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Missouri 48, Kentucky 17: Links and video

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1. Recaps Record-Setting Days Lead No. 8 Mizzou to 48-17 Win Football Postgame Quotes

Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel

Opening statement ...

"Well it was a good win obviously for us. I thought we did a lot of good things. Like any game, what we'll do is we'll evaluate the good things we did and the things we need improvement on. I'm glad we got the bye week this week because it is much needed for our team, mentally and emotionally I think. But anyway, there are a lot of good things and things that I was very proud of our team so it's a good situation to be in right now."

On Dorial Green-Beckham's day ...

"Well there is a physical mismatch with almost anybody he plays against. He's 6'6, weighs 225 pounds and he's athletic, he can jump. We're just fortunate he's on my team. A guy like that can make plays, you coach them only to a certain point, you can throw it up and he made a couple really great catches. It was nice at the end, they called that slant at the end because they were going fade, fade, fade and then that fourth-and-three at that particular time we went for it and obviously we set the whole thing up with all those fade routes and he set the slant route up, looked pretty good. Did a lot of good things."

On if there was an emphasis to get Dorial Green-Beckham the ball ...

"No, I just think you see it, you take advantage of it. There was not one word mentioned in the staff meeting. We have guys that come out sometimes that could be a bunch of catches and they come out in the game and don't catch as much. You got as many players as we do and they're good players the thing is you have to be unselfish. You'd like everybody to have the chance to catch 8-10 balls a game but this is about the team and executing as a team and our kids handle that pretty good."

On Kentucky's mistakes in the punt game ...

"The short field on the kick, we've done that before, that's not a whole lot of fun. The block, that's not a mistake, that's a great play by our punt block team and that's just a great play. We thought that we had a chance to get in there when they spread out and coach (Craig) Kul(-igowski) wanted to do it. I'm always hesitant a little bit because I don't want to hit the punter and then have them get 15 yards and stay on the field. We decided to go with it. Levi [Copelin], is it Levi the one that got it? It was a huge play. Those punt blocks are huge momentum plays and we scored I think the next play later so that was really good. But I thought it was interesting too though when we fumbled the football in the first half our defense went right out, took a stand, got the ball right back to us and that's what good teams do. We come out in the second half, they score against our defense, our offense comes back and scores, they score against our defense, our offense comes back and scores. That's happened a lot with this team as you go back and look it. I'll talk to the team about it which I have before, that's going to happen when we play some good people. Some people are going to stop us and people that can make plays. When one of the sides is struggling a little bit the other one has to stand up. It's happened a lot in a very positive way for our team and hopefully we can learn from this and there is a sense of urgency if one side is struggling a little bit that the other side understands that they have to pick it up and make some plays. Mizzou/Kentucky Post-Game Notes
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2. Multimedia

PowerMizzou: PMTV-HD: Kentucky Post Game
PowerMizzou: Highlights: Tigers trample UK
Mizzou Network: HIGHLIGHTS: Mizzou defeats Kentucky 48-17
Mizzou Network: POST-GAME INTERVIEW: Gary Pinkel Kentucky Post-Game Interview
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3. Left over from Friday

PowerMizzou: Penton proving a point

4. Hell of a leader

The Trib: More focused as a father, Britt force on line for MU, determined to achieve NFL dream

5. Michael who?

The Trib: GAME NOTES: Missouri 48, Kentucky 17

Entering this season, the Tigers hadn’t posted a seven-sack game since 2010. This year, they have two.

"Whether it’s first string or second string, it doesn’t matter. Everybody’s just getting in there, going hard and making the way for other guys," junior defensive end Kony Ealy said. "We played together as a D-line."

Kentucky (2-7, 0-5) did not allow one to SEC sack leader Michael Sam.

Ealy led the way with two sacks, and linebacker Donovan Bonner, ends Markus Golden and Shane Ray and tackles Matt Hoch and Lucas Vincent each had one. [...]

"We weren’t hesitant about it," Ealy said. "We wanted to contain him and, as usual, get back there on passes."

Missouri is on pace to record 44 sacks in a 13-game season this year.