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The Mizzou Grates

Bill C. and company spent much of this summer running down the list of Mizzou Greats. In the spirit of #Mauktober, we present you with the list of Mizzou Grates, those Mizzou athletes with the funniest and most common typos.

The Legendary Dan Fauret
The Legendary Dan Fauret

It all started with a simple drewder mistake:

It's easy enough to understand:

Check out something notable about the last Tiger to have his name mocked:

But we run things, things don't run we, ipsofacto, I had to run with it:

To which I received three types of response:

People who got it:

We even had the illustrious Dave Matter chime in:

People who didn't:

And the people in between:

Including a bunch of people who I'm not sure:

It's Sean WEATHERSPOON, btw.

No one is above reproach:

Speaking of Ol' Regal Pinky:

I'll admit, I frequently have trouble with this one:

Checking in: That's not fair man, this dude is one of my favorite follows on twitter:

Confession, we are not perfect:

Any who, we had some fun on the twitters with this and anticipate this being a running joke for as long as journalists disrespect Mizzou.