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IUPUI Jaguars at Missouri Tigers - Last Game before Return of the Haith

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This game might be close or it might be a blowout but it will certainly be interesting if only because of the fan controversy surrounding Mizzou Basketball.

Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

Missouri Tigers vs. IUPUI Jaguars
Date: Nov. 25, 2013
Tip-Off: 7 p.m.
Arena: Mizzou Arena (15,061)
TV: Mizzou Sports Network (Chris Gervino and Jon Sundvold) | Watch
Radio: Tiger Radio Network (Mike Kelly and Gary Link)
Rankings: Missouri - RV / RV - Associated Press / USA Today Coaches' Poll
IUPUI - None
Series: First Meeting
Missouri: Tim Fuller (Wake Forest `00); 4-0 overall (3rd season at Mizzou)
IUPUI: Todd Howard (Louisville `93) 21-48 overall; Same at IUPUI (3rd season)

Get more info here: LINK

It would also appear "The Antlers" have opted for a "Kill them with kindness" approach: