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Mizzou 41, Nebraska 24: The 10-year anniversary of Gary Pinkel's first program-defining win

Never forget.

It happened a decade ago. A milestone victory for Mizzou football. On the eve of one of Mizzou football's biggest games of the 2013 season, let's look back at one of the biggest games in it's history.

Everyone BUT Brad Smith threw a Touchdown, but boy, did he run!

How satisfying was it to finally break that streak?

For those of you who are new, or maybe just haven't seen it, there's a great post here:

Mizzou's Greatest, #55-54: 2003 Mizzou-Nebraska and the ZouDave video it inspired

But in terms of sheer catharsis, sheer monkey-off-your-back relief and joy, one could make the case for this game to rank in the top 20 on this list. For 25 years, a Herbie Husker-sized monkey resided on the backs of both Missouri fans and the Mizzou football program. In one awesome, rainy evening, with one perfect quarter, Mizzou shook that monkey off. And it felt so good.

Here's the video:

So much to love from this game. GIFs incoming.

Zack Abron scores the first TD for Mizzou

One of my first memories of Mizzou football was "Zack-Attack" Abron rumbling into the end zone. The guy wasn't much bigger than many of our current running backs.

Brad Smith scores a long TD on the throw back pass from Darius Outlaw

It should be noted, Mizzou was down 24-14 late in the 3rd quarter, then 40 yards of Brad Smith happened:

And to top it all off, fake field goal for the touchdown. Sonny Riccio to Victory Sesay, right in Lil' Red's face.

Also, can we officially call Victor Sesay the first in a proud line of Pinkel Tight Ends?

The guy is still out there, even has his own website, "The Victor Sesay Experience"

Then Mizzou just goes for the throat. Brad Smith. fake hand off. Stiff Arm. Touchdown.

Finally, Zach Ville was Sheldon Richardson before Sheldon knew what a fullback was. Zach Ville intercepts a Jammal Lord pass and Brad Smith puts Nebraska "to sleep":

Game. Blouses.

I watched this game with a girl I dated in high school. Her family was from Nebraska, she was wearing a bright red Nebraska sweater. At the conclusion of the game she insisted we go down town to Harpo's, I remember telling her, "You're going to need to change into something more appropriate." We never did get to Harpo's.

Speaking of sweaters, I noticed something about Gary Pinkel from this game, can you tell me what it is?

My final observation:

Mizzou sure does like to upset red teams in October.