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Missouri 48, Kentucky 17: Grading the offense

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Your offensive MVPs: Dorial Green-Beckham (8.95), Henry Josey (8.21), Evan Boehm (8.18), Justin Britt (8.08), and Max Copeland (8.04). Five touchdown passes? Pssh. You'll evidently have to do better to make this list, Maty Mauk.

Joe Robbins

Offensive Coordinator

Josh Henson: 7.81 (season average: 7.23)


48 points? 9

Another slow start. -Mac6

finally exploiting our advantages


Good, but the offense sputtered at times.

Great mixing it up

I like that play call where we throw the ball to the guy who's bigger than everyone else. We should call that play more.

I like throwing the ball down the field. And to DGB.

I love that when he finds something that works he does it again...unlike someone else who had the job that found something that worked and stuck it in his back pocket.

Look, I can't really even nit-pick the guy. What he schemes up works. Yes he has a great offense but it's still putting up points on the SEC. Love this guy.

Lots of points is a good thing.

Nice game.

Nice job by Henson exploiting UK's corners. Love how we actually attack the match ups this year vs just blindly running bubble screens and jet sweeps. Good job Coach Henny.

Outside of the opening drive, the playcalling was strong I thought, helps when DGB is awesome

Shaky at first but overall good gameplan

Someone will probably complain that there were some iffy calls, I heard rumblings about the "Pinkel get's way too comfortable with leads and just tries to play safe" well, I don't think you can say that here

Thought we threw too much, early, but, hey, hard to argue with 48 points.

Took a little while to get going (1st qtr), but after that, MM, DGB and the Outlaw made Henson look REALLY good.dlh

Very good game plan overall.

WAY too many predictable runs, come on, Coach!


Maty Mauk: 7.88 (season average: 6.12)

A couple underthrown passes, and I didn't watch the second half really...

A few throws were off, but other than that he did great.

Another good game from Mauk. It's comforting to know that should anything happen to Franklin we have another great option

At this point, it seems to be all or nothing with Mauk. Luckily the "all" is winning.

Best game he's played, though it is Kentucky and helps when DGB is awesome, still had some iffy throws, glad Franklin is returning, happier that Mauk will be here next year


Completion pct about the only thing from a 9. 5TD passes and efficient on yardage. dlh

Easily his best performance of the year.

Future looks great with mauk at the helm


Great game for Maty to end his relief stint. I feel more confident about the future of the team with him leading as he develops.

Great game for Mauk. Wish he would stop throwing fastballs all the time.

Great perfromance by Maty, looking more and more comfortable out there. Promising for next year. Good to hear Jimmy Franklin is back against the Rebs.

He does a good job escaping those bigs guys who try to squash him.

His best day so far. -Mac6

His best game.

I like that he was checking down a bit more. We already know he throws a great deep ball. When he learns to check-down, he will be great.

I won't give him a 9 because I think there's still room for improvement, but he's consistently shown the level of talent that makes me confident in next year

Maty is really good already.

Nice game. Good job staying in pocket.

Still worry bout him

We have a wonderful future ahead of us!

What more could you possibly ask?

Would hate to see a half healed Franklin take the job from very quickl Mauk...y maturing

Running Back

Henry Josey: 8.21 (season average: 7.16)
Russell Hansbrough: 6.86 (6.92)
Marcus Murphy: 5.31 (6.76)
Morgan Steward: 5.30 (5.94)
Greg White: 5.25

Josey's average, first 4 games: 6.53
Josey's average, last 6 games: 7.58

86 yard touchdown run? You get a 9, Josey's best game of the season, but it was Murph's worst by far

Can you even imagine Josey's speed?!

Good to see Hank rip off his career long run. Marcus has some good runs, but has to hang on to the rock. Russ can leap tall buildings in single bound. Good to see Steward and White get carries.

Henry Effing Josey!! Murphy!! Keep that ball. All RBs did great blocking.

Hope Muscle's manparts are alright

I like how you all try to out do each other. Murphy 2 hands on the ball please in traffic!!

It's fun to run when most of the D is blocked in to the ground.

Josey and Hansbrough gave great efforts, but the ball should have never been fumbled.

Josey great, Murphy better hang onto the ball going forward. -Mac6

Josey is amazing. Lots of good blocking from these guys. Murphy needs to pull his head out of his arse on kid returns.

Josey is fast. Murphy had an 'oops' day; he's really been more of a liability this season on special teams than asset.

Josey is the man, Hansborough had at least one really nice run, Murphy needs some stickem

Josey went nuts Murphy had a bad game but overall still a goof game from the ground team

Josey's big run skewed his stats, but can't complain about a guy that scored three touchdowns on the day.

Murph Murph Murph. I know you'll bounce back, but ompf

Murph's troubles on PRs the only down spot. Lots of yardage, great blocking by all. dlh

Murphy got to hold on to the football

Murphy has had a rough couple of weeks. I think the bye will be good for him

Murphy will get dinged, rightfully for his fumbles, but Josey and Mansbrough were monsters out there

No one caught Josey on that one

Not sure what happened to ol' Marcus, but he's still beyond awesome. Great to see Henry still has that burst!

Rough week for Murphy

You go, Josey

Wide Receiver

Dorial Green-Beckham: 8.95 (season average: 7.00)
Bud Sasser: 6.97 (6.22)
JImmie Hunt: 6.41 (6.16)
Marcus Lucas: 6.37 (6.91)
Darius White: 6.01 (5.72)
L'Damian Washington: 5.99 (7.34)

DGB finally realizes he's 6'6"

DGB is a bad man. I think L'D Wash was feeling nice today, so he let everyone else be awesome.

DGB is a ball hog.

DGB was on-FIRE!

DGB went off, those tD catches will get some attention but the wr blocking is what is most impressive



finally a breakout game for DGB showing how dominating he can be

For those of you keeping score at home or via twitter: DGB is not a disappointment, and he never has been. #Sophomore

Good job DBG! Now Old Miss will be watching you and leave Washington and Lucas and company alone for the next big catches!

LDW did amazing job on punt coverages just doing work. DGB realized how good he can be.

LDW was MIA. Solid play from White and Sasser and Hunt. What can you say about DGB....that performance was just nasty...... and in a good way!

Liked seeing Darius White, quiet day from Lucas and LDW, but DGB... DGB... I like DGB, DGB is awesome

Loved the contribution from Sasser, and some other guy who caught some TD's.

Lucas was kind of hit or miss, LDW only had 3 targets, Darius White got some burn, as did Levi Copelin

My first nine all year (DGB)

Seemed like quite a few drops...

Setting school records, dominating the entire game, hey, DGB, let someone else play, too. ;) dlh

Sorry WRs, all I remember is DGB going beast mode.

The best part about DGB wasn't that he had 4 TDs, but they were pretty difficult plays that were earned.

The manchild came out to play this week.

These guys block really well. Can I give DGB an 11?

This was the DGB show. -Mac6

Washington probably had his worst game of the season...but...DGB!!!

We need to run the DGB touchdown play more

Welcome to the big time

Why not just throw jump balls to 3 different guys 50 times a game?

Tight End

Eric Waters: 6.25 (season average: 5.81)
Sean Culkin: 6.03 (5.54)

Another outstanding blocking game for the TEs. Culkin was headhunting on the one fumble....I like that. dlh

block block block block

Blockers gonna Block

Blocking is good?


Blocks on blocks on blocks.

Culkin had a nice tackle...

Didn't see much from TEs. Perhaps blocking?

Good blocking, again. May be more difficult to recruit TEs to Mizzou in the future.

Good blocking.

I think I saw Caulkin make a tackle on a turnover and Waters make a block.

I'm sure they did fine.

No catches, but solid blocking for RB's


On the depth chart, can we change the "or" to "neither...nor" ?

qué son TEs


The secret weapon? -Mac6

The unseen hero's just doing the critical blocking!!! Great job guys!

What is a tight end?

Offensive Line

Evan Boehm: 8.18 (season average: 7.54)
Justin Britt: 8.08 (7.19)
Max Copeland: 8.04 (7.05)
Mitch Morse: 7.87 (7.17)
Connor McGovern: 7.82 (7.13)
Anthony Gatti: 7.48 (7.23)

Another very solid day, we'll see if the sack rate increases with JF back. -Mac6

Best O-line at Mizzou I've ever seen.

Big guys are big.

Britt is a man, he's the offensive Andrew Wilson

Can I give Max Copeland's bloody face a 10?

Each week these guys seem to wrestle the mantle of "best offensive unit" from the WRs. This week was a close tie.

Easy pickings this week dominating the line of scrimmage

Good day from them all around

Great combination of nasty and cerebral, which is what you want in an o-line.

Great job guys keeping Maty's jersey clean and helping Hank go over the century mark in rushing yards.

holy crap the left side of our line was monstrous

I will be hiring this whole unit as my personal security in the future

Keeping the sacks low, and the run productive. Keep up the good work.


Loved to see Britt downfield pancaking opponents like on one Josey run off right tackle...shades of Morrison.

Most underrated unit on this team still. Have trust in them protecting the QB going into huge games against Ole Miss and A&M.

NO sacks?! OMG...again!

No sacks. 223 yards rushing. This group is the best on the team. dlh

Not the best rush blocking we've seen, but the pass protection was pretty stinkin' pretty.


Solid game! Just another day at the office. Get rest and come back a beasts for the next 2 games and protect Frank the Tank!

Tremendous to date