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Missouri 36, Florida 17: Grading the offense

Maty who? Your offensive MVPs: Henry Josey (8.50), Evan Boehm (8.14), L'Damian Washington (8.11), Max Copeland (7.99), and Mitch Morse (7.95). We love the big uglies around here.

Bill Carter

Offensive Coordinator

Josh Henson: 8.10 (season average: 7.50)


500 yards against Florida's defense with a back-up QB..nothing else to say

Aggressive play calling with a backup QB, loved it.

An odd lack of run, but it seemed to work out

BAM! Take that florida, amazing game plan

Called the Field Goal play WAY too many times.

Can't give him a 9 because of some questionable goal line calls, but god I feel so dirty giving him an 8.

Didn't dumb down the offense for Mauk

Had more opportunities to run especially when Mauk threw the pick

Having your RS Freshman QB on his first start open the game with two passes? And it scores a TD? FORTITUDE.

He deserves a raise.

Henson has been tremendous in his first season as coordinator

HOOOO BOY this was a fun game

How do you complain about passing in the red zone when field goals were all we needed.

I know their def. was 'tough' but how do we do better punching it in from the red zone? Too many FGs

I liked the play calling... good balance and a nice job of running the ball to close out the game.

Like the overall gameplan - but 3rd and goal from the 1 - run the ball please!

Loved being aggressive at the start. -Mac6

Loved seeing him come out firing.

Loving it. I said all week he was going to come out throwing to bring out the old gunslinging Mauk... it worked.

Next head coach

Nice mixup of plays. You kept them guessing.

Not a single WHY??? thought. First two plays were AMA-ZING! But rest of 1st qtr a little, and I mean a little too much one or the other, run, run, run or pass, pass, pass. Extremely nitty picking.

Play calling was money all day.

Play calls were aggressive and I liked!

Running the ball 3rd-and-Goal from the 1 would be a nice new wrinkle, but damn the offense was still clicking.

Should have ran the ball more in the red zone

Sometimes I don't think we give him enough credit for these victories.

The first two plays of the game! Evil genius. For the rest of the game I liked most of the calls.

Way to attack Florida. I think other teams could put up big numbers if they would just attack that defense.

Why so scared to go for it on 4th?

you need the force to make CP go for it....The force is strong in you


Maty Mauk: 7.52 (season average: 5.82)

2-3 freshman type mistakes. But in a game against a really good defense, could we have asked for anything more? Great start to his career

About what to expect with a young QB, love the gunslinger mentality just hope the turnovers don't come in the future

Better than expected, got lucky a few times some throws weren't picked, but good all in all

Buy this guy a scooter.

Couldn't ask for a better first start, but tried to force a few to many passes, and stared down a few throws

Doesn't get much better for a frosh making his first start. The INT, at least it wasn't a WTF? But from trying to hard.

Exceeded expectations, made two or three freshman mistakes but can't wait to see Maty Mauk the next three years

Got a little clumsy at the end of the second quarter. Settled down after halftime. Gonna be a fun ride the next few years.

Great composure. Now put this behind you and GO TO WORK ON South Carolina!!!!

Great debut. Made some great throws, showed off the cannon, also lucked out with a few passes that should have been picked.

Great first performance. I couple questionable throws, but hey, who wouldn't? A few dropped/bobbled passes didn't help.


He can make big plays! I like!

he did alright for his first start as a freshman, but threw 3 or 4 balls that should've been picked off, and one that was

He did amazing for his first start against that Defense.

He made me a nervous wreck, but he played at a very high level. Great job!

He met expectations and then some. Dumb mistakes were expected, the TD run at the end was icing on a the cake/pie.

He performed about as well as anyone could have reasonably expected. Was a little lucky to escape with just 1 pick but man his deep balls are pretty and he's gonna keep getting better.

Interception? Don't care. #Mauktober

Kid can slang.

Locked in on covered receivers a few times when others were open. Liked the way he extended plays and threw along the sideline.

Made several questionable throws that were lucky not to be picked

Man am I excited to see what he will develop into.

Not bad kid, not bad at all.

One pick, minus 1 point. Otherwise, pretty much an ideal debut.

Only a few bad throws - overall exceeded expectations!

Pretty good for a first start

Several really bad throws, but grading on a curve for a RsFr against UF in his first start? I give it an 8. -Mac6

Some of his throws scared the hell out of me...

There is a reason Maty is highly touted

Those first to plays sent dreams of Chase Daniel dancing through my head... But, there were some scary throws. I got the feeling that's going to be the Maty Era.

Running Back

Henry Josey: 8.50 (season average: 7.05)
Russell Hansbrough: 7.03 (7.09)
Marcus Murphy: 5.82 (6.87)

All looked good, though the Murph sample size was tiny

All the RBs did pretty darn good. Hansbourgh seemed to run into the most traffic on his carries...not sure why.

Best game from Josey since conference play began

Best performance vs UF in YEARS get Josey a 9. Hansbrough did very well, as well. Murph didn't have a whole lot to do after the head knocker.

Don't ever scare me like that again, Henry.

Down But Not Out!!! Great Job and Effort!!!

glad we have 3

Gotta grade Murphy down a bit for the fumble.

Hansbrough gets a 9, but his toe gets a 2.

Heal up Murph, we gonna need you. Josey is a beast, fyi. Muscle Mansbrough, he likes knocking people down.

Henry, don't scare us like that again

I can still see him, lying on the turf, clutching his left knee. /shivers..

I hope he is fine for this saturday

I hope he's alright

Josey dominated and made a huge tackle. Not suprised Marcus had to sit out after his concussion... That punt really hit him hard...

Josey looked like the 2011 Josey, Hansbrough was decent

Josey played fantastic. I was so happy to see him walk off the field after being shaken up.

Josey ran wild, Hansbrough did Mansbrough things and murphy just needs to get healthy

Josey was the best head of the three-headed attack.

Josey's best game yet against a great defense. Murphy had a bad game. -Mac6

Murphy was shaky, but that'll happen sometimes. Josey looking great.

My heart stopped when Henry was down. so glad he's ok

Over 100 on the Florida d. Very impressive.

So glad Josey is ok

Stay/Get healthy guys!! Maty's going to need the three-headed beast again.

Wide Receiver

Bud Sasser had one catch. Just wanted to point that out.

L'Damian Washington: 8.11 (season average: 7.55)
Bud Sasser: 7.46 (6.22)
Marcus Lucas: 7.36 (6.98)
Jimmie Hunt: 7.23 (6.28)
Dorial Green-Beckham: 7.04 (7.18)
Jaleel Clark: 5.74 (5.70)
Darius White: 5.53 (5.63)

All the WRs did great. Bud Sasser just catches TDs.

Best in the nation

Catching the football continues to be successful

Clark and DGB need more targets.

Clark and White have kind of disappeared but this is a special group.

Competed well against tough secondary. They won that battle.

DGB isn't standing out because we have "too many" weapons. This is something I can't complain one bit about.

Fit time I've seen DGB play through the physicality off the DB to make plays.

Good group effort, supported their young QB no drops made guys missed

Good job getting open!

Great to see Hunt and Sasser making big plays

How do you complain about any of them when there's so much competition for targets?

I thought Florida could cover anyone. ANYONE!!!!

keep doing your thing

Lucas almost caught a couple TDs, but he didn't. Next time though....DGB will forever be plagued by a team's beast CB. L'D.... you are the man.

Other than Sasser's catch and Jimmie's almost TD I really don't remember much about the individual guys, so the unit gets a solid grade from me.

Solid results from the top 5 WRs. -Mac6

Still tall, still catching balls, and Jimmie is still Jimmie


Very solid game by WRs, Washington playing his way into All-SEC status

Waiting for his turn

We can catch so much! I like!

Weapons galore. They simply cannot cover everyone; all Maty needs is enough time.

WRs are again, blocking fools. Love it. Amazing catches by LDW, Lucas and others.

Tight End

Eric Waters: 6.44 (season average: 5.81)
Sean Culkin: 5.89 (5.52)

Are they still in Nashville?

Blocked well


Culkin had a false start

good blocking


Great blocking. Waters was missed on a couple pass plays- not his fault, but he's getting open. I predict a 100 receiving yards for our TE corp in the coming weeks....

I assumed they were kept in to block this game

I guess they blocked well. Culkin upset me with the false start.

I think they aren't getting the ball because we don't need them to right now.

I thought the TEs blocked very well all game long, absent again in passing game but with so many options they aren't really needed

I would really like to see Hansen get Sean Culkin the ball more.

Need to get these guys the ball as their reward for tremendous blocking

Not sure a TE was targeted, but great blocking from Waters. -Mac6

They blocked well, which was needed for a new starting QB.

Was not seem but was felt!!!!

We have Tight Ends?

We see you blocking and protecting Maty. Hope Henson finds a way to get you more touches.

Would like to see more production from this position. They are doing well blocking though.

Offensive Line

Evan Boehm (C): 8.14 (season average: 7.50)
Max Copeland (LG): 7.99 (6.92)
Mitch Morse (RT): 7.95 (7.09)
Connor McGovern (RG): 7.91 (7.04)
Justin Britt (LT): 7.88 (6.98)
Brad McNulty (LG): 7.77 (7.18)

8's all around. This group gets stronger every game.

A couple snaps were high, but maybe that was because Mauk is shorter than Franklin. Other than that they gave a new starter plenty of time to read the defense and make a good discussion.

All deserve 9's

Best game of the year so far. Did a great job of both run and pass blocking.

Did Boehm have a holding penalty? Say it ain't so! Those happen, still studly. Britt looked better this week... his rushing blocking is outstanding.

Great job keeping Mauk upright. And running lanes. Great work all around.

had a few high snaps.

Handled the Florida D line well, can't complain

Is it just me or does Copeland get better every week?

just dominating

Keep working for those 9's!!!!!

Kept Maty clean most of the day. Looked great

Kept the rookie clean and dominated the "best d in the sec"

Love these guys. Played excellent and made Maty look that much better. All the loves to these guys!

no sacks

No sacks! 205 yards rushing! Against Florida! -Mac6

OL looked really good, like really good, you might not truly understand how good they looked

OL was very impressive.

Overall good game, the Tackles struggled at times with Florida's talented d line but can't complain too much when the offense had 500 yards

Pitched a shutout. No grass stains on Maty's jersey. Keep on keepin' on!!


The interior line was just MAULING dudes. Britt and Morse had some gliches but held up well for the most part.

These guys protected the bambino as well as anyone could. Morse pulling from tackle to seal on Josey's TD...bad ass.

They are playing out of their minds--all of them. So great to see all of their hard work paying off.