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Big-Boned Blocker Banishes Backer to Oblivion

Florida lost a linebacker to the void last weekend thanks to some incredible blocking by Justin Britt.

Mizzou totally starts a line full of Nords.
Mizzou totally starts a line full of Nords.
Jack Peglow

Plenty of highlights came out of last weekend's trouncing of the Florida Gators, as is to be expected in a blowout. We've discussed most of them ad nauseam, but I have yet to see anyone take an in-depth look at arguably the best play by a Tiger so far this season. Of course, I'm about Justin Britt's superhuman block on Florida LB Antonio Morrison. If you haven't seen it yet, please indulge yourself.


Unfortunately for all of us, the camera foolishly focuses on Henry Josey. This is to be expected, I guess. He is the one carrying the ball and everything. But what this camera angle fails to catch is just how thoroughly Britt dominates Morrison. He doesn't just block him, he embarrasses him. The linebacker actually gets driven so far out of the play that he no longer appears on the screen. Because of this, you all fail to see the end result of Britt's herculean play. Let's take a closer look, shall we?


Britt didn't just block Morrison out of the play, he blocked him into oblivion. Mizzou's left tackle shoved Morrison once, knocked the man down, watched him get back up, sent him tumbling right back down to the ground, and then repeated this process until the linebacker had been pushed right out of our dimension. It was like that scene from "The Blind Side" where Michael Oher pushes that guy over the field barrier. Except instead of sending Morrison to the bus, Justin Britt sent him into the void.

Our non-fatbodies tend to get overlooked when the highlight reels are made, so I'm not surprised this play fell through the cracks. I am surprised however, that no one seems to be trying to find Antonio Morrison. Seriously, the Gators look like they've just moved on without him. No missing posters or anything. I understand that cross-dimensional travel can be tricky, but you would think that Florida would make some sort of attempt to summon their starting middle-linebacker back to our world.

If there's one thing our opponents can take away from this, it would be to mind our offensive linemen when they get to the second level. Keep your head on a swivel opposing linebackers, or you may just get blocked right out the universe.