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RMN Bowl Contest Update – It is soooooooooooooo close

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

18 games. 18 little games out of over 37,500. 18 games under .500 all-time. Thanks to aTm stomping OU (and crushing the sickly small 3 point spread), we are on the precipice of the all-time goal. On the year, we are sitting at over 51.8%, a lovely 330 games over the mid-water mark.

Another thing which is close is a winner. SleepyFloyd7 has been killing it of late, and is up to 42 wins. I believe the all-time record is 45, and with six picks to go, he certainly has a shot at it. muwxman sits just two back at 40 wins and does have a shot to overtake him, but not by much. There is a large group sitting three back at 39 wins. I will do a full breakdown of who has a shot after the game tomorrow.

At the other end, sid finch has been impressive in holding on to his lead of the cellar. Holding strong at 23 wins, he is still one clear of egp and two clear of OKCTiger. These are the only three who are below 40%, which is impressive given the history of this contest.

Three games left on the college football season, with the SEC getting another shot to stay away from .500 after aTm got us clear of it. Ole Miss is a two point favorite and the fairly popular pick, along with the under on 51.5. Will we have the right combination tomorrow to make this six-year dream a reality? Keep tabs on the spreadsheet by hitting the updated link here. Go Rebs…keep the scoring down and take it by a field goal.

Stay Classy RMN.