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The official MU-UCF box score is available

The official box score from Mizzou's win over UCF is now available at Five quick tidbits:

  • Mizzou had three drives that lasted more than five plays. The results: a punt at the end a seven-play, 40-yard drive in the first quarter, an interception at the end of a nine-play, 60-yard drive in the third, and a turnover on downs at the end of a nine-play, 49-yard drive in the third quarter. Meanwhile, Mizzou's three scores came on drives of one play for 80 yards, zero plays (punt return touchdown), three plays for 43 yards.
  • UCF's six drives in the first half: 52 plays for 283 yards. UCF's first six drives of the second half: 22 plays for 39 yards.
  • Kendial Lawrence in the first half: one carry for three yards. Kendial Lawrence in the second half: 18 carries for 101 yards.
  • E.J. Gaines, Will Ebner and Sheldon Richardson: 27.5 tackles, 7.0 tackles for loss, one sack, one forced fumble, one fumble recovery, two passes broken up, four quarterback hurries. Big-time.
  • James Franklin's 19 receptions went to eight different players, and he completed a solid 63 percent of his passes. (Of course, he was also sacked five times in 35 pass attempts, a 14 percent sack rate against a defense that had not put together a very good sack rate for the season. But there's plenty of time to elaborate on that later.)