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So ... is David Ubben right? If you were pulling the strings, would Mizzou "sprint back" to the Big 12?


I stand corrected. There was apparently a late break of no's, and in the end, a whopping 12 percent of those responding said that Mizzou should never have left the Big 12. Never mind that you cannot get 88 percent of Missouri fans to agree on anything. They agreed on this. But apparently that's just hubris, not an enormous combination of conference stability, financial stability, and the fact that the SEC is just a pretty nice place to live. Nope. Only hubris prevents 88 percent of Missouri fans from admitting they secretly regret the move and wish they could crawl sprint back to the cozy, comfortable and TOTALLY STABLE, REALLY, confines of the Big 12.

I love the Big 12 as a sports conference. With my "college football writer" hat on, I watched a ton of Big 12 games this season -- almost as many as I'd have watched had Missouri still been in the conference -- and even as Missouri was limping toward a 5-7 finish, with quite possibly the hardest schedule in the country, and with a record number of injuries, I never, not for one single second, found myself thinking "Man, I wish none of this would have happened." This was, as it has often been described, a true 100-year move. And while Mizzou has caught more bad breaks this year than in almost any year I can remember ... [pauses to put my Mizzou hat back on] ... regrets? Seriously? I'm supposed to have regrets about this?