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Mizzou Links, 1-9-13

Mizzou is 1-0, Laurence Bowers is hurt but perhaps not that hurt, and when Jabari Brown gets hot, he gets hot.


ATTENTION COLUMBIA-AREA ROCK M-ERS: jschooltiger has a message for you.

CoMo RMN meetup at noon Friday, 1/11, at Flat Branch. You can email me at the email on my profile for details.

Mizzou Basketball Links

So I didn't say anything about the Laurence Bowers injury in the mini-recap last night because a) initial word was that it wasn't that bad, and b) NANANANANANA HE CAN'T GET HURT NANANANANANANA. Turns out it's "an MCL sprain, maybe," according to Frank Haith. That could keep him out for a small amount of time (how much time is a bit scary considering road trips to Ole Miss this Saturday and Florida next Saturday), but that's not the end of the world. So there's that.

Mizzou Diamond Sports Links