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Missouri 31, Tennessee 3: Grading the offense

So um ... your offensive MVPs: Justin Britt (8.37), Evan Boehm (8.31), Max Copeland (8.09), Mitch Morse (7.96), and Connor McGovern (7.93). I sense a theme.

Bill Carter

Offensive Coordinator

Josh Henson: 7.56 (season average: 7.16)


7 Points in the second half isnt going to cut it with Ole Miss or A&M let alone Alabama.

A little above average. Much better than last week, but took O a little time to get going this week.dlh

Appreciate him not forcing things late in the game.

Been a pretty spectacular first season calling plays for Henson

Called a good game, liked the designed runs for Scooter

Does he take a nap in the second half, I joke I joke, but I hate playing not to lose.

Excellent for the most part.

Good even play calling towards Maty's strengths. Things are looking very promising for the future!


great work adjusting the offense late in the 1st. Mauk still struggles running the standard offense, so he went to a run, run, run, take a deep shot approach

I think we should scrap all the plays from Saturday that did not result in touch downs.

Liked the play mix, and plays seemed well-tailored to strength and weaknesses of our players.

Preferred more running to start, but it soon was clicking. -Mac6

Return of the bubble screen and since when did we need to practice, for an entire half, the stall offense (particularly with 2 banged up running backs)? No pace, no rhythm in the second half.

Solid game plan. Give him the benefit of the doubt that we didn't need Maty to do more. Conservative plan that worked and did plenty to win.

There ya go.

Way to not be conservative


Maty Mauk: 7.14 (season average: 5.83)

After a stumble out of the gates Mauk needed a couple of short passes to get back on track and then he took off

Continues to impress. Future looks bright, don't forget your 'shades.

Didn't turn the ball over, ran for 100+ yards... only the percentage worries me. -Mac6

Good and bad Mauk hopefully doesn't teeter-totter like good and bad Kimmie/Leo

Great job. Learn to slide.

Hell of a job, Mauk.

Keep giving the kid snaps.

Matys gonna be a star but I miss James.

need more completion %

needs a lot of work with the full playbook, but he played to his strengths really well last weekend.

No INTs, solid performance. Short and medium throws getting better.-dlh

Overall good. A few mistakes from inexperience. Great future.

Played good, needs touch and to play more

Rebounded well after spotty beginning.

Some freshman hiccups here and there but great production on the ground and timely throws lead to a solid performance.

Still likes to throw the ball literally as hard as he can it seems, but once he got going he looked good

Thx Maty, good job driving the team.

When team going south he ran south, when team was going north he ran north.

Would have rated him higher, except he still seemed to be trying too hard early in the game. And every pass doesn't need to be 100 m.p.h.

Running Back

Henry Josey: 7.64 (season average: 7.04)
Russell Hansbrough: 7.61 (6.92)
Marcus Murphy: 7.32 (6.92)
Morgan Steward: 6.58

200 plus yards, yeah, that's good

Great Job Running backs!

Hard running and how about giving White some love?

Hey Morgan Steward, I see you there. We can literally not run the ball enough for my satisfaction.

How did we end up with so many dynamic backs? Also like what I saw out of Steward late. Glad Greg White got some PT

I love these running backs. Greg White got some carries, too.

Just keep doing this thru Dec.-Jan. -Mac6

Kudos to all, esp Hansbrough

Mansbrough had the best day overall. With Mauk, a combined 300+ yards rushing is outstanding. Excellent effort by Steward and White when they got in.-dlh

Morgan Steward looks like a future star.He could be the big explosive back the Tigers could use.

Murph is too cold.

Only complaint is Murphy's return game. Are we not setting up the blocking, or has he gotten more tentative on PR's?

Running game was solid. Liked what I saw from Steward.

Solid day on the ground by the four headed monster

Solid performance. Good to see Steward get his feet wet.

Steward Shows Promise.

The most consistent (and underrated) aspect of this offense.

What else can be said about these guys. Even steward looked good.

Work horses

Wide Receiver

Marcus Lucas: 7.58 (season average: 6.97)
L'Damian Washington: 7.52 (7.49)
Dorial Green-Beckham: 6.98 (6.78)
Bud Sasser: 6.30 (6.13)
Jimmie Hunt: 6.00 (6.14)
Darius White: 5.98 (5.68)
Levi Copelin: 5.83 (6.20)

(I left Jaleel Clark off the list. Sorry, Jaleel! That was a hell of a catch-and-run you had! Honorary 7 to you!)

A couple of drops, but probably more on QBMM than on these guys. Better touch on shorter passes and better adjustments from the WR's and this group will be prove they're as good as any in CFB.

Catching balls well. Not enough Jimmie

Darius White sighting! -Mac6

DGB is bigger than you and apparently also faster than you. Lucas and LDW keep this team going.

Did a pretty good job outrunning DBS for a bunch of slow guys.

Ehh not too bad, wish w could see dgb in space more often

Good blocking on the edge

Good, for the most part. Didn't like LDWs tantrum and end zone drop, though.

great game

Great job!

Hard to evaluate with an entire half surrendered to the run.

If DGB is a disappointment, can we sign 5 more disappointments just like him. Please?

No jump balls to DGB.

Not sure why DGB not getting open and targeted for passes more.

Once they got going....and we need to get DGB in space more often


TD a piece for LDW, Lucas, DGB. Good job blocking by White and a nice catch. Nice point-to by Sasser, good work by Clark.-dlh

Throw DGB the ball more and let him work. Clark made a good play at that position as well.

Washington would be much higher, but his tanturm, while understandable, was not good. He also dropped Mauk's most impressive throw this season.

Tight End

Eric Waters: 6.29 (season average: 5.76)
Sean Culkin: 6.07 (5.48)

Best Blocking TE's in College Football.


Blocks on blocks on blocks

Good blocking. -Mac6

I remember Waters coming into the game

I sear i saw one one time

Maybe one of them can kick? Kidding! Kidding!

Our tight blockers must be good

Outstanding blocking again. Also, props to Echard being out there.-dlh

They must be blocking well for our backs to have that kind of room.

This is just a made up category right? We don't have these or fullbacks

Would love to see them more involved in the passing attack, but can't fault the job they do blocking and pass protecting for WR's and QB's.

You mean our auxilliary DT's. After a season like this, any TE would either transfer or de-commit.

Offensive Line

Our OL is better than yours nananana booboo

Justin Britt: 8.37 (season average: 7.09)
Evan Boehm: 8.31 (7.47)
Max Copeland: 8.09 (6.94)
Mitch Morse: 7.96 (7.09)
Connor McGovern: 7.93 (7.05)
Anthony Gatti: 7.41 (7.17)

300+ rishing yards in the SEC. OUTSTANDING-dlh

Absolutely bulldozed for the RB's and Maulke

Best offensive performance was the combined effort of these guys. The left side really mauled the Volunteer D-line and the unit kept Mauk safe for most of the game. Superb job.

Evan Boehm's gonna be in the NFL one day.

For as worried we were about this unit in August they've played superb. Plus Andy Bauer!

Hope the 2012 naysayers are enjoying their helpings of crow. Apparently, it really does matter if most of your OL can't play. Who knew? Most of MU fanbase, of course... Reason, NOT excuse.

Justin just make sure they stay down :)

keep on keepin' on...

Kept Scooter upright, created 300 yards of running, all in all a splendid evening.

Max got bloody; Justin clobbered a dude in the end zone. Beautiful game, boys.

No sacks, over 300 yards rushing, everyone gets an 8! -Mac6

Our OL is better than yours nananana booboo

So freakin' good!

The pancake posse strikes again.

These guys had a stellar game.

They man-handled the Tennessee d-line