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Mizzou Links, 11-12-13: Tigers win all the freshman awards, and hello, Duron Singleton

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1. SIU tonight Mizzou Hosts Southern Illinois Tuesday at Mizzou Arena Mizzou's Wes Clark Named SEC Freshman Of The Week Mizzou Basketball Media Day Quotes

Tim Fuller, Interim Head Coach

Opening statement…

"Well obviously, I thank each of you for coming out again. Mizzou sports are doing quite well right now with football and volleyball and we have high expectations set for basketball. We’re going into our second game now and facing Southern Illinois. Obviously Coach Henson is familiar with what we do here, having been at Kansas. He’s very familiar with the state and the talent from his time in the Missouri Valley. If it’s a battle of my wits, mine versus his, I think he’ll win that one, so hopefully our guys will come out and do a good job against (Anthony) Beane (Jr.) and (Desmar) Jackson, both top level players in their conference. Beane is going into his sophomore year and had a great freshman year and Jackson was one of the top 10 players in their league. So Earnest (Ross), Jabari (Brown) and Jordan (Clarkson) have their work cut out for them."

On Wes Clark’s successful first game…

"It was good to see when Jordan got into foul trouble, we had Wes come in and was the player we knew he could be. He struggled a bit in the exhibition games, so we weren’t quite sure how long it would take him to get out of his freshman jitters and hopefully that was a sign and he can build on some of that confidence. I also realize that we need to get our inside game established, although it was good to see Ryan Rosburg come out and play well."

On having a backup point guard…

"We have a backup point guard and in the past, we didn’t. We envision us being able to play fast, a lot like we did in that first year here where we were No. 1 in the country with our offensive efficiency rating. With Wes playing the way he is playing, it gives us a lot of encouragement and gives his teammates confidence."

On Wes Clark…

"When you play Jordan at the one, he comes down and he’s all speed, speed, speed. Wes plays with a change of pace and gives us a different look. I call him a mini Mike Tyson because he’s like a boxer out on the court. He just keeps probing and probing and jabbing and jabbing until he gets what he’s looking for."

On scouting Southern Illinois…

"We have been able to watch two of their exhibition games, so we have a pretty decent feel for what they’re about. We know that Beane and Jackson are two talented guys, they could play here at the University of Missouri, so our work is cut out for us. Coach Henson does a great job. They run a lot of similar things that Kansas runs so some of our guys will be familiar with it and obviously I’m familiar with it."

On Ryan Rosburg…

"One of the things I told Ryan early on, was that he went against Alex Oriakhi every day in practice. There will be maybe one or two Alex Oriakhi’s that he’ll face this season, so just go out and play like you played against Alex. It’s all about confidence for Ryan and he showed that at our last game."

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*Whistle* *Whistle* *Whistle*
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2. Awards! Mauk Named SEC Freshman Player of the Week
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): QB Maty Mauk named SEC Freshman of the Week for 3rd time
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Team Player
Fox Sports MW: Maty Mauk returns to sideline after saving Mizzou's season

And what's nice about Mauk's run is that we know now that he's the real deal. Mauk has proven that when Franklin graduates after this season, he is ready to take over.

Missouri's coaches, players and fans have to feel good about that. A year ago, the Tigers went 3-5 in the eight games Franklin started, including two losses in games he left because of injuries, and went 2-2 in Corbin Berkstresser's four starts — with losses against Alabama and Texas A&M.

Mauk watched that 2012 season unfold from the sideline during his redshirt season. There's no way to know if he could have made a difference in how that season went, but he certainly did in this one.

The SEC honored Mauk with its Freshman Player of the Week award on Monday morning, his second straight award and third in four weeks.

That's certainly not a shabby parting gift.

Other stuff from Saturday
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4. Michael Sam hasn’t had a sack the last two weeks, but the Tigers have hardly missed his production. Sam still leads the SEC with 10 sacks, but three teammates also rank among the league’s top 12: Kony Ealy, my choice for Defensive Player of the Game, is fifth with 6.5 and Shane Ray and Markus Golden are tied at 11th with 4.5 sacks each. Sam led the Tigers with 4.5 sacks last year. In 2011, Jacquies Smith led the team with 5.0. At this point, there should be no doubt Mizzou boasts one of the nation’s most disruptive defensive lines. The Tigers lead the country with 34 sacks, including 26 in conference play, which is tied for the FBS lead with Stanford and North Texas. [...]

8. Duron Singleton, welcome to Division I college football. Singleton had been playing more snaps the last couple games at the nickelback position in relief of Ian Simon, and after Simon went down with an ankle injury Saturday, Singleton got his most extensive playing time of the season. The junior college transfer finished with seven tackles, including two behind the line of scrimmage. At times, he looked like the only defender who could diagnose and stop a screen pass. He should see his role expand over these next few games.

The Missourian: Missouri football play of the week: Green-Beckham's amazing catch

"When we had trips to one side and a single receiver, we were going to take advantage of that the whole game," Mauk said Saturday. "We did a great job of it today."

Willis blitzed right at the snap, leaving the safety to cover Green-Beckham.

"We talked about — since they were playing man — giving them a little bit of a double move," Henson said. "So (Green-Beckham) ran a double move, which is actually perfect for a corner blitz. I didn’t know they were corner blitzing. It just worked that way." […]

"I just felt like I came out there and just beat their defense myself and just went out there and made plays," Green-Beckham said. "As of right now, this is the breakout game of the year for me."

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3. Another piece of DGB's back story

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4. Football recruiting

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5. Looking back at '93-'94

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6. Volleyball awards and fans Whitney Little Named SEC Defensive Player of the Week
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7. Solid start for WBB

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8. United Way Mizzou Athletics Partners With United Way For Volunteer Opportunities