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Auburn 59, Missouri 42: Grading the offense

Your offensive MVPs: DGB (8.19), Henry Josey (8.12), Evan Boehm (7.20), Justin Britt (6.96), and James Franklin (6.95).

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Offensive Coordinator

Josh Henson: 6.97 (season average: 7.22)


35 points in a good show.

Awful 4th down call.

Can't complain much about the offense. They just needed to score more than they did. -Mac6

Good but not great gameplan. Worried he got conservative when it mattered most. I think a lot of people are worried that this is Pinkel's fault

Hard to complain with the numbers, only complaint if any would be that I would have liked more runs with RBs

Hate the short throws to the side lines. Rarely work. When trailing an O we can't stop, we need to go vertically downfield, not horizontally

Henson and the 2003 Chiefs Offensive Coordinator should co-author the book "Trying to win in spite of your defense."

I wonder if we'll be able to tell the sarcasm from the real rants? Let's watch. Henson gets an 8 from me. The offense was rolling.

Lots of points. Really enjoyed the offense this year.

Not much to complain about in the play calling

Nothing really can be said, the offense played well enough to win

Offense was just fine. Anyone that thinks otherwise was watching a different game than I was.

Overall, the offense put up 35 pts, not a bad showing... But, there were some questionable calls, like running the ball on 2nd and 14, and then, in the last possesion, passing on 4th & 1

The offense did their part

The only thing that keeps him from getting a 9 is the one play he continues to run from the Yost era when we send a wide receiver running toward the sideline away from QB. When he receives the throw, he usually has at least 2 defenders on top of him immediately. Scrap that one play and you get a 9.

Too conservative in the second half, needed to at least try and stretch the field through the air.

too many wide receiver screens


James Franklin: 6.95 (season average: 7.58)

A couple underthrown balls when he was on the run, but still hard to complain about the offense.

Did great, except the INT.

Franklin absolutely played well enough for us to win. I can't guess why anyone would even try to lay this loss at his feet. But stupid has no vaccine as yet.

Franklin had over 300 yds passing, 2 TD's and some yds on the ground... can't fault his performance

Good but not spectacular game. We'll miss him when he's gone.

He was good, but could have been even better that poor auburn secondary is not good

he wasn't his best, but he still played well enough to win

Missed some throws. Over threw DGB, Wash & Lucas at least once each, & under threw some throws (once to Hunt w/ zero pressure). Solid otherwise

Nice stat line, but missed some open WR and could have run a bit more.

One of the best in our history.

Outside the INT a very solid performance.

Some very good throws but he was inaccurate on the rollout

Tank was really good, but again, Mizzou needed greatness. -Mac6

too many low passes

Was ok, struggled with accuracy but had 360 yards of total offense and 4 tds

Your visor could have used a little windex, but otehrwise you looked and played sharp.

Running Back

Henry Josey: 8.12 (season average: 7.43)
Russell Hansbrough: 6.65 (6.93)
Marcus Murphy: 6.46 (6.83)


Henry Josey is my favorite deity

HJ needed more carries then 9

I watched that shove out of bounds last night and got pissed off all over again. -Mac6

Josey was fantastic, the other backs averaged 6+ yards per touch, good job as a unit

Josey was spectacular again. Auburn really limited Murphy on kicks.

Josey was very good, my heart skipped a beat when i saw him hit that cart.

Mammoth effort

Nothing to complain about here.

RBs were fine

The running backs perfomed well, but should have been asked to do more, thus helping eat the clock & keeping Auburn's O off the field

They did really well.

When Josey was hurt, time came to a stop. So glad he's okay. His downhill burst is ridiculous!

Wish these guys had some more carries, did relatively well when given the chance.

Wish they had been used more...

Wide Receiver

Dorial Green-Beckham: 8.19 (season average: 7.10)
Bud Sasser: 6.50 (6.34)
L'Damian Washington: 6.47 (7.27)
Marcus Lucas: 6.20 (6.86)
Jimmie Hunt: 5.89 (6.18)

A very good performance by all. Bud almost reeled in a highlight catch. The funny thing is, during the game, I literally had someone explaining to me that James Franklin never throws the ball to DGB - this was AFTER the first TD.

DBG was big all night and Danielson can suck it on the 1st TD catch

DGB looked phenomenal... and the other WR's did a good job... but not enough to offset the poor defensive gameplan...

DGB played like a #1 recruit, very average game from the rest of the unit

DGB will be fun to watch next year


I think we saw the blueprint on how to use DGB next year. -Mac6

LDW fell off a bit, but DGB did well along with Marcus.

Lucas is inconsistent. Glad the fumble went OB.

played the ball off the turf and a push off

Simply the best.

Solid outing. DGB's catch before halftime made me scream til I passed out.


These guys were great. No complaints.

This Dorial Green-Beckham is a large specimen. He may do well in the vertical passing game one day.

Tight End

Eric Waters: 5.75 (season average: 6.04)

A little extra blocking would have come in handy.

Good blocking. -Mac6


Oh yeah TEs, I remember what those are



We just don't utilize the TE enough.

You still had a badass catch against Texas A&M

Offensive Line

Evan Boehm: 7.20 (season average: 7.60)
Justin Britt: 6.96 (7.28)
Connor McGovern: 6.77 (7.20)
Mitch Morse: 6.75 (7.24)
Brad McNulty: 6.56 (7.03)
Max Copeland: 6.19 (7.10)

Can we just keep Max forever?

Copeland again w/ multiple false start penalties

Copeland had a bad game. Too many false starts. -Mac6

Copeland had a few bad penalties that cost us early on, but again, they played well enough to win

Faced their toughest test against Auburn. Held up okay but struggled picking up the blitz a few times.

I can't give these guys perfect marks because I think they finally lost a battle in terms of picking up blitzes and meeting their match when it came to the run.

Just a solid all-around performance

Love Copeland the man, but he hasn't had quite enough the past several games, too many penalties and assignments blown.

Maybe I've become spoiled but I expected more from these guys

No bad snaps all season. Best move was to put Boehm at Center.

Okay; not great. Still, we spoil quickly. SO much better than last year.

OL was decent, if you want to see the blueprint for a perfect grade on the oline look at auburns

Only knock on DGB: sometimes it's better to dive for the first down than to move laterally trying to find a gap

Pretty solid in run game, struggled in passing downs..The left side was quite a bit better than right side

The offense was working well. Max got a couple false start penalties that was very un-RockNRoll. Other than that they all did well.