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RMN Bowl Contest Update – Made it Through the New Year


Let’s go ahead and thank Michigan and South Carolina for reminding us on the very first day of the year why we love college football so much. It was an immediate reminder of why so many of us are here (though, you should still read Bill’s piece on roughly the same thing!). Just when we had resigned ourselves to the notion that Michigan’s late score was, at the very least, going to screw up the USC cover that so many of us chose, the ‘Cocks use a backup QB to win the game in the final seconds. Marvelous.

That last-second cover helped us to have a very solid day on the whole. The SEC (as expected) came through in many of their games, and all of a sudden, we are back to over 51% and 200 games over .500. On the all-time list, we improved again, and now sit less than 200 games from our goal. To help us tonight, we need Florida to cover the large spread of 15, and also for they and Louisville to go over 47. Can we count on the SEC? We shall see.

With just six games and 12 picks left, the top of the board is starting to thin out just a bit. We have a tie for the lead, as BorisJonson and SleepyFloyd7 both have 37 wins each. Just behind them, Silky J and leeaustex are very much in the hunt with 36 wins. There is a small group behind them at 35 wins who are still in the mix, which includes muwxman, IRONMAN, Pemal1, miz_zou, MVPRoC and TigersInTheHeart. All of the bolded folks are above 60% from a winning percentage standpoint, so good on them.

Down under, I will say that the bottom of the barrel is not as bad from a winning percentage standpoint as it has been in years’ past. We have a bit of party going on, with six people tied for the dubious distinction, with HHKB Chris, sid finch, bmackattack, MizzouTgr11, OKCTiger and egp all tied at 23 wins. There are four more people within a game (but over 41%), as ricksatx2, mufaninkc, T&C Fan and threadkiller will need to tread lightly coming down the stretch.

The link is updated, so have at it. The finish line is in sight, but the game is still very much in doubt. Hope everyone is had a great New Year!