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Mizzou Links, 1-18-13

The links go geek

Frank Haith may find out his fate today
Frank Haith may find out his fate today

The Bill C. family is off on vacation, and they apparently left at Bill's normal wake-up time, and so the links post is in my hands today. So what does that mean? First, this post will be later than normal, as I am not a Bill-grade early riser. Second, I subscribe to different feeds in my Google Reader than Bill does, so the links may have a different flavor today. Third, there's really not a lot of Mizzou-related stuff out there this morning. Feel free to add anything I might have missed in the comments (not that you all need a lot of encouragement).

Mizzou Basketball Links

Post-Dispatch: Still no word from NCAA on Miami mess and Haith, though rumored for today

The Star: Same topic, different paper, plus Bowers update

Post-Dispatch: Mizzou still hard to read - Strauss being Strauss

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links

SimmonsField: Mizzou recruit Shoeless Jake goes to Iowa

Other Mizzou Links

Check out the end of yesterday's links post for The Beef's live blog of Michael Chandler's dominating MMA performance last night.

The Trib - Track: The mark of a champion?

The Trib - Wrestling: Names you aren't familiar with place at Denker Open


Fallout Girl, among others, will appreciate the geek link of the day from XKCD, and some other odds and ends

XKCD: Log scales are for quitters

XKCD (Bonus): The law of large numbers

FuturePerfect: An ethnographer documents his travels and research in a cool photoblog