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RMN Bowl Contest - We Love the Late Covers

ECU goes off in the 4th quarter and we are back over .500. It is just that simple.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

And like that, everything was green.

I had watched much of the first half of this game, and was entertained by the open play and play calling.  I went away from the game in the 2nd half, seeing the final score later and not being terribly impacted by it one way or another.  Imagine my surprise when looking at the box score this morning to see that not only did Ohio have a 4th quarter lead at 20-17, but they then executed and recovered an onside kick.  A missed FG was a blown opportunity, one for which ECU would make them pay.  They scored, held the Bobcats to three-and-out and went right down to score again on a throwback screen pass to the QB to put them up 11 with plenty of time for the cover.  They were even aided by not one, but two Ohio INT's, the last coming deep in Bobcat territory with short time left.  ECU seemed content to run the ball at that stage of the game and work to run out the clock, but the 3rd and 8 run from the Ohio 22 broke and gave us the late cover, 37-20.

With the Under, the group moved to 8 games over .500 for the year, and 67 games over .500 (out of more than 37,400 possible picks) all-time.  As you can see at the bottom of the "Results" tab, both percentages are back in the green, where hopefully we can keep them.  The popular picks for the Boise State/Oregon State game tonight are the Beavers and the Over, with Oregon State being a very popular pick (almost 3:1 over Boise).

Heading to the LeaderBoard tab, we are already starting to see a little separation at the top, though it is still quite early.  With 9-1 records, mizzougold and dgcawthon are a game up on a small group at 8-2 which features Tigervault, HHKB Chris, HNTR and Chessed. From there, a much larger set of people at 7-3 are well within striking distance.  At the other end of the tab, only one person is sitting at 1-9, and ColumbianKramer is the first to get their name on the board in a bad way.  Fortunately for anyone at 2-8, there are too many people for it to be worth naming.

One game tonight and then a break until the 26th.  Merry Christmas Eve everyone.  To see all the pretty red and green lines, feel free to check out the spreadsheet HERE.