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RMN Bowl Contest - And we are Off and Running...kind of

The first big day of bowls on Saturday was not kind to us

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

That's why we call it the Sweet Smell of Mediocrity (tm)

By the time Colorado State had finished their somewhat improbably comeback from being down 35-13 before half and 45-30 in the 4th quarter, they had set us back 100 games already. Even worse, it put the all-time record back under .500. We would not recover, though we would only lose eight more game to the bad on the day, finishing with a pretty crappy 47% winning percentage. All-time we are now just 49 games under, so very close to turning our number from red to green.

No one is perfect through eight, but we had a number of people get off to strong starts. Leading the pack with 7-1 records are Tigervault, mizzougold, Dirk 98-02, Jerilac and dgcawthon. Jerilac actually went all the way until the ULaLa/Tulane under (the final pick of the day) before dropping a selection. Behind this group is another 16 who went 6-2 and who are knocking on the door of name-mention. At the other end of the spectrum, a larger number of people went 1-7, led by Coin "Ph"lip. Guess I should have waited to retire the quarter which flipped to a .500 record last year.

Ohio and ECU match up today in the lone bowl game, with ECU and the Under as the preferred selections (and the Under by a pretty strong majority). Could get us back on the right side of things quickly. For those interested in such things, this game kicks off at 1pm central time, which strikes me as something of a strange kick-off time, but what do I know. We will have another update to the contest later this afternoon/evening/tomorrow morning/when I get to it.

Curious about how you did? Thanks to the magic of Excel/Google Forms, all this information is now available to everyone. Bill went super-fancy on the spreadsheet this year (color us all shocked) so mind the tabs at the bottom of the sheet. The "Form Responses" are exactly that...what you entered. They have been color coded for wins and losses. The "Results" features the winners and losers, but I would encourage you to stay below line 234. There, you will find the record for each pick, as well as total winners and losers for this year's contest and all-time. Finally, head to the "Leaderboard" to find your name and where you stand. HIT THE LINK and let the numbers wash over you.