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Missouri 31, Tennessee 3: Links and video

Bill Carter

1. Recaps No. 9 Tigers Roll Over Vols, 31-3 Mizzou/Tennessee Post-Game Notes Mizzou/Tennessee Quotes

Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel

Opening Statement:

"I'm real proud of our team. The field position in the second half was minus one, minus eight, minus 18. I think we tried to be overly cautious with the lead, but I thought it was a very good team victory. They are a good football team and I thought we handled ourselves well and competed well."

On moving on after last week's game:

"We did and I would have been very surprised if we didn't. We closed that door quick. We talked about it Sunday that we were going to move on. There is so much out there and I think they understood that. You can't do anything about the week before except learn a lesson. We applied it today and we will apply it next week."

On the play of freshman quarterback Maty Mauk:

"I thought he did a lot of good things. Early we struggled a little bit. You have to remember he is a Redshirt Freshman. That's only the third game he has started in his life. I think he did a lot of good things. I think we are getting better overall as a football team. We have to continue to take that approach."

On the importance of winning in November:

"I told them, what is better than being 1-0? They looked at me and said 2-0. We aren't talking about being 8-1, we are talking about these games in a row and next week is going to be a critical game with Kentucky."

On hitting the road next week:

"It's about focus and concentration. It's about your goals, what do you want to be? We are close to having some great things happen and you have to take care of your business. This is fun, I like this, I love this. They love this. But you have to bring your best each week. In this stretch right now, ok is not good enough."

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2. Multimedia Video: No. 9 Missouri Tigers 31, Tennessee Vols 3
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3. Bad luck Baggett

The Missourian: Missouri football team picks up Baggett's sunken head after another missed kick
Post-Dispatch: Mixed results for Mizzou's Baggett

4. The Rebound

KC Star: One loss didn’t beat Mizzou twice

But maybe none of that would have happened if the Tigers weren’t in the right place emotionally, and offensive guard and team free spirit Max Copeland insisted they were, starting last Sunday.

"We extracted the lesson from the loss and we had to shuck the shell, and remain in the present," Copeland said. "That’s how we bounced back. We remained in the present. We asked ourselves, ‘How were we going to win today?’"

By realizing what’s ahead. Tigers coach Gary Pinkel missed last Sunday’s team activities while attending the memorial service of his mentor, Don James. When he returned Tuesday, he laid it out for the Tigers.

"The only thing I told them was why in the world would you even think about last week’s game?" Pinkel said. "Are you kidding me? We were 7-1 and 3-1 in the league, and we’ve got four games left in November. I’ll take that for the rest of my career, forever.

"Maybe it wasn’t necessary, because I trust these kids."

5. A win in the trenches

PowerMizzou: A win up front

6. Hey, EJ

The Trib: Gaines has sweet return
Mizzou Network: POSTGAME: Gaines After His Return vs Tennessee