q&A with Sun Devil Defensive Coordinator Paul Randolph

    HoS: In preparing for this spread offense of Missouri, what have been the main points of emphasis so far during practice?

    PR: Just getting off the football and getting contain on the quarterback. That's the biggest thing. They have a really great receiving corps and they got speed running backs. They are extremely talented in their skill positions. We've been working really hard in doing what we do. Just being disciplined in our execution in our system and scheme this week.

    HoS: James Franklin is one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the nation. How are you preparing the defense to contain him?

    PR: Getting in shape [laughs]. Guys are just going to be more conscientious of where he is and his skillset. He can pull the ball down and run. But he's more than a capable passer. I think he can handle his own just sitting in the pocket throwing the ball around in the pocket. So for us, we have to treat him like he's a pocket quarterback and is going to drop back and throw the football. We've got to be able to pressure him and impact him.

    House Of Sparky: Ben's Breakdown: ASU vs. Missouri FAN PRIMER - Mizzou vs. Arizona State
    Mizzou Network: 1 on 1 with James Franklin
    Mizzou Network: 1 on 1 with Gary Pinkel
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Writer's Block: Lockman sheds light on Sun Devils

    Q: How would you describe Graham's offense and the strengths of ASU's offense?

    A: Graham likes to call his offense "High Octane," and that seems fair considering it has scored more points (108) through its first two games than any team in ASU's history. I would describe it as dynamic and fast. Its greatest strength is probably its versatility. With two quarterbacks, three capable running backs and a few dangerous receivers, the offense can do a lot of things. Illinois, one the nation's best defenses last year, had trouble handling it all and ended up looking lost. The fast pace, which Graham says can still increase, also makes ASU's offense hard to prepare for. I've been surprised so far by how crisp and efficient the offense has been. Few expected the unit to click so quickly.

    Post-Dispatch: Any chance Mizzou overlooks Arizona State?
  • Last Week
    Outkick The Coverage: Dixieland Delight: Missouri (Part Two)

    24. Look, I'm familiar with the criticisms that some have leveled about Mizzou's move to the SEC, that a program which hasn't won a league title since 1969 has no hope of ever competing in the SEC.

    And I just don't buy it.

    I've told everyone who has asked me that Mizzou football will be more successful in the SEC than it has been without being the SEC. A rising SEC tide is truly lifting all boats in the BCS era. Don't believe me? Let's toss aside the top programs in the SEC, five of whom have won national titles in the BCS era -- Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, LSU, and Alabama. (Georgia is the other traditional power in this mix and the Bulldogs have done fine as well). Let's look at what the "lesser" six SEC programs have managed in this time, when the league has become ascendant nationally. Kentucky went to five straight bowl games and has been to nearly half of its career bowl games in the past 14 years. South Carolina won ten games in 2010 and advanced to the SEC title game for the first time ever. Last year the Gamecocks won 11 games for the first time ever. This year I picked them to win a national title and they are currently in the top ten. Last year Vandy's seniors became the first group in school history to attend two bowl games. Arkansas was on its way to contending for a national title before l'affaire Petrino, Mississippi State put up 50 points on Michigan in a New Year's Day Bowl game and may win ten regular season games for the first time in school history this year. Meanwhile, Ole Miss has been to three Cotton Bowls in the past nine years. Prior to that the team hadn't played in a prime-time bowl game since the 1960's.

    What I'm getting at is simple, the SEC brand is valuable, and all programs are more successful relative to past program tradition once they are connected to that brand. It's lazy of some writers and professional talkers to argue that Mizzou will fail in the SEC because it's not Alabama. The fact of the matter is simple, Mizzou's football program will be better than it has been historically in the SEC.


    Senator Blutarsky: Boys, you're not in the Big 12 anymore
    For Whom The Cowbell Tolls: Is College Football's New Helmet Rule Helping Or Hurting?
    The Missourian: Fraudulent tickets keep fans from Missouri-Georgia game
    Post-Dispatch: St. Louis lags behind KC, Atlanta in MU-Georgia ratings
    Mizzou Network: 1 on 1 with Michael Kim
  • SEC History
    The Missourian: SEC historian explains colorful culture of Missouri's new conference
  • Mizzou's History Is Awkward Now ... It Was SEC ... It Wasn't SEC... Johnny Roland Named to SEC 2012 Football Legends Class
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Roland becomes MU's first SEC Legend
    The Missourian: Former player Johnny Roland named Missouri's first SEC Football Legend
  • The OL
    KC Star: Missouri's ailing offensive line deals with position swaps

    One player in particular who caught Walker’s eye was redshirt freshman center Brad McNulty, who was thrown into the fire against Georgia’s 360-pound nose tackle, John Jenkins.

    "When I went out there at first, it reminded me of being back in high school again — you’ve got those first-play jitters, those butterflies," McNulty said. "He is a big dude."

    McNulty, who’s 6-4 and 295 pounds, said he calmed down after his first snap thanks to his fellow linemen, particularly junior guard Max Copeland.

    "Max came up to me on the sideline," McNulty said, "put his hand on my shoulder and said ‘Calm down, take a deep breath, you’re here for a reason — you’re here because you’re a good player and we know you can get the job done.’"

  • Madison
    The Trib: Brad Madison feels good, and it shows
    Post-Dispatch: Tigers DE Madison back to old self
    We Are Mizzou: Song Of The Week: Brad Madison
  • E.J.
    PowerMizzou: Gaines lives in the moment

    Gaines is one of the best cornerbacks in the country, yet he doesn't get any sort of national publicity for his output. In 2011, he finished with 69 tackles, three for loss, three interceptions and a school-record 18 passes defensed. All that came in one of the nation's most pass-happy leagues.

    The accolades did not transfer over to the new conference. Still, Gaines is once again quietly putting together another all-conference type season. Through two games, Gaines has two tackles for loss and two passes defensed. Both broken-up passes came against Georgia, as he blanketed senior receiver Tavarres King for most of the evening.

    His success and development began in practice, head coach Gary Pinkel said. In his two full seasons on campus, Pinkel said Gaines has never had a bad practice.

    "The alert is to everybody out there -- he's really good," Pinkel said. "He's just got the knack. He's good. He's gifted.

    "That's the way he practices."

  • DGB
    The Maneater: Tigers seeing Green-Beckham's growth into role
  • Dom
    SB Nation KC: Q&A With Dominique Hamilton: The Former Mizzou Lineman Speaks About His NFL Hopes And The SEC

    Is there a team or two that make the perfect fit for you now that you've been around?

    I used to say a 4-3, but I've played a 3-4 now and 4-3. It doesn't even matter. I've gotten a lot of interest from NFL teams, so I've been told if I go one place, they'll make me gain weight for a nose. I've been told that if I go somewhere else, they'll keep me the same. I've also been told they'd make me lose five pounds. So I've heard all of that. It just doesn't matter to me.

    Tell me about your morale then at this point.

    I think it's just mixed feelings. Right now I am more determined and just want to get onto a squad and show what I can do. I already did that in the preseason with the Raiders. I think if you give me the chance, I will do something. I'm just positive about it. I know I can play in this league and I just need the chance to go out there and do it.

  • 2013 Recruiting
    PowerMizzou: Following the Future
  • Vote For Truman!
    We Are Mizzou: John Anderson

Other Football Links

  • Football Porn
    Smart Football: Bear Bryant's 6-5 Goal Line Defense
    Shutdown Corner: The All-22: Formation-diverse offenses are setting defenses on their heels
  • Football Porn In Video Form
    SB Nation (YouTube): Changing The Game: How Video Technology Evolved Football

(I love SBN.)

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

Other Mizzou Links