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Missouri 36, Florida 17: Grading the defense

Your defensive MVPs: Michael Sam (8.88), Aarion Penton (8.26), Andrew Wilson (8.11), Kony Ealy (8.01), and Shane Ray (7.91).

Bill Carter

Defensive Coordinator

Dave Steckel: 8.46 (season average: 6.92)


10 with a Florida Offense Correction Factor = 8.

151 yards, thats nuts



Best game of the season only slightly over shadowed by Florida's inept offense

Boom. Possibly the best performance of the season yet for his squad.

FIRE STECKEL! Special teams runback?! phooeyy!!!

Great plan coming in - defense only gave up 7 pts

Great play calling from Coach Steck. Love that money package!

Has stepped it up over last year.

He's got them growling! Keep it up, Steck.

Held a ranked conference team to 151 yards and 17 points. That gets a 9.

I will be giving lots of 9's this week. Steck gets the first one

One bad defensive series, otherwise excellent.

One drive for score or you get a 9

Outside of 1 drive, Florida did absolutely nothing great play-calling

Outside of one drive, florida did squat

outstanding D at Mizzou I can remember

semper fi

Short of a complete shutout, not much the unit could have done much better. Haters still gonna Haith? Now?

Steck for president!

Steck is THE MAN!


UF is so bad on offense it's almost hard to grade this. I'll give a high grade anyway. -Mac6

Very Solid this year.

What can I say that's hasn't already been said?

What you have up your sleeve for South Carolina???


Defensive End

Michael Sam: 8.88 (season average: 7.54)
Kony Ealy: 8.01 (6.94)
Shane Ray: 7.91 (6.67)
Markus Golden: 7.69 (7.11)
Brayden Burnett: 6.66 (5.99)

All of our DE's looked freaking great. Save a silly offside from Golden they were pretty much perfect

amazing performance by the DEs

Awesome - if they can keep putting teams in passing downs they will dominate

Beast mode 365 days annual plus some!!!




I literally can not come up with any more words to praise these guys. Just...incredible.

I'd love to see Sam become an All-American. -Mac6

Just an AWESOME unit right now. KEEP IT UP!!!

Keep it up boys

Michael Sam is in beast mode right now. Dude is unconscious! Rest of D-Line is feeding off his energy

Michael Sam is the next Von Miller (before the drug suspension)

Michael Sam just wants to meet every SEC QB up close and personal

Michael Sam. Steel Drivin' Man.

Mind blown (again). #Mammoth

Need you guys to work a little harder for the 9's :)

Oh... My....


Our secondary has been effective because the pass rush is relentless.

PENETRATION!!!! LOTS OF PENETRATION!!! Speed and POWER. Power and SPEED. Golden gets bonus points for not stopping on a play where he didn't hear the whistle blow... could anyone?!

Sam is unblockable and should have a 9 from everyone, the rest of the DEs were great as well

Sam isn't just good, he's dominant...a real force to be reckoned with.

sam to be all american

Sheldon WHO?

Simply amazing performance from this group.

These just seem very mean

They all did great!

They are really really good, constant pressure and making plays SAM for Heisman

They like to meet at the quarterback.

What an incredible rotation of talent


Wow.. Possibly the best collection of DEs I've ever seen at Mizzou.. and that's saying a lot.

Defensive Tackle

Harold Brantley: 7.61 (season average: 6.60)
Lucas Vincent: 7.61 (6.48)
Matt Hoch: 7.44 (6.38)
Marvin Foster: 7.07 (6.01)
Josh Augusta: 6.79 (6.19)

A lot of stuff

Another really good game for the DTs. -Mac6


Big hit by Vincent! Dial up some more, please.

Brantley looked strong

DT's just keep stopping the run

DTs with a better game than the DEs? Man that line is....goodness.

good push all day long helped pave the way for the DEs to dominate

Great push up the middle, didn't let Florida run much. Even on play action passes the Florida QB, Charlie Murphy, didn't have a chance to turn around before getting hit.

I don't know how to evaluate these guys.

I don't know if Matt Hoch is an NFL d-lineman, but he's a hell of college one. Lucas, Brantley, Augusta and Foster are quietly one of the best rotations I've seen at Mizzou

I'm beginning to overuse superlatives. :)

My favorite plays, when the entire D comes crashing down on T-Murph, was made possible by these guys. Great push and collapse.

My impressive game thus far. completely dominated the gator o-line

Need you guys to work a little harder for the 9's :)

Our DTs are doing an excellent job. This may have been Vincent's best performance, even after hurting his knee. Lots of bright futures here.

Repeat, sorry, Sheldon WHO?

So nice to have depth at this position

Solid play up the middle by the DT's

Stuffed the inner florida line on all but one drive


Andrew Wilson: 8.11 (season average: 7.01)
Kentrell Brothers: 7.62 (6.77)
Donovan Bonner: 7.23 (6.41)
Darvin Ruise: 6.86 (6.21)

Andrew Wilson is the best player on this defense.

Best all around performance for our LBs? Made tackles, didn't get beat on the outside? Helped with the inside run? Outstanding.

Brothers and Wilson are solid

Brothers is a highly skilled athlete. Wilson is a punishing hitter

could have been 9 if wilson did not miss KT on that TD

Didn't notice a whole lot from the LBs other than Wilson. Then again, he was plenty.

Good sure handed tackling

I'm running out of superlatives for Andrew Wilson, did you see that pass he deflected? That's next level kind of reactions

Most improved group

Names not called out a lot -- that's a good thing, right?

Need you guys to work a little harder for the 9's :)

Oddly enough, this was our weakest unit this week. Missed a couple of tackles but still looked really good overall. Wilson is the freaking man.

Pretty much flawless.

Solid game

Solid game form the LBs

Solid play by the LB's can't wait until next week when Wison goes up against SC's Davis

solid tackling and coverage no complaints

Solid, if unspectacular, game from this group. -Mac6

Somehow they keep getting better

They did well too.



Wilson holds it down in there.


Aarion Penton: 8.26 (season average: 6.84)
Randy Ponder: 7.65 (6.44)
John Gibson: 7.36 (6.53)
David Johnson: 6.98 (5.97)

After seeing the young bucks play this weekend, it makes one excited about next year. Penton and Gibson have some skills!

Everyone's numbers are going to be inflated because of Florida's woeful offense, but Aarion Maxey-Penton (AMP) was a revelation as a true freshman CB

Great effort with EJ out, Mizzou needed them to step up and they did.

Great job without Ponder, have to like the future with Penton, he is getting better by the week

Have these guys stepped it up for EJ's absence or have they always been this good, we just don't get to see it?

Held down the fort

I like our future with A-Aron

If this is a sign of things to come, Penton will be an anchor in the secondary for the next three years.

In the absence of Gaines these guys really stepped up. Very impressed, despite the opponent.

Need you guys to work a little harder for the 9's :)

Nice work Ponder and Penton. Keep it up.

Penton is a star in the making

Penton is the next EJ!!

Penton looked like a star in the making as a freshman. -Mac6

Penton seemed to be everywhere making

Penton was a beast... nearly had 2 INTs. Ponder has clearly improved.

Ponder and Penton are looking great. It'll still be great to get Gaines back, though.

So, the new kid looked pretty good, eh? As did they all.

Solid game from the corners.

They make you forget about that EJ guy.

Very few completed passes - thank your DLine

Very impressive game without gaines


Braylon Webb: 7.52 (season average: 6.67)
Matt White: 7.35 (6.09)
Ian Simon: 7.13 (6.36)
Duron Singleton: 7.02 (6.12)

Best performance by the safeties this season. Great job guys.

For the first time all year these guys weren't burned. Hooray!

Hope they enjoyed the break, didn't appear to have much to do this week.

I can't remember if it was White or Simon but one of them had an incredible game in coverage. Singleton played really well when he was on the field.

I didn't really notice them, so that's probably good.

I think these guys need to buy the D-Line several steak dinners.

Matt white actually made a few plays.

Matt White had a great hustle play running down a florida player downfield.

Matt White had a hit or two which is awesome.

Matt white is slowly becoming an expert open field tackler(knock on wood!)

Need you guys to work a little harder for the 9's :)

Safety play continues to impress vs early season safety play.

Second most improved group. Duran set the tone on the kickoff.

Seriously guys, you might be missing Braylon Webb making plays, but he's making PLAYS! Duron Singleton is just begging to become a starter too.

Solid game from safeties.

Thought this was Matt White's best game of the year so far. -Mac6

Webb has been playing extremely well lately

Webb played his best game of the season the second week in a row

Special Teams

Andrew Baggett's averages for the last four games: 3.94, 8.27, 4.87, 8.63.

Andrew Baggett (place-kicking): 8.63 (season average: 6.18)
Braylon Webb (holding): 8.02 (7.39)
Jake Hurrell (long snapping): 7.84 (7.42)
Andrew Baggett (kickoffs): 7.60 (8.01)
Christian Brinser (punting): 7.22 (6.71)


1 bad long snapped turned into our punters best punt of the day? Odd. Baggett loses a point for kicking to that one guy. What happened to through the uprights on kickoffs?!! Overall, not a bad performance.

5/5 FGs, nuff said.

A+ Baggett. He appears to thrive in pressure situations. 5/5 hells yeah!

Andrew Baggett, please just keeping doing this all season. Just like this.

Bagget is zeroed in right now.

Baggett = brilliant. On the postgame show Steckel took the blame for the KO return. Said it was his side of the field.

Baggett is a bit tough to figure out.

Baggett is back? Baggett is back. I'd much rather have solid field goal kicking and decent kick-offs than the other way around.

Baggett was ROCK solid this week! KEEP IT UP!!!

Baggett's best game of the year

Baggs' kickoffs seemed a bit off most of the game, but I'm picking nits.

Good Baggett came to play, wish he would stop with the Jeckel/Hyde stuff

I saw a pic where the laces weren't out on a FGA. Shame on you, BWebb. ;)

Kick return wasn't Baggett's fault. He was great Saturday. -Mac6

Missed the KO's out of the endzone, but they returned a couple that most teams would kneel down - including the TD return.

One bad special teams play i blame on me not getting back in the stands in time after getting halftime refreshments

Really need to work on those Kick off's when Andrew is not putting them through the end zone!!! That does happen you know !!!

So happy for Bags

Special teams by far the worst face of the game Saturday. However the other two were dominant. Keep getting better and maybe Mizzou will be considered elite.

The kickoff return isn't really on Baggett except for the fact that he has so many touchbacks our kickoff team isn't really used to having to make stops

Those were some darn good holds there, Braylon. Keep up the good work.

Well Andrew you totally redeemed yourself. Fantastic job is outscoring the Florida offense 18-17.