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Mizzou will host Arkansas State on September 28; 2013 schedule is complete


And with that, Missouri's 2013 schedule is complete. I'm not a fan of a one-for-one home-and-away here*, especially with a program that has gotten its act together significantly in recent years, but beggars can't be choosers. Mizzou needed a 12th game, and the number of programs available to schedule was running thin.

* There's a rumor going around that the 2015 "road" game will be at Arrowhead. Here's to hoping, because the way it stands right now, Mizzou has road games scheduled versus both ASU and Memphis that year. That would be ... odd.

So here's your 2013 schedule:

August 31: Murray State
September 7: Toledo
September 21: at Indiana
September 28: Arkansas State
October 5: at Vanderbilt
October 12: at Georgia
October 19: Florida
October 26: South Carolina (Homecoming)
November 2: Tennessee
November 9: at Kentucky
November 23: at Ole Miss
November 30: Texas A&M

Probably not "toughest schedule in the country" material by any means (and let me tell you: I'm totally okay with that), but not exactly a cakewalk.