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RMN Bowl Contest Update – Miss a day? Meh ... we didn't miss much.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry (again) about yesterday and the lack of update. I wanted to call the Louisville/Florida game early on so I could write the update, but I was not sure on the O/U. The late scores pushed it to the over, but I had long since got into bed and turned the computer off. When I arrived yesterday at work, I was greeted by a RMN which was not cooperating, as well as a Google Drive which shut me out of my own file. So consider this a two-for-one update.

As mentioned already, Louisville and the Over was the result, and a bit of a surprise to the competition. Last night, Oregon and the Under got it right back for us, leaving us at 51.36% on the picking season. This has us on the better side of 49.8% all-time, so .500 is still within reach. Who benefited from these results? SleepyFloyd7, who now owns a two-game lead on a field of four behind him. With eight picks to go, it is still too early to start ruling people out, but the man is surely on a run these days.

On the other side of the equation, sid finch has a one-game "lead" with 23 wins over a small group with 24. With one more person at 25 wins, there is also time for some movement down here, so do not despair. My hope is that everyone gets over 40%, and we still have a shot at it.

So what is left? One game each day for the next four days. Tomorrow, we see aTm take the field in the Cotton Bowl against OU in what I imagine is going to be a pretty electric atmosphere in Jerry World. A result of aTm covering the -3 and hitting the over of 70 would push the contest to within FOUR games of .500 all-time. We know what that means. If you picked OU and the Under, you are very likely to gain some ground on the field (only nine people out of 144 have that combo, so bully for you). Check out the updated link at your leisure, and I hope everyone has a great weekend!