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Missouri 41, Georgia 26: Grading the offense

We asked you for your grades. Here they are. Your offensive MVPs: L'Damian Washington (8.73), Marcus Murphy (8.10), James Franklin (7.95), Evan Boehm (7.86), Bud Sasser (7.67), and Max Copeland (7.63).

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Offensive Coordinator

Josh Henson: 7.94 (season average: 7.40)


3rd quarter sucked. Gotta get a first down with 2nd and 2 on Georgia's side of the field. Please, just STOP IT with the bubble screens.

3rd quater brings the grade down

A little too much sitting on the lead in 3Q

a ten a big 'ole ten, if I could


Colt 45 > Spider 2 Y Banana

Colt 45 was a great call! High risk, high reward.

Continues to put together an impressive rookie campaign.

Did Yost call the game on Saturday? Those bubble screen passes again! I thought objective was North and South not East and West! But it was a good setup for the BIG PLAY!

Every week I can't think of anything negative to say. Good offensive plans lead to wins.

Go for it on 4th when we need it.

Good except a couple screen plays. SEC defense blow em up.

Good job calling the "Throw a TD" plays

Got to give him a 9 for those to late touch downs with out Frank.

Got too conservative in the third quarter on play calls...offense looked lethargic, but what a call in the 4th quarter w/the colt 45! Big Time Cajones!

Great game overall. I am amazed by the aggressiveness on Colt 45 (and glad it worked). — jst

Great job!

gutsy call to go for the Colt 45, worked though, so he gets a 9

He knows what he's doing, I don't fear any SEC DEF-coordinator, knowing Henson is calling the shots.

he seems to have a better feel for the game looking for weaknesses etc

I don't know where to write about going for it on 4th down, but I think Mizzou made a mistake twice punting in the 3rd quarter. Don't put the ball in the other teams hands! -Mac6

I was really impressed by the RBs out in the flats to open up slants, gutsy run plays, and the gutsy trick play. 41 points on the road is never something to sneeze at.

Loved what he did to adjust for Mauk, and I liked the balance.

Next HC for Mizzou. Yes I said it last week.

Outside of the 3rd quarter hiccup and calling the JF getting hurt play, pretty masterful. Plus his Colt 45 balls

Play calling looked good, but we called far too many swing passes and runs to the outside that didn't go anywhere.

soooo much not Yost

The cashews needed to call Colt 45 in that situation...whew!

The only reason I'm not giving him a 9 is that awful, awful 3rd quater

Third quarter questionable, great job bringing Mauk in green

Two weeks in a row OC called the touchdown play just when we needed it.

Very good game. Still no WTF YOST? moments, that's always a plus. As for Colt .45? BULLSEYE!

Wasn't the smoothest of games, but when the engine is on it can't be stopped

What happened in the third quarter? I want answers! Otherwise, people are going to continue to complain Pinkel "played not to lose".

Would have graded better but the 3rd quarter play calling seemed lacked aggressiveness.

WR screens still, NO. WR pass, YES!


James Franklin: 7.95 (season average: 7.74)
Maty Mauk: 6.95 (5.25)

And now I'm sad for JF again. -Mac6

Frank only missed one pass to Washington... overall, great game. HEAL UP! Mauk filled in admirably.

Franklin is starting to annoy me with the 'disregard open running lane, let me run to where the tacklers are', but its a nitpick. Overall, SOLID to GREAT. Injury is a major bummer. Mauk 3/3, but now that he's the starter, SASSER FOR QB!

Franklin looked damn good, if this is how you want to end a career -- this is a great high note. Mauk played mistake free and had a great pass to dgb.

Franklin was beasting in that 1st half then the wheels feel off then he got hurt and now maty mauk will win us a national championship

Franklin was outstanding. Mauk definitely had the jitters which is understandable but he handled it pretty well.

Gave Franklin a 9, for obvious reasons. So sad to see him go down. But Mauk can run our offense and is as good a replacement as we could hope for. As sad as I am, I'm also excited to see what he can do on a big stage.

Get well Tank.

Great job from both! What more can be said about James. Such dignity at all times. As for Maty, he came in at a time when the game was absolutely set up for UGA to take it away. That didn't happen. Go to sleep on him, Florida. I dare you.

How can i give Franklin a 10 on this freakin' thing!?!

If you don't give James a 9 you are a heartless, soulless person

James deserved this season, just more proof that life's not fair. Mauk looked cool as a cucumber for the position he was put in.

James did great, Maty came in and helped closed the door on the game 8

James Franklin could have been a (Heisman) Contender. Mauk: One decent pass to DGB does not a QB make. And he didn't do THAT much on the trick play to Sasser. He DID nearly throw an INT on a sideline pass to Josey.

James has had a great and redeeming year. Prayers for healing. Now it is Mauktober. Let's see what he can do.

james has had a very productive season what you would hope for a senior

James looked good and in command. Maty looked sharp but needs to be the leader now and gain James attitude in running offense. He is our QB next year so might as well get used to it. Duel QB's against Florida (Maty and Corbin)???


Kid made me proud.

Maty came in with no prep time and didn't crap the bed. That's all we could ask of him in that situation. JFF was his usual self, right up to, and including, his ghastly injury.

Neither had stats that would blow you away but what they didn't have (turnovers) is why they grade out high for me

No complaints about Franklin. Mauk did what he had to do. Survive and advance. — jst

No turnovers from either one, and we scored two TDs with Mauk in to ice it. Pretty darn good.

Our 3Q probably would have graded better had that 15 yds been called on hit to L. Washington on the slant. Would have put us in FG range at least.

Poor poor Tank. Get healthy soon. Mauk played well, kept our heads above water. Good luck kid, you've got the talent to be successful.

Sasser gets a 10!!!

Scooter for Heisman

Scores when needed

The three and outs were troublesome, especially in the third quarter, but Franklin did a great job until he was injured. Mauk was serviceable, will be interested to see what he can do with a week of practice (and the best defense in the country coming to town).

What wasn't there to like from their play on the field

Running Back

Marcus Murphy: 8.10 (season average: 7.04)
Henry Josey: 7.27 (6.81)
Russell Hansbrough: 6.46 (7.10)

2 touchdowns among them, but Murphy would not be denied.

Another solid game. Murphy was great on that TD and had a good return too. -Mac6

Didn't see much from Mansbrough, but what was there was good. Josey and Murphy were very, very good. Murph's TD the only word I can think of.

Difficulties between the tackles

Find out just how solid this group is against Florida

Get Marcus into the second level of the defense and watch him make people miss. Was amazed at how quickly he returned to top speed after stumbling on his TD run. I thought for sure he would be caught from behind.

Great three-headed beastly monster.

Hansbrough penalized for not shucking that horse collar and getting into the endzone on play!

HENRY EFFING JOSEY. Also, Murph showed amazing balance and burst on that touchdown run. — jst

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Henry Effing Josey. Also MM .

Josey was good enough, grinded out our plays. But I'm glad to see Murphy hit the home runs b/c he's been the best runner this year.

Josey: STUD, we will begin to rely on him with Frank out. Hansbrough had a down game. Murphy is the #Best3rdStringRBintheNation

Keep it up boys we need now more then ever.

Murph Dawg!!! Would like to have seen more of Hansbrough.

Murphy had the momentum grabbing TD run, Josey had the nail-in-the-coffin TD. They did very well against one of the better D's in the country.

Murphy is off the chain. Period.

Murphy keeps getting better, Josey is Josey and Hansbrough is learning

Murphy's TD run was a thing of beauty and bad tackling, Josey flying through the air to seal the deal was just amazing

Not much from Russ, but big days from Josey and Murph show the deadliness of the three heads

That Murph run for TD was amazing

The case of Missour vs Georgia. Missouri represented by the law firm came out victorious after a clever legal move by Mr. Murphy

There don't seem to be very many four yard runs with this bunch. It's either a chunk or nothing.

These guys never give up! Don't go where everybody is.

they are all producing they are getting plenty of long runs hansbrough surprisingly is a decent short yardage back

Three heads are better than one

Wide Receiver

L'Damian Washington: 8.73 (season average: 7.45)
Bud Sasser: 7.67 (6.02)
Dorial Green-Beckham: 6.78 (7.21)
Marcus Lucas: 6.68 (6.92)
Jimmie Hunt: 6.33 (6.12)
Jaleel Clark: 6.00 (5.70)
Darius White: 5.40 (5.65)


Can I add Sasser in with the Qb's?

Colt 45 and two zig zags baby that's all I need

Colt 45. 100% of the time it works 100% of the time

DGB still seems to disappear for stretches. Washington is a BEAST. — jst

Didn't hardly see Clark/White at all. Average to slightly above (Washington excepted) for receiving as far as receiving goes, but the blocking. This WR corps blocks really, really well.

Everyone is going to fawn over Bud Sasser, but this is about the WRs. DGB: wherefore art thou? LDW: you're becoming an NFL WR at this rate.

Great blocking, LDW is the man, DGB had some great catches, and Bud Sasser for State Treasurer. Money.

Great blocking!!! WR that will block for other players!!!

Great throw, great catch, and great blocking as well

haven't seen a lot of some but they are all very deep and big washington though is the best at getting seperation

If DGB could commit to blocking, on some of those quick passes to the outside, the offense would break more big plays.

If Mauk doesn't do well, Bud Sasser is next in line (kidding of course.)

If you dont give LDW a 9 you should be banned from the site, absolute beast

L'D with the best game of his career? Every did their job... Sasser with the best passer rating in the country?!


LDW was a beast! -Mac6

LDW was off the charts. Lots of great blocks from all of them.

LDW-2...much more slippery than WD-40. We have enough talent in this area that you can't take away everyone. Such a luxury to have.


Nice throw, Bud. Holy crap, L'Damian is playing out of his mind this year! Did Darius catch any balls? Still expecting him to explode this season, but there are only so many balls to go around.

No SASSER in the QB section?! What is this??

One of the top groups in the country

Played damn well, and pass interference doesn't show up in their stats.

Salute! Salute!! -L'Damian Washington

Sasser is gonna get his highest grade of the season because he threw a pass. Oh and it is well deserved. Also: thanks for helping Mauk DGB. I see you too making many more the next couple of years.

Stick! Stick! Stick! Great blocking by the WR's all day. Big catch at the end by DBG. Sasser with the best QB Rating in the SEC! Darius might have missed a few routes.

Throw it up to DGB and Clark this week

Washington you are the man. I hope denver drafts him.

Where was DGB from the first quarter to the fourth quarter

Why is Bud Sasser listed as a WR?

Tight End

Eric Waters: 6.03 (season average: 5.70)
Sean Culkin: 5.73 (5.46)

And the TEs disappear again

Did some fine blocking. Didn't unleash the secret weapon this week

did they play?

Didn't hear much from either of these two, but I'll give them the grades for blocking as I did the WRs.

didnt notice any involvement from the TEs this game

Good blocking?

Good blocking.

Good blocking.

Good blocking. Let's see if Mauk begins to rely on you.

Good...blocking...I guess.

Great blocking boy.

Great pass blocking!!!! We could have had dogs all over James and Maty.

I wonder if they'll be more of a factor with Mauk at QB.

Is Culkin ever gonna catch one?

Jack in the Box

Look for this aspect of the game to really come alive against Florida with a first-time starter.

Maybe the big game comes Saturday

Not much in the passing game this week so I'm assuming they did a good job blocking.

One second they're here, and then they're gone

TE? They stayed in columbia didn't they?

TEs disappeared again. -Mac6

They did well.

they seem to produce when needed blocking needs to get better

Offensive Line

Evan Boehm: 7.86 (season average: 7.40)
Max Copeland: 7.63 (6.74)
Mitch Morse: 7.41 (6.95)
Connor McGovern: 7.39 (6.90)
Justin Britt: 7.07 (6.83)

Britt gets beat, a lot. 3 sacks because of him???

Britt got blowed up a couple of times but other than that Mad Max had a great sack-saving block and the line as a whole did a good job against a good front 7.

Britt was getting burned a few too many times on the outside

can't complain

Copeland made some nice plays.

Evan Boehm was snapping a little high, but everything worked out.

Great blocking, and eventual holes opened up for running backs.

Great job, overall, but a few high snaps seemed to disrupt the timing of several plays.

Honestly I liked the line play overall. There were things that could have been better but it was a very fine preformance. Keep improving every week.

I think they are playing very well for the talent that they have they donot seem to consistantly be able to move people of they ball at the point of attack

Make some holes for the running game. Don't care if it's Florida.

OL did a great job on the road. -Mac6


Protect Mauk. Let him slang deep balls!

Snaps? Check!

Solid game. Finished strong when we needed to run the ball. Have to carry this team the rest of the way.

Solid performance by the o-line copeland in particular did a good job in pass protection

Studs protect this Mauk.

Very nice job all the way around! Most of the sacks seemed to me like we held the ball too long. Their team work makes this whole thing work.

Very solid and worked as a team, Need to keep same intensity against Florida. Max made great block to keep James from getting nailed on pass play!

Wante to take them down a nnotch for allowing 4 sacks, but some of that is placed on JF for running into the sacks, or not getting rid of the ball. That, and they blocked for 4 TDs, 2 passing, 2 rushing, so a very, very good day for the OL.

Was at the game and I cannot say ENOUGH GOOD THINGS about Boehm's ability to snap the ball. I believe that was one of the biggest factors of Tank's success this year. He has absolutely killed it for us this year. What a great move to make him the center.

Will know if for real Saturday.