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They Supposed to be SEC: Instant Week 10 Reactions from the SEC East

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I was in absolutely in no condition to be doing any kind of anything reacting to last week's game. But now we're back and having a blast!

Vanderbilt - Not that they particularly matter any more, but they appear to have been on a bye this week.

Georgia - What a game. Gurley played something like 5 snaps and still managed to have perhaps the biggest impact on the game.

Georgia 23, Florida 20: The Three In A Row Post-Game Thread. - Dawg Sports

It was an ugly, sloppy game, which was to be expected. Todd Gurley was not yet in game shape, also to be expected. The offense found new and exciting ways to place the defense in precarious positions which, sadly, of late is not unexpected. But in the end, Florida just didn't have enough juice to capitalize on the Bulldogs' varied mental errors. So the Red and Black won. Unlike in years past, a lot of you were expecting that, too.

Florida - I mean, part of me empathizes with Spencer Hall having to watch this... "football"

Georgia 23, Florida 20: Gators die hard in wild Cocktail Party - Alligator Army

In that first half, Georgia scored two touchdowns in the first six minutes of play, thanks to two huge plays from Todd Gurley and an empty drive featuring an 83-yard completion by Florida, and added another field goal before the end of the first quarter. Georgia would extend the lead to 20-0, then to 23-3 just after halftime — thanks in part to a failed fourth down try from the Gators that gave the ball back to the Bulldogs with just enough time to make a run at three points.

South Carolina - They did not choke... this week.

South Carolina vs. Mississippi State: Gamecocks blow out Bulldogs 34-16 - Garnet And Black Attack

Mississippi State was never more effective than it was on its first drive (another common thread from the Arkansas game), which saw them march the ball 60 yards down the field on 9 plays before Dak Prescott plunged into the end zone to open scoring. But that was approximately the last good thing that Prescott did all day long. The Bulldogs' quarterback was responsible for 3 interceptions, a lost fumble, and several incomplete passes thrown to offensive linemen.

Tennessee - I'm sure we can be magnanimous in victory (2-0!) but if we want to hash out any further issues, please do so below

Tennessee vs. Missouri final score: Tigers dominate Vols, 31-3 - Rocky Top Talk

Freshman quarterback Josh Dobbs finished the game 26-42 for 240 passing yards and added another 45 yards on the ground.

Missouri 31 Tennessee 3 - Big Things Small Things Every Things - Rocky Top Talk

Credit Missouri, who played exactly the kind of game it wanted to play with Maty Mauk leading the offense for the injured James Franklin. The Tigers went for 502 yards of offense, the third time they've cracked that mark in these last five games against the non-Kentucky portion of the SEC East. They got 339 of those yards on the ground at 6.3 per carry, using a dominant ground game with fresh legs everywhere and a bend but absolutely don't break ever defense to make sure any lead would be safe. As a result Mauk did more damage with his legs than his arms, running for 114 yards on 13 carries.

Kentucky - They appeared to have played a football game of some sort, either that or this is a really B1G basketball score

Alabama St. Hornets 14, Kentucky Wildcats 48: Postmortem - A Sea Of Blue

For Kentucky, it was pretty much more of the same. The big difference was that the opponent was not deep enough, not strong enough, and was hell-bent on self-destruction. Kentucky took the advice of those wiser than themselves — "when your opponent is busily destroying himself, get out of his way." That's pretty much all Kentucky had to do, and they did it pretty well.

Ole Miss - Had a bye week and look to be Mizzou's next biggest hurdle. I'm going to be very nervous the week before playing them, in their house.

By the way, if you don't think this game will matter, think again:

Saturday Bye Week Television Times, Lines, and OPEN THREAD - Red Cup Rebellion - From the comments:

We're going to beat Mizzou. I can feel it in my bones.

Texas A&M - People complained that we didn't face anyone prior to playing Vanderbilt, but apparently TAMU can play UTEP in week 10 of the season and no one says a word? Who has Texas A&M beat?


after that first quarter things seemed to click. i'll never understand why we dont run the ball more with the stable of RBs that we have, but we are who we are. you cant argue with 27 points in the 2nd quarter and 21 in the 3rd, and you can't argue with 564 yards (330 passing and 234 rushing).

Missouri didn't really need style points when it played Tennessee on Saturday. At this point, all the Tigers have to do is continue to win, and they'll be in the SEC Championship Game. Even another loss somewhere along the way won't be fatal to the Tigers' hopes of winning an SEC East title, but win-and-in should still be the key principle for Mizzou from here on out.

Fullback: By the way, I was really impressed with how well Mizzou bounced back against Tennessee. I don't think they'll be doormats long. I think Butch Jones will turn the program around and I think Dobbs can be the QB to lead them. They'll return a good team next year even if they lose most of who they're supposed to. I really enjoy the fact that we've managed to go build up a 2-0 record over them but I think that as time goes on, we'll find ourselves in a natural rivalry with Tennessee more than Kentucky.

While I'm here I'm going to say something I that occurred to me last night. Maty Mauk can complete a beautiful deep ball, run the ball but struggle a bit on touch throws and sure he's not a lefty and he hasn't completed a bizarre jump-pass yet but he makes me think of Tim Tebow. I'm not saying he is or will turn into him (especially not the NFL version of him) and I'm not trying to bring Tebow's religion into the discussion, but I think when you have a QB who consistently digs the long ball, rushes for as many yards as he does while completing 50% of his passes or less and having the kind of gun that Mauk does, the comparison isn't crazy.