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Saturday Live Thread!

Lots of great basketball today, and HOCKEY IS BACK (to the cheers of 5 RMNers...). So pull up a chair, tell us what kinda food you're getting ready for the Mizzou game today and spend your Saturday right here!


1:00 PM (CT)

Basketball: (4) kansas at Texas

Basketball: (17) Mizzou at (10) Florida (ESPN)

1:30 PM (CT)

Basketball: (7) Arizona at Arizona State

2:00 PM (CT)

NHL: Pittsburgh at Philadelphia

NHL: Ottawa at Winnipeg

NHL: Chicago at Los Angeles

3:00 PM (CT)

Basketball: (6) Syracuse at (1) Louisville

Basketball: (12) Creighton at Wichita State

Basketball: Oklahoma at (16) Kansas State

Basketball: (21) Oregon at (24) UCLA

5:00 PM (CT)

Basketball: (11) Ohio State at (18) Michigan State

6:00 PM (CT)

Basketball: (22) VCU at Duquesne

Basketball: (25) Marquette at Cincinatti

NHL: NY Rangers at Boston

NHL: Toronto at Montreal

NHL: New Jersey at NY Islanders

NHL: Washington at Tampa Bay

6:30 PM (CT)

Basketball: (15) San Diego State at Wyoming

NHL: Carolina at Florida

7:00 PM (CT)

Basketball: Rutgers at (20) Notre Dame

NHL: Detroit at St. Louis

NHL: Columbus at Nashville

NHL: Phoenix at Dallas

8:00 PM (CT)

Basketball: (8) Gonzaga at (13) Butler

NHL: Colorado at Minnesota

9:00 PM (CT)

NHL: Anaheim at Vancouver