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Mizzou 41, Arkansas State 19: Grading the offense

As always, you were asked to grade offensive players (and the coordinator) on a 1-9 scale. Here are the results for the Arkansas State game. Your offensive MVPs: DGB (7.95), Russell Hansbrough (7.79), James Franklin (7.69), Evan Boehm (7.50), and L'Damian Washington (7.30).

Bill Carter

Offensive Coordinator

Josh Henson: 6.80 (season: 7.07)


1st half was iffy. Called a great 2nd half

All I ask is that we have zero three-and-out possession during SEC play this season.

Almost Gonzo'd this one

Been really impressed with our offensive play calling, but dont even think we have scratched the surface of our offensive potential.

Effective playcalling

I liked the balance of plays, and when things got stressful the play calling didn't get too cute. Just kept it going.

I was neutral on him but after the time I spent with the recruiting hostess he assigned me, I'm really liking the guy

Keep running the football, keep throwing down field, we will be happy.

Loving the way he gets extra protection to the QB by using TEs and RBs to block. Better than the past.

More running, less incomplete passes, why won't someone tell him that

Need to get DGB more looks in the end zone and in general.

Nice calls. Execution (lack of) slowed the whole performance early on.

Nothing but impressed.

only 4 games into his first year, but I still ahven't seen a "WTF Yost" play call

scheme good at creating space, getting ball to playmakers, love the fast pace

Slow 3 quarters, but finished well. -Mac6

So far Henson is showing very vanilla version of spread.

started slow

That first half was hard to watch

That whole not scoring this was not nearly as fun as scoring

The overall numbers ended up nice but the game flow was lacking. Was feast or famine this game.

Video game should have an "Ask Henson" option for playcalling.

was ok with the play calling, execution was lacking in the 2nd and 3rd quarters


James Franklin: 7.69 (season: 7.53)

A.B.C., James! -Mac6

Every week we realize what could've been last year

Franklin is an underrated runner--great vision and feel

Good decisions especially late though he missed a couple of open receivers

Great job. A couple of overthrown balls is all that stuck out.

He's ballin

His clutchness and leadership is key, interested to see what type of stats he can put up against better competition

His highlights should include Batman-style graphics: BOOM! POW! WHAM!

His scoring run was nifty! They had him; then they didn't.

I feel that his good plays overshadow his bad. Starting to feel phantom pressure and gives up on the pass.

I hope that this is an average James Franklin game

I still think Franklin could be better, I like that he always has his eyes down field, but sometimes it leads him into the pass rush.

Keep on Tankin'

Looks so much different than last year to this point. I'm trying to hold my excitement for a few more weeks though.

Missed a few passes high and a WIDE OPEN DGB, but overall, one of the best, most confident displays we've seen out of him.Frank's option reads are outstanding.

more decisive in reads, getting rid of the ball. throws a very catchable ball

One of the best games from him since 2011. Like a Bawss.

Pretty darn good preformance really. No turnovers and 3 passing TD's for 255 is a pretty number. MOAR UNTOUCHED RUSHING TD'S!!!!!

This offense is completely predicated by Tanklin. He wills them to score.

Three TDs, zero picks, and a huge running TD. Great week for Frank the Tank.

Underhrown ball on the 68 yarder to DGB...SEC DB's woud have knocked it out of hs has.Other than that FrankTank on target.He also had three dropped balls re e hit the recer in the hands.

Very good game by Franklin, especially down the stretch. He's a top 5 quarterback in the SEC when healthy.

very good game by JTF, definitely best this year, comes close to 2011's A&M performance

Very solid as usual

Running Backs

Russell Hansbrough: 7.79 (season: 7.27)
Henry Josey: 6.63 (6.53)
Marcus Murphy: 6.38 (6.68)

2nd best position group on entire team this week

Above average for all of them. Need to get Josey going more though. -Mac6

best unit

Don't field punts iside the 10 yard line. Signed, your 8th grade football coach

Don't run backwards.

Feed Hansbrough

Gives the ball to Hansbrough and watdh him rumble, Josey is fast

Hansborough is a beast

Hansbrough looks like the best of the bunch.

hard to argue with 7+ yds per carry for every back, Marcus Murphy continues to make baffling decisions in the PR game

HenRucus JoMurphsbrough, University of Missouri-Columbia

His fumble kept Arky St. in the game.

I can both see and disagree with the statement that they look the same

I love our 3-headed running attack.

I SEE YOU MURPHY!!! Josey just keep doing what you do, and Mansbrough is just cool as a cucumber.

Is Hansbrough the best of the trio?

Just an awesome group of running backs. Can we keep them forever?

Love the three-headed monster

My favorite part is when the run fast and score.

On the edge of my seat everytime one or these guys touches the ball.

Run the football... we've got play makers. Loving the option route.

Russ Bus.

Should've let Hansbrough run in the TD after his awesome run

This unit looked good excpet for Murphys fumble. Other than that I can't complain much

watch out when these guys get in space

Wide Receiver

Dorial Green-Beckham: 7.95 (season: 7.53)
L'Damian Washington: 7.30 (6.95)
Marcus Lucas: 7.17 (6.83)
Jimmie Hunt: 6.05 (5.93)
Darius White: 5.53 (5.76)
Bud Sasser: 5.75 (5.49)
Jaleel Clark: 5.31 (5.66)

A couple of bad drops

ALL of these guys are good players. I'd like to see Sasser, Clark, White & Co. play more of a role. They seem to be taking a backseat to DGB and Washington/Lucas. Make some plays, boys. It's your team!

defidently a talented group of recievers

DGB is a becoming such a stud its almost ho-hum. I think that's directly due to Henson's influence. Lucas appears to be the #3 option but a more reliable version of himself. LDW seems to be Franklin's #2 option and has stepped into that role well. I like that Darius White seems to still have a role in the offense.

DGB is slowly approaching "freak of nature" status.

DGB might be the best receiver in the nation.

DGB with the TDs, LDW with the drive-sustaining catches.

DGB, helluva job getting open. He's fast. L'D had a bad drop, but overall, quite impressed with the receiving corp.

Fine preformace from this goup.

Good game out of WRs especially the top 3

great to see 85 and 15 stepping up. hope we can take adv of Hunt's explosiveness; he is a wildcard

I noticed Lucas doing some excellent blocking

It's easy to tell that DGB. Marcus. and Washington are the big 3 on the reciving corps.

LDW had one bad drop on a deep ball

Need to get DGB the ball more

Nitpicking: Stop bobbling passes

Some drops that need to be caught otherwise good

Surprised DGB wasn't rated higher

The deep in across the middle should have been caught by LW, otherwise no complaints

They are all just so TALL.

Throw it up and let the big dawgs eat!

very good performance by WRs this week

Want more explosion. DGB was very good. -Mac6

Washington did amazing, DGB did as well, the rest are still catching balls so that's nice.

Washington's drop..Why don't they get White in the rotation moe?

Tight End

Sean Culkin: 5.13 (season: 5.36)
Eric Waters: 5.09 (5.16)

Can we just grade them with the rest of the offensive linemen?

Do we have TEs

Good job blocking? Not sure they even ran a route.

I love our wideouts and RB. Also love Henson keeping these guys on the line to block more but they have the skills to help out in the pass game. I hope their numbers increase in conference play.

If you tell me they played, I'll believe you

It seems Culkin is used for only blocking situations. Hopefully opponents won't read that.

LOVE the blocking.

no tight ends in the offense hardly

Our secret weapons remain well hidden.

Rucker and Coffman must be rolling over in their graves with the lack of passes to TEs. -Mac6

Someone pointed out that Culkin comes in on option toss plays, not sure if that's a planned "tell" or foreshadowing of things to come.

TE's? What are those?

They block

They get 7s because they're bigger than me.

They look good blocking but I stand by my thoughts right now. Must be saving these guys for more in SEC play when it comes to passing

this is hard, because are they doing such an outstanding job of blocking we don't see? or are they pedestrian? No errors keeps them at a 5

Were the TEs even on the field?


Offensive line

Evan Boehm (C): 7.50 (season: 7.15)
Connor McGovern (RG): 7.02 (6.62)
Mitch Morse (RT): 6.98 (6.66)
Anthony Gatti (LG): 6.96 (6.98)
Max Copeland (LG): 6.81 (6.31)
Mitch Hall (LG): 6.78 (6.23)
Justin Britt: (LT): 6.75 (6.57)

best unit of the week....protecting JTF and who opens the holes for Josey/Mansbrough/Murph???

Britt has been beat way too many times this season. Have to wonder if the added weight and recovering knee have his speed down.

Frnklin threw the pass. DGB caught it. The O-Line made the 68-ydTD happen, though.

gelling better, and showing a mean streak; they really want to dominate and impose their will, esp late game

Gotta see what they do in the SEC.

Great blocking. This unit appears to have more and more chemistry as the season goes on.

great OL play. 7s all around

Hey guys, remember when snaps were a problem?

If the football thing doesn't work out Copeland and McGovern would make great extras in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie

Inspired O-line performance this week. Opened holes, kept Franklin clean for most of the night.

Its' so nice to have a healthy and dependable line. I love you guys

Only one sack! -Mac6

Opened up some nice running lanes. Kept a clean pocket.

Pretty solid. Keep improving.

Solid work! How much better are they really? We're about to find out.

Still allowing too much pressure inside, but good game

The entire line did well.

They looked good most of the night, no bad misses, hopefully they are ready for vanderbilt

Thy were conistant..had trouble running the ball early on.pss protection looked OK..really came through in the 2ndhalf and dominated

Usually only noticed when Franklin ends up on his back. So far not too often.