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James Franklin remembers how to #BeatTAMU

Where I fondly reminisce about this Senior Mizzou squad.

James "Tanklin" Franklin remembers what it's like to beat Texas A&M. He went down to their place and beat them in their own house in 2011. He passed for 16/24 with 198 yards and 2 touchdowns, including the game winning TD in overtime to Marcus Lucas.

He rushed for 24 times for 97 yards and 2 touchdowns, but the one we remember the most fondly is this one:

But let's not forget the other Seniors who were there, who remember how to win when everything is on the line.

Marcus Lucas led receivers with 5 catches for 64 yards and the game winning TD.

Eric Waters, yes the tight end who bears Danario Alexander's famous #81, caught ONE pass, but it went 42 yards for a TD.

Randy Ponder intercepted Ryan Tannehill in almost the exact same fashion as he intercepted Bo Wallace last week.

Denzel Martin

Tyler Davis

Kyle Peasel

Michael Brennan

Jaleel Clark

Marvin Foster

Matt White

Andrew Wilson

Michael Sam

Max Copeland

Donovan Bonner

L'Damian Washington

Justin Britt

E.J. Gaines

These are your Mizzou Seniors for 2013. This is their last home game at Faurot Field. Gary Pinkel has already admitted that this is going to be an emotional game for him. He asked them to get Mizzou Football back to it's winning ways and they answered the call. They stepped up as leaders.

This is going to be tough group to let go, but perhaps our favorite Senior has thoughts on the matter:

"Forget senior night. It's A&M night," Copeland said. "I'm going to look at all the fancy, emotional stuff later, and that'll be great. But right now, we're playing A&M, man. Our minds are on A&M, not emotions or feelings."

It's going to be easy to get wrapped up in the emotion of the game, for players and fans alike. But I like where Mad Max's head is at. He's not looking at Saturday as goodbye, because this season will not end Saturday. This team hasn't given us everything.

Not yet.