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Mizzou Basketball: Stefan Jankovic has elected to transfer

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We'll always have Bucknell.


Stefan Jankovic, a 6'11 small forward (basically) from Hunting Prep and Mississauga, Ont., has elected to transfer. The sophomore was a fan favorite for his freshman contributions, which basically consisted of dunks and streaky 3-point shooting (two things fans tend to love), but he was struggling to find a role in the Mizzou rotation. He was a shooting guard in a power forward's body, basically, but he wasn't quite natural enough at either of those positions, especially on the defensive end. He played 26 minutes in Missouri's first two games, scoring 10 points and grabbing seven rebounds, but when Tony Criswell returned to the rotation against Hawaii last Saturday, Jankovic only saw the court for a couple of possessions; evidently he saw the writing on the wall.

It was easy to see Jank's upside, but apparently if he puts all of the pieces together, it will be elsewhere. Good luck, Jank. We'll always have Bucknell.