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South Carolina 27, Missouri 24: Grading the Offense

Your offensive MVPs: L'Damian Washington (7.06), Marcus Murphy (6.87), Justin Britt (6.60), Evan Boehm (6.43), Henry Josey (6.39).

Bill Carter

Offensive Coordinator

Josh Henson: 4.40 (season average: 7.11)


A few times the play calling was frustrating but not the entire game. Even portions of OTs went well. 7

Couldn't come up with an executable game plan to move the ball.first downs and time of possession favored USC USC

Did not establish the running game. Did not seem to make in game adjustments. Failed to score twice in the first half, failed to move ball for whole game. Second half offense looked like a JV team. With struggling QB, did not seem to pick plays to help him gain a rhythm. Look what happened in the first OT? We ran the ball and SCORED!

dunno if they were limited by SC's pass rush but the conservative 4th quarter and playing to lose sucked

Everyone after the game was down on the play calling. I didn't see it that way. I think the only call that he blew was the third straight rush by Josey should have been straight up the middle.

fire pinkle

For the most part, he did a good job.

Future asst. head coach if he pulls back again.

going deep way to often and went conservative 2nd half

He played not to lose. When you play that way you will lose

I only watched the game on Television so I did not really see what he saw to warrant all of those deep throws. Only one screen . even though there wer a few drops there should have been more crossiong patterns and screens just lower risk throws all of the way around.l

Is really good at calling plays that play to JF1's strengths... Not so

Missouri has benefited from a tremendously balanced and opportunistic play-calling scheme this season. Both seemed to be lacking in this particular contest.

Need better calls when rush is coming. Over all good game calling.

Never thought I'd say this, but more screens need to be called. They haven't been called enough since Mauk stepped in.

Not bad, but not great? -Mac6

play calling too conservative in 4th qtr. Needed more passes to open up run.

Really Conservative in fourth quarter

sorry, Josh. No good grade for you this week. 2nd half adjustment was horrific

Straight handoff on 3rd and 2 was Yost esq. the ultra conservativeness falls on him too. One time leaving Josey to guard Clowney 1 on 1 was terrible. Not good.

The play calling at the end, I did not care for.

The play calling was Spring Scrimmage 101. SMH

These are a lot less fun to fill out after a loss. Anyway, poor 4th quarter play calling, due to a poor passing performance, takes him down several points.

Thought the play call was strong for the first 3 quarters and lack of execution prevented more points, but his 4th quarter play calling left a lot to be desired

Way too conservative in the second half.

WAY too conservative of a game plan - YOU cannot put up only 17 points (before OT) and hope to beat a SEC powerhouse with a defensive stand!!!

We struggled to move the ball all game. Would have rather seen running plays in 2nd OT

Well done first half. I know Mauk wasn't ballin but you still have to stay somewhat aggressive in the second half. IMO.

Worst game plan this season, wasn't a good game to have it



Maty Mauk: 4.58 (season average: 5.57)

"Quit running backwards like Chase Daniels did on passes!!!!!"

15 yard sacks are kind of drive killers, I'm sorry Scooter but it is time to face facts and the fact is your not going to out run very many people. Step up in the pocket and deliver the ball or roll out and throw it away if you have to, don't run backwards and dance around and then take a sack. And had he not thought he was faster than everyone else and just thrown the ball away then Bagget's field goal isn't on the far hash.

Did what he could within the confines of playcalling. Some happy feet and questionable throws.

fire ponkle

For the most part, he did a good job.

forced offense into conservative shell with decision making

Good job. Quit running backwards like Chase Daniels did on passes!!!!! Throw the ball away more!

He either throw deep or leave the pocket way too soon. Also whatever play was called he would run regardless of defense.

He's the backup for a reason

Hopefully this was his "Freshman" game.

I want to Maty that played against Florida back... NOW!!!!

Left the pocket too early on too many plays.

looked like a freshman. was mentally beat by the pass rush

Mauk will be a great one, but he's not ready to lead a top 10 team just yet. -Mac6

Needs more poise.

Not a good encore, but promising future

Not every play has to be a homerun. Should not have run on the last offensive play of overtime, giving Baggett a difficult kick.

Not too bad, but not good enough to win. 7

Note the number attempts and the victories. His first game he had 42 attempts, victory. Against USC, only 25 handicapped attempts*** loss. So far, the stats and drive charts correlate directly to his attempts. I hope the coaches gamble a little more with him. He’s always been a high stakes poker QB and Pinkel needs to bet big on him. ( **** denotes the Clowney sack factor and risk to injury)

Played more like a freshman.

regression a bit, still making some nutty throws, but he's a freshman

Rough game. SC is tough though.

Seemed to be rattled throughout the game, he really needs to learn some touch on the short and intermediate passes

should have stayed in the pocket a bit longer Like i say from the abov comment he didn't make his reads properly

step UP IN pocket, not scamper to your right.... please!

Tell of two halfs

The RsFr part of Maty Mauk reared its head on Saturday. The silver lining: no QB controversy when Franklin is deemed fit to play.

Took a 50% passing performance and did not improve on it. Drops hurt. He did do everything he could to get us to win, however.

Tried to thread the needle with bullet passes all game long.

Yep, he's a freshman.

Running Back

Marcus Murphy: 6.87 (season average: 6.87)
Henry Josey: 6.39 (6.97)
Russell Hansbrough: 5.08 (6.84)

Had a great performance, really carried this team.

Hansbrough did not look near 100 percent, Josey and Murphy were solid

I rate them as the best overall unit from Saturday.

I will never give Josey anything less than an 8, and Marcus had several fantastic runs.

I wish we would've handed off 4 plays in a row from the 8.

If the hole is full go another direction!

M M had some great runs.

Murph dog played well.

Murphy looked good, Josey looked solid until his concussion. Hansborough was forgettable.

Murphy was killing it needed to get him the ball more

non factor

One of the only groups I'm not mad at...

pire finkle

Running game never really go going...

stay healthy

They needed more carries! You lead the SEC in rushing for a damn reason! Give them the ball!

they played fairly well

They played well, considering how we shrank the playbook.

Was Hansbrough injured? -Mac6

We're getting good gains in the game, but play calling may have hurt their chances.

Wide Receiver

L'Damian Washington: 7.06 (season average: 7.49)
Marcus Lucas: 6.29 (6.90)
Bud Sasser: 5.34 (6.11)
Jimmie Hunt: 5.29 (6.15)
Dorial Green-Beckham: 3.79 (6.76)

97 yard TD Good. Pass richocheting off pads for INT Bad.

Again, for this group to put up ONLY 17 points... inexcusable

As out of the game as this group has been all year and they are our strength.

Bad bad game, didn't help their freshman quaterback at all

Big play by L'Damian, and a huge drop....

Couldn't get separation consistently to keep ball moving

Dee Gee Bee---- M.I.A. Didn't eat his wheaties or enough spinich.

DGB can't drop those passes

DGB dropped a two passes that should have been caught including a touchdown. L'Damian Washington dropped two passes one that should have been a first on third down at the end of the second quarter. Also he dropped one that bounced off him and was intercepted.

DGB had at least two drops at critical times.

DGB is becoming a wall flower. Needs to step up.

DGB really struggled when he needed to be physical to make the catch, Lucas I felt was the only consistant WR though Mauk missed some guys that were wide open

DGB way too many dropped balls!!! You just did not catch them. Block more!!!

DGB's hands need to de-stronify

For the most part, they did a good job.

Go up and catch the ball Dorial

I believed they dropped some passes they didn't seem to get a lot of seperation. or they were not runnig routes to get seperation. If so that is a coaching problem

L'Damian with another huge touchdown at home that will go down as nothing more than a nice moment.

LDW makes his reception count!

LDWhad the one big ply, but was asleep on at least two others. WTH DGB?

Lots of yards, hardly any catches. DGB with the dropsies. Not a great day for the WRs. -Mac6

Loved the LDW moment, but 2 catches between LDW and DGB is deplorable.

Not really their fault if not thrown to. DGB needs to hang onto the ball in traffic better.

Not their fault that the ball was thrown 100 mph at the back of their heads by Mauk.

Only 8 passes caught between these 5 gentlemen. Shades of the Texas Tech debacle of '10.

receivers were open all night

they make my head hurt. fire pinkle

too many dropped balls

Tight End

Eric Waters: 4.94 (season average: 5.70)
Sean Culkin: 4.62 (5.41)


Blocking guys, I guess that's their job now

Decent blocking, no catches. -Mac6

Eric Waters caught a pass and lost terribly against Clowney (predictable). But yay blocking.

historically bad. fire errbody


I really like TE's too big for corners safeties and to fast for linebackers, too bad mizzous are still in Nashville

Is Culkin even playing?

need more plays to TEs.


should have been in the pass patterns a bit more great short pass a relase of the block and a dump to the TE 5 to 10 yard play

Sucked donkey d***... just like our WR's, QB & gameplan...

They're still invisible.

Offensive Line

Justin Britt (LT): 6.60 (season average: 6.93)
Evan Boehm (C): 6.43 (7.37)
Mitch Morse (RT): 6.23 (6.98)
Connor McGovern (RG): 6.23 (6.94)
Max Copeland (LG): 5.96 (6.80)

"still need to fire pinkle"

Actually thought the OL held their own for a large portion of the game

Britt did a great job limiting Clowney but these guys just couldn't open enough holes at the end.

Britt was awesome against Clowney

Clowney was a non-factor, but the sacks, holding penalties, a negative rushes proved critical on far too many possessions.

Copeland gets Extra Credit for his pregame intro.

Didn't open up enough holes against the Carolina D to create a viable ground game...

EHH, faced a talented d line and did most of what they needed some breakdowns but not to shabby

False starts and not enough push on the run plays

For the most part, they did a good job.

Gave up a lot of pressure this week. They battled but this might be their worst performance of the year so far. -Mac6

Good enough to win

gotta love mitch, my brother's youngest. still need to fire pinkle

Great job keeping Clowney in check

Kept Clowney quiet for the most part.

Lots of penalties for a home game that hurt a lot.

Offensive line did good especially Justin Britt against Clowney. Max copeland made alot of mental error but other than that they did pretty good.

opened some nice holes on the ground, but got beat at key moments by the rush

Play your hearts out for the next 4 games!!!

Played ok

Some moronic drive killing penalties

They could open running lanes against Florida but made South Carolina look like National Champions for most of the night.

They were solid most of the day. THey contained Clowney for the most part.

Too many false starts for an at home game.

Toughest challenge of the year and we did fine, besides a few sacks