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UPDATE: Devin Booker commits to Kentucky

Pull some strings, old man.
Pull some strings, old man.
Bill Carter

Devin Booker will announce his college choice shortly. It appears as though it has come down to Missouri and Kentucky. That Booker visited Columbia in back-to-back weekends, posted lovely things about Norm Stewart, etc., certainly suggests Missouri is in good favor, but recruiting analysts have almost unanimously predicted that he'll go to UK, and it's hard to say whether that's because of SOURCES or because "Come on, it's Kentucky." PowerMizzou's Gabe Dearmond has been pretty confident in Mizzou's chances for a while, but late speculation seems to have his opinion shaken a bit. We'll find out soon enough.


I obviously hope Booker chooses Missouri -- you need as many legacies as you can get, and this is a pretty damn awesome one -- but if he wants to go elsewhere, he wants to go elsewhere. Guys who go to Kentucky tend to succeed. But from everything I've seen, Mizzou has done a nearly perfect job of recruiting this kid, from the initial offer to the love and back-to-back visits. No complaints here. Keep your fingers crossed for a little while longer.

UPDATE: He chose Kentucky. So there you go.