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Mizzou football recruiting 2014: Holding your own in SEC country

We were all told over and over again that Gary Pinkel and Co. would need to make inroads in the South to up their recruiting game in the ever fertile SEC footprint. How have they done with that task so far?

Mizzou currently has 24 commits in this 2014 class. That is a huge number for Gary Pinkel, who has never been one to over-recruit or grey-shirt guys as some big-name (and SEC) schools have been known to do. So how many of those guys are from the SEC footprint, and how are we getting them?

Fully half of this class, 12 kids, are from SEC states. This includes six from Florida, three from Tennessee, two from Georgia and one from a Mississippi community college. If you combine Mizzou's previous six recruiting classes, they only had 11 total commits from SEC states. GP appears to be attacking the SEC states with the same recruiting ferocity that they went into Tejas with, and it seems to be paying off.

Missouri's commits according to PowerMizzou:

Name Pos Ht/Wt Stars State
Paul Adams OL 6-6/270 TN
Sam Bailey OL 6-5/245 MO
Kendall Blanton TE 6-5/225 MO
Nate Brown WR 6-3/215 GA
Logan Cheadle DB 5-10/165 MO
Kenya Dennis DB 6-0/190 MS
Michael Fairchild OL 6-6/262 KS
Darnell Green-Beckham WR 6-5/175 MO
Zach Hudson OL 6-5/280 FL
Stepfawn Hughes ATH 5-10/170 TX
Grant Jones ATH 6-3/216 MO
Lawrence Lee WR 5-10/167 FL
Rocel McWilliams DE 6-3/240 FL
Kevin Pendleton OL 6-4/329 MO
Thomas Richard WR 6-1/185 TN
Tavon Ross ATH 6-1/196 GA
Finis Stribling IV DB 5-10/170 TN
Greg Taylor DB 5-10/181 IL
Trevon Walters RB 5-10/189 FL
Jhonathon Williams DE 6-6/230 MI
Thomas Wilson ATH 5-10/176 GA
Roderick Winters LB 5-11/196 FL
Ish Witter RB 5-8/190 FL
Marvin Zanders QB 6-1/175 FL

We also will have a few people from this class report in December, so they wil count against last year's class

Since you cannot have more than 25 in a class that all start at the same time. I believe 3 people from this current group will attempt to report in December, so they will go towards the previous class, lowering our number to 21. There is also some talk that Darnell Green-Beckham may reclassify to 2015 due to his health (which is evidently good, but he will need a lot of time to recover from his treatment). That would knock us down to 20. Of those 20, I have to wager at least one does not end up here (either by academics or a change in heart), so that would move us back further. In the end, I believe we probably have a half dozen spots left. - The Beef

I'd think you'd have to point to Mizzou's caravans as a huge boon for this early success in recruiting. They are doing well in Georgia (the dozen or so Tigers on the Falcons' roster doesn't hurt), and the coaches must have weekend homes down there as well. Since August 26, five recruits have committed to Mizzou from Florida and Georgia alone. The PowerMizzou folks and others say that Mizzou is still in the mix on a few more guys, and a couple of them could be big gets. Here's to hoping that this season keepings going the way it has gone so far and gives coaches every opportunity to show how good Mizzou can be both on and off the field.

(Image courtesy of PowerMizzou)

One more thing: As Bill has said in the past, a down season (like last year) can hurt a current season's recruiting faster than a good season can help it. Mizzou keeping up this winning and looking good against SEC teams will certainly help recruiting, but it will most likely help with this year's juniors and the 2015 class.