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RMN Bowl Contest – That’s all she Wrote

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

And at 10:09 p.m. central time, it was all over.

I mean, it was over long before that for Notre Dame, who just looked flat out-classed against ‘Bama. But for the RMN Bowl Contest, the final pick was finalized on the board as Amari Cooper got the 6th Bama TD of the game. That pushed the total score past the O/U of 44.5, and yes, I assumed ND was not going to make it close (especially after Grandpa Brent referred to it as "Road Kill").

All hail SleepyFloyd7, who finished one game clear of muwxman and leeaustex with 45 wins (out of 70 total picks). You have your choice of prizes between either some leftover Denmoney or getting Bill to do your show for you on some random weekday. Tough choice I realize, as there really is no wrong answer.

The final leaderboard tightened up just a bit, as Pemal1, ShowMeYurTD’s, TigersInTheHeart andJandregardner used a two-game sweep to move within two of the lead with 43 wins. Those also coming in over 60% (and therefore deserving mention in my book) were BorisJonson, aseidt, Silky J, MVPRoC, IRONMAN, wmotiger, MissouriMarine and Gaknar, who all finished with 42 wins. Good on all of ya.

104 of 144 entrants finished at or above .500, but unfortunately, there were still some stragglers at the bottom of the barrel. Winner of the title for this year was egp, who held on to finish last with 26 wins, one fewer than sid finch. Those two were the only two who finished with a winning percentage of less than 40%, so no sense in calling out anyone else who was close to finishing in such a state.

In our "celebrity" division, Pat Forde took home the title this year, coming in 37-33. Next up was the Coin "Ph"lip, which finished over .500 as well at 51.4%. I will now retire that quarter. Finally, Mark Schlabach brought up the rear, scuffling to a 33-37 finish. Better luck next year Mark.

As a group, it was quite a year. Yes, the tie helped us a nice amount, but we still finished 5258-4822, a solid 52.16% and 436 games over the middle. Take out the tie and we are still just about 300 games over. Very solid. And thanks to that, we will go into the 2013-2014 Bowl Season a full 80 games clear of .500 all-time with a combined record of 19253-19173. We even are spared a tenth of a percentage point in our winning rate at 50.1%.

In the coming days, and likely only when I am REALLY bored (which could be Friday looking at my work schedule) I will go about updating the all-time spreadsheet and offering one final post about our all-time leaders and other fun items of note. In the meantime, feel free to bask in the glow of the final spreadsheet.

Thanks again to everyone on what I think was another successful year. As stated at the start of bowl season, this is the longest standing tradition here at RMN and always marks (to me at least) our growth as a community. Thanks to Bill for all the help each year on the form and spreadsheet and to everyone for their interest. Only a few short months until the Bracket Challenge.