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The most beautiful number ever? 50.03%. Thanks to Ole Miss shellacking the Panthers (but by too many points as it would turn out on the Over/Under), we now sit 22 wonderful games above .500. After over 37,850 picks, we have arrived. How long do we stay? Knowing how this contest has gone for the past six years, we had better enjoy this time while we can.

The result kept SleepyFloyd7 out in front of muwxman by two games, but he has not yet closed it out. These two disagree on three of the final four picks, so there is still time. Unfortunately, some other folks who are two back have been eliminated, as BorisJohnson is out. Pemal1 and ShowMeYurTDs can both come from two back to tie, so there is some hope yet for them. But considering the top two people disagree on both picks for the next game, I believe the battle will be settled by the time Alabama and Notre Dame suit up on Monday evening.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have a change in the "leader", as egp missed both and sid finch hit both to swap places. As it would stand, the two here disagree on all four of their final picks, so lots of movement is possible yet. I believe anyone else is clear of the bottom, so we should be down to a two-horse race.

Tomorrow’s game is very interesting, as the opening line was an EVEN, meaning you simply had to pick the winner. The game has become more interesting, as both head coaches have departed for other locales. The selection seems to be pretty even, but if I am eye-balling it, I would say Kent State has the slight advantage over Arkansas State. With a 62 set as the Over/Under, it appears the Under was the more popular choice, so folks are thinking this will be a close, moderately-scored game.

We should enjoy the look of the spreadsheet as long as we possibly can, so here is the updated link. It certainly deserves mention that the contest for the year is sitting at 51.99%, almost 400 games over the middle. Very impressive stuff folks.

Go Tigers!