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Missouri football, Week 6 depth chart notes: Depth in the trenches and five wins to go for Pinkel

There have once again been minimal changes to the depth chart.

Bill Carter

This week's game notes are available (PDF). Here are some notes about the new depth chart included within.

  • With Anthony Gatti out with turf toe issues, Jordan Williams now slides into the Backup LG role, and Stephen Carberry steps into the Backup LT spot. Judging by how the playing time has been divvied out in the past, I assume that Brad McNulty (No. 2 C) and Mitch Hall (No. 2 RG) are the real backup LGs, but we'll see. It's a shame that Gatti is out -- he's been playing really well and seeing quite a bit of snaps.
  • Judging by how the depth chart has been shuffled around, and knowing that Gary Pinkel emphasizes the "Best players play, and we figure out the positions later" approach, here's what I figure the OL hierarchy looks like when everybody's healthy. The first few names are really kind of a tie for first, since they've all started all season.

    1. Evan Boehm (C)
    2. Justin Britt (LT)
    3. Mitch Morse (RT)
    4. Connor McGovern (RG)
    5. Max Copeland (LG)
    6. Anthony Gatti (LG)
    7. Brad McNulty (C)
    8. Mitch L. Hall (RG)
    9. Taylor Chappell (RT)
    10. Jordan Williams (LG)
    11. Stephen Carberry (LT)

    Worth noting, by the way? Only linemen No. 2 and 5 are seniors. The injuries of 2012 are contributing to depth in 2013 and tremendous depth in 2014.
  • Eric Waters and Sean Culkin are still listed as "OR" starters, even though Waters saw the lion's share of action on Saturday in Nashville (and was even thrown some passes!).
  • Also still "OR" starters: Michael Sam and Shane Ray at DE and Lucas Vincent and Harold Brantley at NG. And Markus Golden is still listed as a third-stringer despite his impressive play. It's pretty clear by now that the defensive line rotation is pretty set and even no matter who's listed where. The depth and energy up front have been exactly what we hoped to see (but didn't figure we'd actually see). It's powered the entire defense and forced a lot of mistakes.
  • I don't believe there have been any changes in the secondary. After a lot of shuffling (thanks in part to John Gibson's injury), it does appear that Gibson and Aarion Penton are locked into the second string, with David Johnson and Xavier Smith on the third. And Cortland Browning is still listed as the No. 2 free safety despite Duron Singleton's increased playing time.

Other interesting tidbits from the game notes:

  • The Dave Pasch/Brian Griese/Tom Luginbill trio is doing the game for ESPN.
  • Anthony Gatti's out, but the projected starting five has 79 career starts.
  • Missouri had 30 points at halftime against Vanderbilt last Saturday. The Tigers scored more than 30 just twice in eight SEC games last year.
  • Mizzou's third in the country with a third-down conversion rate of 53.8 percent.
  • Mizzou has scored a touchdown on 46 percent of its drives, eighth-most in the country and second in the SEC (Texas A&M is at 53 percent). And the Tigers are one of just five teams averaging at least 255 rushing yards and 285 passing yards per game, along with Baylor and three Pac-12 teams (Oregon, UCLA, Washington). They're also the only team that has four players with at least 275 rushing yards.
  • Mizzou's also the least-penalized team in the SEC so far this season.
  • Andrew Wilson is 28 tackles away from cracking Mizzou's top 20 for career tackles. At his current rate of 8.3 tackles per game (if you divide his tackles by four, anyway -- he's played in all five games but missed almost a full four quarters because of the targeting penalty), he's on pace for 99 more tackles in the regular season. That would put him at 351, ninth ever.

    15. Lynn Evans (1972-74), 316
    14. Adrian Jones (1986-89), 319
    12. Jay Wilson (1980-83), 316
    12. Erik McMillan (1984-87), 323
    11. Brock Christopher (2005-08), 329
    10. Jason Simpson (2002-05), 331
    9. Darryl Major (1991-94), 346
    8. Sean Doyle (1999-02), 358
    7. Barry Odom (1996-99), 362
    6. Darren MacDonald (1986-89), 375
    5. Travis McDonald (1991-94), 386
    4. Jamonte Robinson (1998-01), 391
    3. Sean Weatherspoon (2006-09), 413
    2. DeMontie Cross (1994-96), 415
    1. James Kinney (2001-04), 434

    (Demontie is No. 2, and he only played three seasons. Yeesh.)
  • Gary Pinkel's within five wins of tying Don Faurot for the all-time wins lead at Missouri.