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Brown and Ross shoot Mizzou out of, into 71-65 win over South Carolina

Jamie Squire

For the game as a whole, Jabari Brown and Earnest Ross were once again abhorrent from the field on Tuesday night against South Carolina, making just 11 of 34 shots from the field (32.4 percent) and four of 15 3-pointers (26.7 percent). But they made the ones that counted the most. Ross hit a 3-ball with 1:12 left to give Mizzou a 66-63 lead, then Brown made the dagger, assisted from Ross, with 17 seconds left, to ice a 71-65 Missouri win. Mizzou shot just 33 percent as a team but made 28 of 36 free throws (Alex Oriakhi made 10 of 10 freebies, part of an 18 & 11 double-double) and survived Frank Martin's Murderball for the first time under Frank Haith.

From the comments to this morning's preview:

I will be happy with any win.

If it doesn't involve any new injuries.

Well there you go. Ask, and you shall receive. And next time ask for a 20-point win.