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A Depth Chart with Dragons

When you play the game of football, you score or you lose. There is no middle ground.

Football and Blood - House tarGARYen
Football and Blood - House tarGARYen
Jack Peglow

If he looks back, he is lost.

Life wasn't always so easy for Gary Pinkel. Just one year ago, he was scrounging around the bottom of the SEC in search of an errant touchdown someone had left behind. Times were tough, and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. His squad finished with a dismal 5-7 record, and one of Pinkel's long-time friends and assistant coaches, David Yost, left the team. In order to mourn the departure of his companion, Gary lit a ceremonial pyre. And that was when everything changed.

To this day, Pinkel doesn't know what compelled him to walk into the flames. He simply felt that it was the only course of action that made any sense. He stepped right into the middle of the blaze and sat, enduring the heat yet taking no harm. The fire grew to immense size, enveloping the coach and causing bystanders to tremble with fear. Still, Pinkel sat. Though his seat was becoming hotter and hotter with each passing minute, he felt no pressure to take drastic action. He remained calm, and his patience was soon rewarded.


The magical flames gave birth to three dragon backs: Murpherion, Hansbrougon, and Henrhaegal. With these three weapons at his disposal, Gary knew that he could finally make a legitimate claim to the Crystal Throne. So far, they have done nothing but exceed his expectations.

Other backfields may get more attention nation-wide, but the argument can be made that Missouri's has the best running back trio around. These three help give Mizzou's offense the firepower to make moves in the SEC this year, and the Tigers will need them to continue their hot streak throughout conference play. Accomplish this, and the future will be very bright indeed.