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Mizzou Links, 1-10-13

ALL OF THE MCL SPRAINS, plus the schedule ahead, football signing day, and the correlation between Justin Smith's absence and Aldon Smith's lack of production.

Ezra Shaw

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Bowers
    The Missourian: Laurence Bowers to miss two games
    KC Star: MU's Bowers out for at least two games
    Post-Dispatch: Laurence Bowers out at least 2 games with MCL sprain
  • Mizzou Still > Alabama
    Mizzou Network (YouTube): Mizzou vs. Alabama Highlights
    Mizzou Network (YouTube): Phil Pressey after his 11 point, 13 assist performance vs. Alabama
    Mizzou Network (YouTube): Jabari Brown on his career-high 22 pts vs Alabama
    Mizzou Network (YouTube): Frank Haith 1 on 1 after Mizzou's 1st SEC Win
  • The Schedule Ahead
    The Missourian: Missouri faces more physical challenges ahead
    PowerMizzou: Tiger mailbag

    mjkstl asks: Who are 5 players in SEC hoops us Mizzou fans do not know about but you think could give Mizzou fits once conference play begins?

    GD: Boy, great question. A lot of fans will know some or all of these names, but I'm trying to go with guys who aren't the stars on their team, but are very good players. Really like Alex Poythress at Kentucky, maybe the third most heralded freshman they signed, but perhaps the most college ready. He's averaging 14 points and 6.3 boards. Murphy Holloway is averaging a double-double at 15.8 and 10.3 per game at Ole Miss. He'll be a major problem if the Tigers are without Bowers and Criswell this weekend. LSU point guard Anthony Hickey has a great all-around line with 10.7 points, four assists and 3.6 boards, which is pretty good for a 5-11 guy. Rob Chubb averages 9.4 and 7.4 at Auburn and blocks about a shot per game. I like Mike Rosario at Florida, too. He's not their best scorer, but he's a solid player who could put up a bunch if he got rolling.

Mizzou Football Links

Earlier this season, The Beef and I were chatting about how perfect a situation San Francisco was for Aldon Smith in that he got to to take full advantage of the attention given to the dominant Justin Smith. The old Smith gets hurt, and the new Smith's pursuit of the single-season sacks record falls apart. Probably not a coincidence.

Aldon Smith inherited a situation as perfect as Blaine Gabbert's was disastrous. We'll see what happens to Gabbert's career now that Jacksonville has a new GM. It's not too late for him, but it's awful that he's basically wasted two years now.

  • Signing Day
    Mizzou Network (YouTube): Watch Signing Day 2013 Coverage on the Mizzou Network
  • No Justin Smith = No Sack Record For Aldon Smith Aldon Smith trying to regain form
    The Missourian (AP): Former Missouri standout Justin Smith set to return for 49ers
  • New GM For Gabbert (If He Remains A Jag, Anyway)
    Big Cat Country: David Caldwell is the new Jaguars GM: Who is he?
    Big Cat Country: Jaguars GM David Caldwell and quarterbacks David Caldwell's search for QB will define his time as Jaguars GM

Other Football Links

  • Hmm ... This Is A Tough One Who's better: 1990s Nebraska or Alabama? Tom Osborne won't compare but others do
  • This Is Pretty Big
    John Infante: Breaking Down the NCAA's First Steps Toward Deregulation

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

Other Mizzou Links