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Instant Reactions - SEC East Week 7 They Supposed to be SEC

Mizzou has already "Kicked down the 'Dores" and "Trimmed the Hedges", so our SEC Instant Reactions piece is getting shorter.


We won. But we found out we kind of like each other and we both don't like Florida. Lasting friendships have been built on less.

Missouri 41, Georgia 26: Yeah, The Exact Opposite Of That, Please. - Dawg Sports

It's tempting to blame the injuries, except that so much that went wrong in this one had absolutely nothing to do with the play at positions that were thin. Keith Marshall's hamstring has nothing to do with Corey Moore aimlessly wandering around the middle of the secondary like a lost puppy. Or Ken Gates spending 20% of snaps looking back into the backfield as Missouri Tigers raced by him. Or Amarlo Herrera committing an uber-dumb roughing the passer penalty to fuel a drive ending with the score that functionally ended the game. Or our redshirt senior quarterback throwing the kind of try-hard interceptions that only Aaron Murray can throw. This one's not on the injuries. Rather, it was turnovers, poor tackling, coverage breakdowns, and bad penalties. Rinse, repeat. That's how you lose football games. There's really not a lot more to say.


It would appear that Florida head coach Will Muschamp is that weird guy who only plays defense in EA's NCAA football games. Maybe the best way for Mizzou to beat Florida will be to have our defense score all the points?

LSU 17, Florida 6: Tigers brown out Gators' offense in Baton Rouge - Alligator Army

Florida's inability to run (111 yards, but on 40 carries) or stop LSU's Jeremy Hill (121 yards, most by a player against Florida's defense this year) plagued it throughout, as LSU responded to an early Florida field goal with two touchdowns in the second quarter and never lost control of the game from there. Tyler Murphy, facing an LSU pass rush that steamed up the middle at him on snap after snap, had the worst game of his young career, completing just 15 of 27 passes for 115 yards.

South Carolina

So much for #ClowneyWatch. Alabama didn't even beat Mizzou this bad last year. Connor Shaw is going to pick Mizzou's defense a.p.a.r.t.

South Carolina vs. Arkansas final score: Gamecocks throttle Razorbacks 52-7 - Garnet And Black Attack

The offense continued to fire on all cylinders, led by a near-perfect performance from Connor Shaw that was far more impressive than his stat line indicates (19-of-28 for 219 yards and 4 total touchdowns plus another 37 yards on the ground that included some pretty critical third down conversions when the game was still close). His peerless 45-yard touchdown strike to Damiere Byrd was probably his best play of the game and put the Gamecocks up 31-7 early in the third quarter, erasing any reasonable concern that South Carolina would suffer through a second half in which they frittered away a sizable lead.

Tennessee - Bye

(Not technically a reaction from Tennessee, but given Mizzou's rash of injuries suffered during the Georgia game, I thought this was pertinent)

I no longer want to play Tennessee.


Be advised: that may have changed. Butch Jones' greatest accomplishment as Vols' head coach may have come in fully weaponizing the curse of the Tennessee linebacker for use in play in conference games. Florida lost Jeff Driskel to injury against the Vols. This past weekend, the Georgia Bulldogs lost not one, but two key players to injury: running back Keith Marshall and receiver Justin Wesley-Scott, both to ACLs.


Not a lot to say about this one except maybe that we did better against Alabama. Yet, I think Saban is a merciful ruler:

Alabama 48 at Kentucky 7: Postmortem - A Sea Of Blue

Despite the announcer's comments, the two fumbles by Alabama were legitimate strips by Kentucky. We may suck, but those were good plays.

Ole Miss

I'm not even really sure what to make of Ole Miss anymore.

Are they dangerous?

Do they play to the level of their competition?

Why do they get to be "Ole" Miss and we're just "Ol' Mizzou"?

Ole Miss Rebels Falls to No. 9 Texas A&M Aggies, 38-41 - Red Cup Rebellion

There was over 1,000 yards of total offense, 79 total points, and a fourth quarter that featured five touchdowns, but Ole Miss was unable to stop Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel and his Texas A&M Aggies, despite fighting back all the way through the end of the game.

Also, heads up [Mizzou QB to be named later]:

Texas A&M

Johnny Manziel had an injury scare but played the rest of the gameJmknee_medium

Texas A&M wins a game where Johnny Manziel goes 31/39 for 346 yards but 0 passing TDs and 1 INT while also rushing 19 times for 124 yards and 2 TDs.

Post Game Thoughts—Cherish This Moment - Good Bull Hunting

Amazing. He is the best college football player of all time. I'd love for someone to give me a legit case as to why Johnny doesn't deserve his second Heisman trophy. Cherish every minute, Ags. We only get him for 7 more games.

I also thought these Fanposts from over on Good Bull Hunting was very well done and engrossing.

Much has been written and discussed about the Aggie offense and it's "air raid" lineage and some of the common plays that usually show up with those types of teams. When watching the game, whether in person or on t.v., it's often hard to notice what is going on, either because we are so naturally focused on watching the ball or because the camera angle doesn't show us the whole field. The plays below are just a few that I pulled out that seem to fit the bill as examples of common air raid plays.
where as matty's charting is purely objective (focusing on yards per play, 1st downs, passer rating, etc.), my approach is more subjective (how well did the line protect, how accurate was the pass, how tough a catch did the WR make, etc.). I'm a numbers guy at heart, and while the final product is quantitative, my analysis for the most part is qualitative.