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RMN Bowl Contest – How Else Would you Expect 2012 to End?


We headed to the fourth quarter. LSU was up 24-13 and all looked right in the world. But, 2012 remembered it had a few hours left to go, and decided to deliver one final gut punch. Clemson came roaring back and not only got close enough to screw up the cover, but then went ahead and beat our SEC brethren anyway. And with that, the contest finished 2012 below .500 at 49.6%. I think all of us can say that we are excited to see the calendar change over.

At the top, SleepyFloyd7 maintained his lead, though the pack behind him is starting to grow. We now have six behind sitting in solid position with 29 wins, including SilkyJ, IRONMAN, Pemal1 and now includingBorisJohnson, muwxman and leeaustex who have coming charging from out of the Peloton. Down at the bottom, sid finch currently holds a one game lead over HHKB Chris with a small group poised to maybe have a bad start to the year and try to join them.

As for what we need today, UGA actually was a bigger pick than LSU, as all but seven people chose the Bulldogs to cover against NU. While looking at it, we have some SERIOUS favorites today actually. MSU is very popular, South Carolina is REALLY popular and Stanford, Okie State and Mississippi State also took home most selections. 2013 could start off really nicely today if things break right.

The updated link can be found here. I hope everyone had a lovely New Year. If you could, please keep a special family in your thoughts and prayers if you are so inclined. A friend of mine was killed last night while being a good Samaritan at the scene of an accident while with his family travelling back from Minnesota. Kit was a MU grad, a Wolpers alum and someone I knew and spent time with all throughout school. More can be read about ithere.