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Mizzou Links, 9-3-12 | Happy Labor Day!

Sheldon Richardson's got a big mouth. But we already knew that.
Sheldon Richardson's got a big mouth. But we already knew that.

Mizzou Football Links

Honestly? I could care less about trash talk and what Sheldon Richardson said below. First of all, we've learned through Bob Stoops' exploits over the years that if you don't give a team bulletin board material, they're just going to to come up with some anyway. Second, Saturday's Mizzou-Georgia game is enormous; if you need trash talk to get motivated, you're already in trouble. It probably wouldn't be a lot of fun if Mizzou had an entire team of Sheldons (oh, but how awesome would that defense be...), but ... I could care less. If anything else, it adds entertainment value, and it got Georgia fans more fired up ... and hey, nothing wrong with that.

Meanwhile ... welcome, A.J. Logan! The late-blooming defensive tackle from Rock Bridge received an offer from Gary Pinkel last week and committed approximately 1.2 seconds later. As with point guard Wesley Clark's commitment last week, this isn't a good time for recruiting analysis -- the season has begun -- but ... huzzah!

  • Georgia On The Horizon (Subtitle: Sheldon's A Bit Of A Talker)
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Emptying the Notebook: Richardson barks at the Dawgs

    Linebacker Zaviar Gooden: "Obviously, we'll start focusing on" the Georgia "game after we watch film, make corrections and all that stuff. We know we've got a tough challenge ahead, but we're willing to face it."

    Then, Richardson: "I watched that game. I turned it off, too."


    "It's like watching Big Ten football. It's old man football."

    He wasn't done.

    "They got a Heisman candidate at quarterback. OK. So we're going to get some and do what we're supposed to do. We create our own pressure. That's it, man. Don’t nobody put no pressure on us. We come out there for every game. We do what we're supposed to do. If we execute, nobody in this league can touch us. Period."

    Someone asked Richardson if Missouri's SEC transition was getting overhyped.

    "Way overhyped. They make it seem like we came from the WAC or something or never played against Oklahoma or Texas Tech and everyone else who plays for national championships. It's about that time we show them who we are."

    Was it good for Missouri to have a tuneup against an FCS team before the Dawgs come to town?

    "We could have played Alabama today. It don't matter, man. We're coming out here every game like this, high-intense football."

    KC Star: Sunday rewind | Richardson says Tigers unafraid of Georgia

    I came in at the end of his press huddle, right as he said "it’s about that time we show them who we are," but Richardson had plenty more to say, so I figured I’d post his comments here, unfiltered. When reading, just tone down Clubber’s cadence by about 42 percent and you’ll accurately capture the way Sheldon said it.

    (Just a quick note: some may consider his comments to be bulletin-board material, but at the end of the day, how are they any different than what T.J. Moe said during his star turn at the SEC Media Days in July? Both players have an undeniable swagger, something you absolutely need to succeed in the super-competitive SEC. Just my opinion, but I think it's good he is so confident.)

    The Trib (Dave Matter): Georgia's Mark Richt: "It's a monster game."
    Dawg Sports: Tough talk from a player for the team the Big Ten rejected
    Post-Dispatch: Georgia players may sit out against Missouri

    [I]t wasn't until Saturday that coach Mark Richt confirmed that starting safety Bacarri Rambo (above) and linebacker Alec Ogletree were suspended for the Bulldogs' season opener, a 45-23 win over Buffalo.

    Reporters had to speculate until they saw the players on the field in street clothes.

    [Corner Sanders] Commings and [linebacker Chase] Vasser will be missing again when the Bulldogs visit Faurot Field for Mizzou's Southeastern Conference debut Saturday. But Richt continues to play games when it comes to Rambo and Ogletree.

    "We'll know when the time comes," he said Sunday afternoon.

  • Welcome, A.J. Logan
    The Trib: Logan is headed in the right direction (from a couple of weeks ago)
    PowerMizzou: Columbia born and raised

    Before the game, after lunch, the Tiger Walk and a video presentation, Missouri coach Gary Pinkel pulled Logan aside.

    "He told me they were giving me a scholarship," Logan said. "I committed on the spot."

    The quick response took Pinkel by surprise, according to Logan.

    "Really?" Pinkel said to Logan.

    "Really, I'm committing," Logan responded.

    Logan said he always knew he would commit to Missouri as soon as the staff offered. A.J. Logan profile
  • Murph
    PowerMizzou: Murphy returns to form
  • T.J. ... MOE
    The Trib: Just as he and his dad drew it up, Moe has worked his way into MU lore
  • Alumni
    The Missourian: Jared Perry following wherever football leads him
  • Komen Mid-Missouri Race
    We Are Mizzou: September 16, 2012
  • YES
    We Are Mizzou: Friday Night Highlights

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Checking In
    The Trib: Q&A with Frank Haith
    CBS Sports: Missouri's Haith shocked by newcomer

    What Haith learned: "That we can be a really good defensive team. Earnest Ross and Keion Bell have the ability to lock guys down on the perimeter and with the addition of Laurence (Bowers) and Phil (Pressey) and Mike (Dixon), we could be scary good and lock teams down on the defensive end."

    Who stood out: "The biggest surprises were Ryan Rosburg and Tony Criswell. I think they can both be really good rotation guys. Criswell can really score. He's got great size, is athletic, quick and mobile for someone 6-foot-9. I had no idea Rosburg would play that well. He really surprised me. He can be a really good backup for Alex (Oriakhi). He's smart, knows how to use his body, has terrific footwork and is a good post defender. He rebounded in traffic and wasn't afraid to throw his body around."

Mizzou Soccer Links

And the train keeps a-rolling for Bryan Blitz and company.

Mizzou Volleyball Links

  • Mizzou 3, Houston 0 Mizzou Takes Tournament Opener from Houseon, 3-0
  • Mizzou 3, Lipscomb 0 Mizzou Gets Big Win Against Feisty Lipscomb Squad
  • Mizzou 3, Appalachian State 0 Mizzou Wins Lipscomb Invitational

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • Alden
    The Trib: Mike Alden discusses contract extension
    KC Star: Mizzou A.D. grateful for extension
  • Mizzou Women's Basketball
    The Trib: Q&A with Robin Pingeton
  • Mizzou Men's Golf Mizzou Golf Strong in Season Opening Event
  • Mizzou Cross Country Missouri Cross Country Canceled