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Mizzou Links, 12-2-13: Eric Waters' shining moment and one more game to preview

Missouri's defense played incredibly well against A&M, Eric Waters made the most of his moment in the sun, it's time to start looking at Auburn, and your 34-0 volleyball team gets the No. 4 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Bill Carter

It still happened

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): GAME REWIND: Missouri 28, Texas A&M 21

Balancing Act: Some offenses achieve good balance between the run and pass game but don't put up all that many yards. Missouri is not one of those teams. Against Texas A&M, the Tigers put up 463 yards and had a 48.6/51.4 percent split from run and pass. For the season, Missouri averages 489.5 yards a game...and has a 48.4/51.6 split from run and pass. That's consistency.

Quantity, not Quality: Texas A&M averaged 8.2 yards a pass and 7.0 yards a play in its blowout over Missouri last season. This time around, the Aggies averaged 5.6 yards a pass and 5.4 yards a play. That makes a big difference when you're getting up into the 70s in plays. The Aggies didn't break off near as many big gainers as they did last year, and very few of them hurt Missouri.

Manziel and Evans: Manziel had his hand in 56 plays last season for 439 yards (7.8 per) and five touchdowns. This time around, it was 216 yards on 46 plays (4.7 per) and one touchdown. Huge difference. Last year, Evans caught eight passes for 99 yards and a score. This year, four catches for 8 yards. Again...huge difference.

PowerMizzou: Sunday Notebook

During the offseason, an increased role by Missouri's tight ends was a topic of discussion. We, the media, focused on redshirt freshman Sean Culkin, who rose to No. 1 on the depth chart after spring practice.

In the end, though, Waters' skill as a blocker won him the job. But on the game-sealing play, his unexpected role as a receiver did the trick.

"It's just unexpected," Waters said. "It's a good feeling to have when the coach relies on you to get a first down and seal the game. Something different. It's the greatest feeling in the world. Coach Henson, he coached his tail off and to call something unexpected like that on both sides.

"We weren't expecting it, defense sure wasn't expecting it. They thought they were going to get a sack. So thankful for that. It's the most awesome feeling you can have at the end of a big, huge game like that, the game that seals your fate to go to the SEC title game like that."

Good Bull Hunting: By the Numbers: Missouri
The Maneater: Josey’s jaunt jolts Tigers to SEC championship
KBIA Sports: Photo Gallery: Mizzou 28, Texas A&M 21
We Are Mizzou: 2013 Mizzou Football Seniors
Mizzou Network: Field Cam: Mizzou beats A&M to Clinch SEC East Title

"I'm Michael Sam. It's what I do."

Big Visitor
PowerMizzou: Wallace impressed on Mizzou visit

So yeah ... another game to preview, huh?

PowerMizzou: Stage is set for Atlanta
The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Missouri, Auburn mirror images heading into SEC title game
Post-Dispatch: Malzahn: "We've got our hands full."
KC Star: SEC teams want a shot at the title
Post-Dispatch (Burwell): Missouri still has work to do to climb higher in BCS (Commander Obvious headline of the week)

Poll Watch

The Trib (Behind the Stripes): Missouri up a spot to No. 5 in USA Today, Harris polls; holds at No. 5 in AP
Post-Dispatch: Mizzou behind Bama, Auburn in polls
KC Star: Mizzou still No. 5 in AP poll
PowerMizzou: Tigers fifth with chance to rise

Bowl Watch

KC Star: Mizzou bowl possibilities range from Sugar to Cotton

No. 4 at 34-0, huh? DISRESP--oh, forget it. Just win the whole damn thing, ladies. Mizzou Selected as No. 4 Seed, Will Host NCAA Tournament
KC Star: Missouri volleyball draws No. 4 overall seed, Kansas also set to host
The Missourian: Missouri to host first, second rounds of NCAA volleyball tournament
KBIA Sports: Mizzou’s RPI hurt them in the rankings but was good for young team
Mizzou Network: REPORT: Volleyball Snags #4 National Seed in Tournament

Hey, how are the Baseball facilities coming along? Mizzou Baseball Facility Update - Nov. 29, 2013

Good and bad in Miami for the Fightin' Pingetons

Mizzou 68, Hartford 45 Tigers Top Hawks in Thanksgiving Tournament
The Missourian: Missouri women's basketball beats Hartford in Miami Tournament

Miami 74, Mizzou 68 Kulas and Eye Earn All-Tournament Honors in Loss at Miami

The triumphant (and brief) return of Music Monday!

Music Monday was a fun offseason series, and it'll probably return again when I'm no longer drowning in Monday morning links. But I came across this on the RSS feed this morning and had no choice but to pass it along. Damn, damn, damn, was Nina Simone awesome.

Johanna's Visions: Nina Simone plays Bob Dylan