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Missouri 41, Georgia 26: Grading the defense

Your defensive MVPs: Michael Sam (8.35), Kentrell Brothers (8.11), Markus Golden (7.94), Randy Ponder (7.94), Andrew Wilson (7.63). (And I must say, we're taking Wilson for granted if he only got a 7.63.)

Kevin C. Cox

Defensive Coordinator

Dave Steckel: 7.78 (season average: 6.67)


A good d line makes everyone look good

an obvious goal of the coaching staff was to pressure murray...that happened played a huge role in the win

As solid as I have seen his play calling.

At least it wasn't a slow start. Slow third quarter, but not a slow start.

Coach Stec is 0-"K"

Couldn't we bend just a little less?

Da good

Even with the injuries, UGA's offense will put up points on most teams. Game plan seemed solid.

Gonna pretend 3rd QTR never happened...

great game plan

Great job against a potent offense--injuries or no injuries.

Great pressure and secondary adjustments once EJ went down

Hard to complain when you hold the conference's best quarterback to his worst rating since 2012 and only give up 26, injuries be damned.

I gave Stec a 9, but then I don't want him to hurt me so I am typing in a 10 A TEN.

I know UGA was missing its playmakers, but that was a solid gameplan. -Mac6

I think I just hit return with something about Steckel not hurting me if I gave him a 10.

Love what Steck is doing with this group. He's fairly flexible with quality players at every level, but a near-dominant pass rush. Ironically, UGa did him a semi-favor by forcing the defense into nickel. Steck could drop out a safety rather than a LB.

overall good game, scary moments in the third obviously, but his D pulled through

Really need to work on secondary. Not a big fan of bend but don't break. Should be able to tackle better in secondary.

Solid gameplan

Still haven't given up 30. Impressive job by all.

Stopped the blitz in the 3Q, allowing Murray to sit back in a clean pocket.

The machine still has the only defense in the SEC to not give up 30+ points

Third quarter might b because offense was still in locker room

Tough when they make you go nickel just to rush the middle. Bend don't break, wish we had another name for it that didn't sound that bad.

Won the turnover battle, and the scoreboard battle, but in #7's house, statistics were about even, so this is a very, very good thing.

Defensive End

Michael Sam: 8.35 (season average: 7.31)
Markus Golden: 7.94 (7.02)
Shane Ray: 7.41 (6.47)
Kony Ealy: 7.10 (6.76)
Brayden Burnett: 6.45 (5.88)

All Markus Golden does is make big plays. And stop lining up offsides please

Don't line up off sides!!! Come on. Killed your 2+ stops!!!

Everyone is going to ding Shane Ray for lining off sides, and I will too, but I'll remind you he forced the fumble Michael Sam ran in for a TD.

Game changing unit. Simple as that.

Great job by the starters and Golden

holy hell are these guys good or what?

holy hell are these guys good or what?

I love our DEs

I was going to give Ray a 3 for that terrible offsides penalty, but then came that sack/fumble. Biggest play of the first half. -Mac6

I'm sorry, but Ealy just looks lazy. Ray would get a 9, but those 3 offsides hurt. Big. Golden and Sam are BEASTLY.

Incredible pass rush!

Keep it up boys

Kony might be a better fit inside rather than out, his best attribute is getting his hands up to knock down the ball, and he doesn't get the pressure that Golden and Sam cause

Lights Out!!!!

Line up onsides please

Murray couldn't get comfortable, and the run game was mostly contained.

Not one guy stood out but the overall performance did

pressure for most of the game

Sam, Ray, and Golden held the spotlight., but the offsides penalties were a drag on the overall group rating. Still outstanding, but I'm thinking of the offsides penalties as I do drops and false starts on offense.

Stay on side. Ray cost Sam the Sam award this week.


Stop lining up in the neutral zone and you all get 9's

These guys were beastly all day! Back up 6 inches, Shane.

They were great.

They were MAMMOTH . Yep, I

Tiger D-Line = Unconscious

Watch Sam and Ray cut the corner. It's a thing of beauty. Ealy hasn't grabbed as many headlines this year, but his ability to duck inside is key to the unit's versatility.

Why did no one on this group get D Lineman of the week? Cause it would have had to have be given to just about each and every one of them

You guys. These guys.

Defensive Tackle

Matt Hoch: 7.19 (season average: 6.20)
Harold Brantley: 7.14 (6.43)
Lucas Vincent: 7.12 (6.29)
Marvin Foster: 6.77 (5.83)
Josh Augusta: 6.70 (6.10)

Constantly getting their hands up and forcing bad throws great game

DE success has to be partially caused by the guys in the middle, right?

DE's couldn't get there job without the collapsing push of these boys. Great dominating effort in the pass although there were some holes on running plays.

DTs again not a lot of stats, but they were pushing the pocket all game. -Mac6


Extremely solid.

For the most part, gaps were filled and pocket was pushed.

Grading our DTs is where I'd need to really watch gametape to give the most accurate scores. They really did let Georgia run between the tackles in the second half, but I'll grade them up since I think a lot won't

I love our DTs

If the big boys aren't getting push the ends don't matter. They gave up some gash running plays in nickel, but that was mostly about LBs and Ss.

Not bad.

Played solid.


The dirty work that goes unnoticed. The reason behind the ends pressure.

The front four produce every week. I can't remember the last time this was true. Our coverage is so much more effective because we get plenty of pressure without needing to blitz.

The tackles did very well.

They still don't get the glory of the ends but they get just as much credit for the DE's success. If they weren't doing their job the line wouldn't look anything like it does now.

Those runs up the middle in the second half had me worried...

Tiger D-Line = Unconscious!

Vincent seems non-existent. All other tackles did a solid job in my opinion; keep guards busy so DEs are one-on-one.

Vincent was the star of this group, but Brantley played alright as well.


Kentrell Brothers: 8.11 (season average: 6.62)
Andrew Wilson: 7.63 (6.83)
Donovan Bonner: 7.04 (6.27)
Darvin Ruise: 6.75 (6.10)

Andrew Wilson: High-level pro prospect? How can a guy make 17 tackles in a game and stay under the radar?

Brothers and Wilson both made tackles and kept the running game at bay for most of the game

Brothers is looking great, glad we have him 2 more years. Wilson still our sure tackling beast.

Don't recall hearing Ruise's name. Best outing by our backers, though.

Except for Wilson, seem mostly invisible

Getting better

I don't see a lot of drop off from last year, like I thought I would.

KB SEC DPoW, Ruise recovered the fumble, Wilson being Wilson, Bonner being Bonner, great all around performance by the group.


LB corps have really improved from game 1.

LBs did darn good too. Kentrell Brothers was all over the place.

LBs play better with every week. -Mac6

Man I hope Brothers is for real

Man I hope Brothers is for real

Missed a few tackles, not to bad.


Playing good...


Still missing a few too many tackles

Still not sold on this group

Swarming. Brothers with the much deserved accolades and all Wilson does is hit dudes. A lot.

This group has quietly become not the liability I thought. That sounds like WAY more of a backhanded compliment than I mean.

Very Stout game by LB corps

Well Kentrell Brothers won SEC Defensive Player of the week and Andrew Wilson collided with Quayvon Hicks and no diamonds were formed. Edge: Brothers.

What do these LB's do best at? Stopping Old Man Football

Wrap them up!


Randy Ponder: 7.64 (season average: 6.24)
Aarion Penton: 7.32 (6.48)
John Gibson: 7.00 (6.25)
E.J. Gaines: 6.83 (7.43)


EJ gets hurt and what happens? This group still preforms really well. I have alot of hope for the future at this position

For one week and one week only, I love Randy Ponder

Gaines was looking decent until he got burnt and hurt his leg. Gibson filled in great for him- wouldn't be surprised if he got the start. Penton is coming around. Ponder only gave up one touchdown- only big play.

Gave the reserves a better grade than starters due to the fact that they're young guys trown into a high pressure situation and the took care of business!

Good job guys but turn you head and see where the ball is! Wrap them up! Need better tackling out of this group.

great game from Ponder and Pention after losing

great game from Ponder and Pention after losing Gaines

Group seems to be getting better every week.

Had some young guys really step up. Good job fellas.

Impressive, most impressive

Maybe that Randy Ponder isn't quite the weak sister we once thought.

Nice job hanging tough without EJ. I didn't know they could do that.

Nice work all around after Gaines went down. Now please EJ, be healthy

No one made a great play, but no one got really burnt either. -Mac6

Penton did a great job for being thrust into gaines spot hope he gets healthy quick

Penton did well filling in. Hope Gaines can go by the So. Car. game.

Penton stepped it up.

Penton, Gibson looking good, getting great experience for the future.

Please come back healthy Gaines. Not so worried about CB play against Florida as I am vs. SCAR.

Ponder, Penton, Gibson, all stepping up for EJ.

Randy stepped up after EJ's injury, led the DB's well.

Self inflicted injuries SUCK!!

Solid group.


Stepping up in the clutch. A true freshman and a redshirt make me excited about the present and the future

The young guys really stepped up when Gaines went down and did an admirable job. Very impressed.


Braylon Webb: 7.23 (season average: 6.52)
Ian Simon: 6.79 (6.23)
Matt White: 6.75 (5.88)

Big hits and gave up no big plays. What can I say I still love you guys.

Braylon Webb was an unsung hero in this game. He had a couple big plays if I recall correctly.

Braylon's best game yet

Getting better each week.

Good coverage on most plays, the PI's Simon was a terrible call!

Good job.

Good tackling by White and Webb

I really like Webb and Simon, despite some mistakes, was a big help in pass coverage. Matt White: please graduate today.

Kept the game in front of them.

No big plays allowed

Safeties are coming around.

safeties not looking too hot

Solid not spectacular

They did good too.

They didn't screw up too bad

Webb had a really good game. -Mac6

Webb had a solid game, no deep balls for conley solid

Webb is quietly putting a case together for an all-SEC bid. Yeah, it's two games in but he really hasn't had a bad game. I didn't notice if White even played, which is exactly the way it should be.

Webb with a couple of PBUs, Simon with some energy plays. Didn't notice White much, which, at times (and in this case), is a positive.

Special Teams

Andrew Baggett (kickoffs): 8.20 (season average: 8.08)
Jake Hurrell (long snapping): 7.79 (7.35)
Braylon Webb (holding): 7.74 (7.28)
Christian Brinser (punting): 7.44 (6.63)
Andrew Baggett (place-kicking): 4.87 (5.77)

Aim for the Middle

Andrew Baggett. C'Mon man.

aside from an extra point by bagget and one punt by brinser it was all good.

Baggett I like you, I really do but that PAT would have helped by blood pressure so much.

Baggett is inconsistent, but he is neutralizing return games all year. I knew he had a lot of touchbacks. I didn't know he lead the nation until the game broadcast. He is creating so much field position. If he were more accurate we'd be looking at a Groza award winner. Jinx alert: have we had a poor snap in the kicking game all year?

Baggett still needs accuracy that extra point he missed was huge, brisner is the tema mvp at this point ; )

Baggett? Baggett.

Baggett.... looks good then misses an extra point. If that 1 point would've mattered....

C'mon Baggett. Against Florida we may end up settling for Field Goals. My heart can't take you doing this to it.

Cannot miss XP. Kept the game a one score lead. -Mac6

Christian Brinser's legs lift weights.

Do we have Bob Saget or Andrew Baggett place-kicking for us?!? C'mon Andrew lets get it together!

Glad the missed PAT didn't bite 'em in the arse. Inexcusable.

Great punting, great kickoffs, but place kicking Bagget will cost us a game this year...

I knew when Andrew had to mark him self off 2 times that it was not going to be good. Confidence man! Confidence!!

Just when we thought Baggett had his kicking woes behind him...

Kickoffs were just amazing.

Laces Out! Kick straight! Forget 'fading' the shot every time

Missed PAT Baggett!?

missing an extra point with a good snap and hold is inexcusable

Ok Andrew. I get the FG misses. Sometimes. Please please please don't miss XP's when they will put us up 2 scores on the road against a top 10 team. Please.

Plenty of leg, just keep it between the uprights please.


That missed extra point by Bagget could have been huge.

that missed XP could have completely changed the game. Fortunately it didn't. They need to figure something out to get this to stop with Baggett. Unacceptable.

U can not miss an extra point like thay

We can't miss anymore PATs. I can't bear the thought of a game coming down to his monstrous and wildly in accurate leg. Gulp.

We really need to look at the swimming and diving team for a replacement field goal kicker

Webb and Hurrell did their jobs. Brinser pinned the 'Dogs deep a couple of times, great job. Bagget....missed PAT, no soup for you.