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South Carolina 31, Missouri 10: Mizzou Gets Road Baptism


Missouri traveled to South Carolina for a CBS-televised tilt that ended up being about as amusing as an episode of Two and a Half Men.

In case you didn't hear, Missouri moved to the SEC, which means this is entirely new territory geographically, but Mizzou is in relatively new territory as it pertains to the record this time of year. Before the Arizona State game last year, Mizzou was 21-0 in games played in Weeks 1-4 dating back to 2007. Mizzou was 2-2 at this point in time last year, but the wheels were still firmly in place despite losses to ASU and OU. This year, Missouri needs to find an identity -- one not paid for by Nike -- in a hurry.

Losing a road game to a Top 10 team is nowhere near a death sentence, but this one sure leaves a lot of questions.

Who's to blame? I don't know, but I bet you do, and I trust you'll let us know in this reaction thread. For those who don't want to talk about it, use this thread to discuss what is a quietly-strong slate of evening football.