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Mizzou Links, 9-17-12

Photo via Bill Carter.
Photo via Bill Carter.

Mizzou Football Links

"Afterwards, teammates marveled at Berkstresser’s toughness, while Pinkel, intentionally or inadvertently, questioned Franklin’s." That's from Blair Kerkhoff's QB Gate column linked below. Here's the deal: There is a world of difference, a galaxy of difference, between "intentional" and "inadvertent." "Intentional" turns this into a pretty big issue. "Inadvertent" means we are writing thousands of words about a less-than-artful statement from a coach who, let's face it, makes a lot of less-than-artful statements.

Here's what I think:

1. If you read Dave Matter's "Emptying the Notebook" piece, you see that T.J. Moe really might have been trying to send a message with the repeated use of "tough."

2. If James Franklin starts next week (and I bet he does), Moe will be the first person in his corner. This is who T.J. Moe is.

3. I like Jack Meiners. Also from the Matter piece: "He loves everyone on this team like a brother. If he felt like he wasn't able to go, and he felt like Corbin would give us the best chance to win, I think that was the right call." My thoughts exactly.

4. Again, if given the choice between a 75% Franklin and a 100% Berkstresser, give me Berkstresser. Watching Franklin airmail passes because he simply wants to take the field and be "tough" and a "warrior" would not have helped Mizzou at all.

5. Pinkel's post-game comments below suggest that even if he was frustrated with Franklin in the pre-game, he was over it.

6. We will find out soon enough whether this is an actual issue. For all we know, it's possible that it is (though my money is still on "It's not"). But we don't know, and writing an entire column about Pinkel "questioning Franklin's toughness," when you acknowledge that it might have been inadvertent, seems a little ridiculous to me.

  • Arizona State
    KC Star: MU's Berkstresser fulfills lifelong dream in front of family
    KC Star: Sunday rewind | MU's front seven ferocious in win over Arizona State
    PowerMizzou: By The Numbers: Arizona State

    28: Years between non-conference home sellouts at Memorial Stadium. Before Saturday, the last sellout was in 1984 against Notre Dame.

  • QB Gate
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Emptying the Notebook: QB or not QB?

    Gary, there was something in the pregame interview about James declining a painkiller injection.

    "No, they just asked me if he'd taken an injection. I said no. He didn't want to do that. He didn't do that."

    Did he turn it down? Did he decline it?

    "I'm not going to get into all of that. You're looking for the big story here. There's no big story. OK?"

    Who's the backup quarterback in that situation?

    "Well, if we just had to finish the game, James could have taken the snaps to finish the game like that. But we would have had to put Maty Mauk in."

    Gary, what would you say to people outside your locker room who would have any question about James' decision not to play?

    "That's up to James. I have no problem with that. That's James. Period. That's him."

    No questions about his toughness?

    "No, no, no. I don’t have any questions about his toughness at all. We saw him play last year."

    KC Star: Pinkel's comment questioned quarterback's desire
  • South Carolina
    The Trib: Spurrier: Conner Shaw should play
    KC Star: Ol' Ball Coach impressed with MU's defense
    Post-Dispatch: Hold the hardware: no trophy for MU-S. Carolina
  • Week After Next
    The Trib: Morning kickoff for MU's trip to Central Florida
  • 2013 Recruiting New Leader for (IL DT Josh) Augusta
  • Gabs Jaguars' Blaine Gabbert injures hamstring vs. Texans VIDEO: Laurent Robinson 32-yard catch
    Post-Dispatch: Gabbert struggles, then is injured, as Jaguars lose Blaine Gabbert takes step back before leaving with injury
    Big Cat Country: Re-Writing The Blaine Gabbert Narrative Will Take Patience
  • Love These
    We Are Mizzou: Friday Night Highlights

After the jump: it was one hell of a weekend for the Mizzou women.

Mizzou Soccer Links

  • No. 17 Mizzou 2, Auburn 0 Mizzou Opens SEC Play With 2-0 Win Over Auburn
    The Trib: Soccer opens SEC play with 2-0 win
    The Missourian: Missouri wins SEC opener against Auburn
    The Trib: Diggs back in game for MU soccer
  • Mizzou 1, South Carolina 0 No. 17 Mizzou Defeats South Carolina, 1-0

Mizzou Volleyball Links

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

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