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Missouri 24, Ole Miss 10: Grading the offense

Your offensive MVPs: Henry Josey (8.36), Evan Boehm (8.25), Justin Britt (8.07), Mitch Morse (8.03), Connor McGovern (8.00)

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive Coordinator

Josh Henson: 7.39 (season average: 7.24)


Called plays to what was working. Hard to argue against that.

Conservative play, but it got the job done.

Good game, only criticism is he needed to call more do those touchdown plays.

I don't understand why they use the empty backfield on first down.

I hated all that running and running and running. Good thing Josh knows more about football than I do.

If we could develop a consistent screen game, we'd go from pretty damn good to wow.

Lots of good, but the bubble screens on third and short to the sidelines are not working, stop calling that.

No real complaints. Was it just me or did he call a Yostian amount of WR screens?

once he let Franklin open up after Mauk's drive, things went really well #BeatTAMU

Questionable calls in the 1st. Fantastic in the 4th

Second and third possessions seemed to stall. Might have been the script. Those are the only two 'faults' can find. And I'm looking...dlh

Some great calls and some head scratchers but overall decent game plan

Still hate seeing MU just sit on the ball with a lead. Honestly believe that is a HCGP trait, and Henson is just the latest casualty of let's not step on their throat.

Stop with the Quick out call

Strong Start, would have liked to keep attacking a little more in the 3rd quarter, but that's nitpicking

The 4th quarter was a game of efficient keep away. Awesome.

The offense sputtered after the first drive, Mauk got it going again. -Mac6

Who ever called the fade route to DGB on the 4th down needs to be fired.


James Franklin: 7.15 (season average: 7.66)
Maty Mauk: 7.03 (6.24 -- 6.85 last six weeks)

Being a QB is easy when you get to hand off to Josey & Co.

Both did their jobs. Frank had the INT, but other than that, no big mistakes.

Each put up a statline perfetly reflective of their attributes. Tank was steady and that's all we really needed.

Frank looked a little rusty. Maty was Maty.

Frank looked damn good. Maty did as well.

Franklin gets you from point A to point B in a hybrid Jeep Grand Cherokee. Style, comfort, power, efficiency. Mauk gets you there in a '69 Shelby with suspect brakes and a killer sound system.

Franklin looked OK in his first game action in a month (handing off at UK doesn't count). Mauk is what he is, a big play threat.

Franklin was solid in his return, made just one bad decision. Mauk was great on his drive.

FrankTank did fine getting the rust off.The offense seemed to be energized when Maty came in.Not sure why he didn't play more.

Game manager franklin controlled the offense and made plays with his legs when needed

Good game back for Franklin and Mauk looked good too. I thought Mauk's numbers were hurt by the drops of his WRs

James Mauk would be a pretty good QB

James was a little rusty but was a great game manager thats somthing Mauk need to work on. But kind of noticed not a lot of zip on the ball on swing passes or deep balls. But did some really great stuff as well.

James was good, but certainly can and has played better. He'll need to do so next week. Just glad to see him back in the field!

JTF had the INT, Mauk was outstanding, showed that he is learning how to stay out of BIG trouble when he gets into trouble, definitely a great job by these guys. dlh

Mauk really good for immediately producing, but Franklin should play 100% of the time as we get to crunch time.

Now, witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational Tanklin #BeatTAMU

Solid game

Step into your passes more, can't throw off that back foot and get away with it very oftern

Tanklin's best plays were his scrambles for first down. Consistency from him, explosiveness from Mauk. -Mac6

They both did their jobs

Running Back

Henry Josey: 8.36 (season average: 7.27)
Marcus Murphy: 7.42 (6.82)
Russell Hansbrough: 6.92 (6.92)

3-headed monster was 3HM-ish.

Another productive running day...As for Murphy in the KR/PR game, it may be time to go to someone else, he looks lost

Feed the beasts

Good looking group, Hansbrough looks to be hurting some. He's not as explosive as he once was. Murphy did great job of holding onto ball this game, keep it up. Josey just keep plugging away, you are a Beast!

Great group effort with josey looking all sec

Great job all around.Seemed to explode out of the backfield.

Hansbrough seems to be he best all-around guy. Really impressive

I like this Josey fellow.

Josey and Murphy tore it up. It was their show all night.

Josey was fantastic. Still no big returns for Murphy this year. -Mac6

Josey was great again, Murph looked better but still a little shaky, not a big night from Russ #BeatTAMU

Just splendid

Love Josey, love Hansbrough, love Murphy and they're all JUNIORS!

Murph catch a punt bro!!!

The next time Josey walks a TD into the endzone will be the first. Dude always dives.

They all just did awesome.

They answered the bell, no doubt about it.

Would be the best unit of the week, except, the line that opens the holes for these guys. Exceptional, especially in the 2nd half. dlh

Wide Receiver

Marcus Lucas: 7.32 (season average: 6.95)
Bud Sasser: 7.28 (6.31)
Jimmie Hunt: 6.46 (6.19)
L'Damian Washington: 6.33 (7.25)
Dorial Green-Beckham: 5.98 (6.91)

A few drops.

All receivers have to go after the Ball when underthrown, it will happen when teams Blitz our QB. Get after it Boys, you can be the Best in the Country

Bud Sasser!!

DGB took a step back. Should have made the 4th down catch

DGB would've had a big play if Frank hadn't underthrown him, but those happen. Heal up L'D.

I don't know who to blame for the lack of production from the WRs, but someone has to pay

I hope LDW is no longer in pain after getting drilled so many times.

Jimbud Sasunt had a good game but when you run the ball like they did the recievers wont get much work

Lucas was huge early, pretty solid for the unit as a whole, hopefully Kentucky DGB will be available Saturday

Not a great night from the WRs but they did enough #BeatTAMU

Outside of Lucas these guys had a mostly forgettable night. Sasser had the vital catch and run tho.

Poor L'Damiam...

Some big time drops

THese guys did a great job, but today was the RBs day, but still excellent work on the catch, and on the blocks. dlh

They were there if we needed them, but we almost did not.

WRs were okay, but Tanklin goes with the best throw, not the biggest. -Mac6

Tight End

Eric Waters: 6.98 (season average: 5.92)
Sean Culkin: 5.92 (5.57)


Blocking and a couple catches.

Blocking is a good thing. We have enough passing options.

Blocking machines. dlh

dropped pass!!! you get your chance and you drop the pass!

Eric had his best game of the year great job.

Eric Waters had 3 receptions officially, it's probably not his fault they were all in the flat and resulted in 2 yards each.

Eric Waters! Now to get yards next time... -Mac6

Great running lanes because of good blocking

HEY LOOK TEs! Oh wait, never mind #BeatTAMU

Keep it up


Waters caught passes and I'm not sure what to do with my hands.

Waters had catches and induced a penalty, nice job

We found the tight ends

Offensive Line

Evan Boehm: 8.25 (season average: 7.61)
Justin Britt: 8.07 (7.27)
Mitch Morse: 8.03 (7.25)
Connor McGovern: 8.00 (7.21)
Max Copeland: 7.97 (7.14)



A couple penalties, but overall, great adjustments in the second half to limit the pass rushes and continued GREAT rush blocking.

All high marks for the fat kids playing in the mud.

All of you Guys are So good, Keep it up!

Another dominant performance on both the run and pass protection on a good Ole Miss front.

Best line play of the season dominated the ole miss d line

Best offensive line I've ever seen at MIzzou

Dominant performance up front

Duplicate that effort in the next three games and we will be 13-1 fellas.

Great blocking. You can't beat Christmas on Thursdays!! Or on Saturdays!!

Grown man football

I missed the part where Nkemdiche came #vaguely #BeatTAMU

Josey/Murph/Hansbrough ran OVER the Rebs...unit of the week. Again. dlh

That final drive was a master class in pwning. -Mac6

These guys are special; they will soon become a Mizzou legend.