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Mizzou 51, Vanderbilt 28: Grading the offense

We asked you to grade everybody. Here's what you had to say. Your offensive MVPs: James Franklin (8.40), L'Damian Washington (8.23), Evan Boehm (7.91), Mitch Morse (7.66), and Justin Britt (7.64).

Frederick Breedon

Offensive Coordinator

Josh Henson: 8.22 (season average 7.30)


20 points in the first quarter is always a good strategy

A good game plan to start the game.

Balanced play calling...again

Beat Georgia


can't complain about anything here

Couldn't ask for much more. After the one punt, he goes for the throat and succeeds.

Dont take the foot off the gas petal

Every week I like the gameplan more and more from Henson

Great game plan. Maybe took the foot off the gas too early, but hard to complain about the results.

Great play calling all around

His scheme made the Vandy D look almost Lawrence worthy.

I <3 Josh Henson


I don't care if I skew the numbers, I'm giving 9s across the board for that win! Not picking on anyone today!

I loved going deep after the on-side kick.

I loved the aggressive play calling. Nothing like not having to actually punt till the Ninth drive eh?

It's hard not to like how multiple the offense is right now. If you're a DC what do you try to take away?

Kneeling with 22 seconds in the first half? That's a paddlin'. Punting once in the 4th quarter? You better believe that's a paddlin.

Like the speed option and the shots taken between the hashes.

Love his playcalling, Mizzou's undefeated. Coincidence?

Love the offense Saturday. I knew sneaky ol' Henson was planning something with those TEs. Just awesome the way this offense responded to everything Vandy threw at us.

Loved the speed option, emphasis on receivers between the hashes.

Next head coach?

One nitpicky thing. Too conservative up big, decidedly different after onside kick. But you was Vandy.


Play-action bootleg to Waters - Pretty

Seems to be very adapt at knowing other teams defensive schemes. Very impressed, although still too soon.

So reminiscent of the Christensen days

The 4th Quarter TD drive that lasted 10 seconds after Vandy had a quick strike was a nice fu moment.

the Josh Henson era is fun


Uses all of his playmakers, great game

Very clear he was hoding something back vs Arky Lite

You get a 9!


James Franklin: 8.40 (season average: 7.70)

4 TD, 0 INT, started 10/11. Talk about a heck of a first quarter

absolute gem of a game by JF1, has to keep it up now

Almost perfect

Another great showing, would wish he would maybe lead with his throwing shoulder less

As nearly a flawless performance as we've ever seen from him. Hard to criticize anything he did.

At some point, Franklin needs to start earning recognition for his play. Top 3 QB in the SEC?

Beat Georgia

Best game of his career?

Best game of the year in my eyes

GREAT game, James! Take that, haters!

He is taking his step forward. Can he stay focused? Can he keep Missouri on schedule if Georgia successfully stones the run?

He's tanks too recklessly, could easily be the first offensive player to be flagged for targeting

High Ceiling.

I was never this pleased with Gabbert. Chase Daniel levels of joy watching him ball

In control, almost a like daniels like

Is this the same guy we saw wearing #1 last year? He's matured a lot in the last 8 months.

It tastes like burning

James brought back home the James Franklin Trophey! However, in all seriousness he was pretty spectacular.

JTF was DENMONEY-ish in the first half, then damn good in the 2nd half. As Matter said, 4th highest rated game in MIZZOU history.

Keep it going

Made some gusty throws.

No errors of consequence

Not much to complain about with Franklin..efficient in both the run/pass game

only because of the out pass

Only the fumbles were bad. -Mac6

Tanklin continues his reign of terror, and it's beautiful

Tanklin's back!!!

Tanklin's the man. He does well, the team does well.

The offense is once again fun to watch thanks to Frank the tank

What more can you ask?

What's not to like?

You get a 9!

Running Back

Henry Josey: 7.46 (season average: 6.72)
Marcus Murphy: 7.44 (6.83)
Russell Hansbrough: 7.03 (7.22)

All good. Josey quietly keeps racking up TD's.

All three running backs admirably marched the ball down the demarcated field of play.

Beat Georgia

Don't think Josey warrants more touches than either of the other two.

I choo choo choose you. All of you.

I think Hansbrough is the most complete of the 3, but each brings something juuuuust different enough to be interesting. Also, all 3 are at least proficient in the passing game.

Its a three headed monster that leads the SEC

Josey does not warrant more touches than the other two.

Josey is (still) a stud, Hansbrough went largely unnoticed either way, I love Murph's speed

Josey is back but still doesnt seem 100

Josey ran like it was a conference game, Murph made the most of his carries

Josey: 2 TDs, Hansbrough gets robbed of one. Murphy couldn't pull away from a defender but I won't dock him too much.

keeping it going. Looks like Josey is BACK

Love those 3 backs. Doesn't matter who totes the rock.

Maybe this is the best group, instead of the WRs?? -Mac6

MM still is quiet in the return game- have to wonder if that is partially gameplan on the part of the other team?

Okay, Hansbrough & DGB only get 8s because they didn't get their TDs!

OUTLAW, 2 TDs and running people over. Exceptional performance as a unit again.

RB by committee. Love it.

So fun to watch how different all 3 are

Still love the "interchangeable" running back scheme. All looked good.

The court case of Vanderbelt vs The Law Firm of Josey, Hansbrough, and Murphy was on air for a large part of the SEC to see. Lets just say we all know who won that case.

They are fun to watch.

Very solid all around

We will have all three of these guys back again next year?! If I'm dreaming, don't wake me up.

What do we have to complain about these three? More touchdowns?

You get a 9, and you get a 9, and you get a 9!

Wide Receiver

L'Damian Washington: 8.23 (season average: 7.20)
Marcus Lucas: 7.54 (6.97)
Jimmie Hunt: 6.64 (6.07)
Bud Sasser: 6.47 (5.69)
Dorial Green-Beckham: 6.30 (7.29)
Darius White: 5.55 (5.71)
Jaleel Clark: 5.52 (5.63)

An argument could be made that LD is becoming the go to.

Beat Georgia

Best collection of receivers in the SEC

DGB and Frank were a little off but Lucas and Washington had great games. Clicking along quite nicely


DGB was stuck with one of the best corners in the SEC. Glad we're loaded... every else showed up.

DGB where art thou? Marcus Lucas keeps taking big steps. LDW with a monstrous day and becoming almost the #1 WR. Jimmie likes catching passes.

DGB: Greatest 5-star decoy of all time.

Great hands, a lot of good downfield blocking. No complaints here.

Hunt is my favorite non-star on a team since Chase Daniel's NFL career

I know DGB wasn't much of a factor, but our team is much more dangerous when we spread it out like this.

If Washington and Lucas can deliver that each week... Dang.

It's not about any one of them, it's about all of them.

L'Damian is playing out of his mind right now

LDW is the best guy right now.

LDW is the man

Lucas and Washington were exceptional. DGB was very good, seem to be used as a decoy most of 2nd half, really good group performance

Lucas made some great catches, and Wash just kept getting open. DGB was okay. -Mac6

Lucas really impressed me, hope he can continue to play big like that.

NO DGB TD PLAYS!!! RAGE!!! WARGABBLE!!! However actually being serious its really nice to see that if they try to shut down one reciever they have to deal with the other 2-3 on the field and that they usually can't

Not much from DGB, L'Damian should have been even more impressive in the numbers without an illegal shift penalty, surprised at the lack of Darius White this year

Not too bad, a couple 'not on the same page' type of things with Tanklin but that should come later after facing different defenses

Still routing for Darius to get a couple touches

Tall, Athletic, pretty much everything Jay Billas wants in a basketball player. All showing great hands

These guys are ridiculously talented. I was impressed most by the tough catches that were made.

Tough catch by Lucas on that TD grab

Washington and Lucas were impressive

What a catch by Lucas, way to turn around his reputation for stonehands. L'DW! That was a fine catch-and-roll for a score in Q1

With the way Franklin is rolling, its not about any single WR, its about all of them.

You all get 9's!

Tight End

Eric Waters: 7.57 (season average: 5.64)
Sean Culkin: 5.63 (5.41)

And now, there's these guys. Because we were running low on passing targets.

Anyone know why Culkin is such a non-factor after the early indications he would be?

Beat Georgia

Cancel the missing persons report for the tight ends

Culkin may deserve a better rating, if he's mainly being used as a blocker. Waters getting into Jimmie Hunt territory with the Catch/TD ratio. Whether Waters TD was the result of a blown coverage, exceptional play calling or superior TE getting open skills, it was awesome.

Eric Waters balling out, at least as much as a TE has this year

Good to see Waters get involved in catching passes. Just need to keep on keepin' on.

Great block. Waters was BIG in the passing game.

Great blocking and CATCHING?!?!? What?

Great too see these guys get involved!

Guess I was right, seeing all this crazy TE stuff in SEC play . However I still can't help but feel "Hey!!! TE's!!!!!"

Hopefully the Vandy game is a hint of what is coming (more play action and TE in the seams)

If I could submit 10's I would!

If you are a TE and you catch a TD pass I give you an 8.

it's cool that the TE's can catch

Love the TE involvement

Maybe there is no moral. Maybe it's just a bunch of stuff that happened.

Mizzou is undefeated when Eric Waters scores a TD

TEs are back!

The TEs may play a BIG role versus the Dawgs.

There's the receiving TE we've been hearing about!


Waters for a TD! Culkin I'm sure had a good game but won't get noticed until he gets some stats.

We do have TE's and Vanderbilt had no clue

We do have tight ends! Welcome back Eric Waters. -Mac6

Who could it be now

Yay we have TEs again!

Offensive Line

Evan Boehm: 7.91 (season average: 7.30)
Mitch Morse: 7.66 (6.86)
Justin Britt: 7.64 (6.78)
Max Copeland: 7.60 (6.57)
Connor McGovern: 7.56 (6.80)
Anthony Gatti: 7.29 (7.09)
Brad McNulty: 7.15 (6.89)

6 yds per carry and only 2 sacks allowed..good effort

8s on down the line. Franklin had time for most of the night, and they opened up some running lanes that likes of which we hadn't seen since the great Dismemberment in Lincoln.

All 8's and a 9 for Mad Max for getting Josey's back when a Vandy guy tried to play dirty.

All did great for the most part

Beat Georgia

Decent time in the pocket, big running holes and getting push in short yardige.

Dominating O-line performance, held the pocket, pushed around vanderbilts d-line looked really good

Everyone gets 9's!

Excellent preformance line. I'm sure there is still work that needs to be done but it was still a wonderful preformance

Franklin had mostly all day, running game was great, overall wonderful

Good health is always a blessing.

Good health is always a blessing. Never fail to be thankful when you have it.

Great game. Boehm.... please stay all 4 years.

Great protection, would like bigger running lanes, but fantastic cohesion

Great work from the O Line!

Love 'em.

McNulty, please dont let let a linebacker hit me like that again...please

OL was great except for McNulty, who wasn't paying attention and ready to go in when a sub was needed and then looked clueless when out there

Opened holes, kept the D off JF... can't complain about much. -Mac6

Played about as well as anyone could expect. Fantastic to see them all (mostly) healthy and able to contribute.

QB protection! Woohoo!!

The holes for Josey, Murph, Mansbrough. The protection for JTF. I'll give best position group performance to these guys over the D-line.

The only reason the line is getting 8s rather than 9s is because we do have a decent number of zero yardage and negative plays. We are giving up some penetration. We're hitting homers but striking out a bit too.

Think it was McNulty who got Franklin killed / Boehm had a penalty

Total monsters. Morse, in particular, just pounded the Vandy D-linemen in to the ground.