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RMN Bowl Contest - Trending in the Right Direction

There was not much question about whether Oregon State would cover, though the Over/Under was in doubt towards the end

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Merry Christmas RMN!

The update will be kept short today as I try to separate my children from killing one another over their new toys.  Last night, as you prepared to watch A Christmas Story over and over again, the Oregon State Beavers made pretty quick work of a Boise St. team which was in a state of transition (interim coach) and upheaval (kid sent home for peeing off a balcony).  The Beavers made use of not one, but two fumble returns for TD's in the first half on their way to a 31-6 halftime lead.  They would get the first TD in the 2nd half, salting away the cover.  Boise St would pridefully put a few points on the board late, but not enough to impact the O/U.

On the leaderboard, we have a small group sitting at 10-2.  Included are mizzougold, dgcawthon, HNTR and Chessed. Eight folks are right behind at 9-3.  At the other end, ColumbianKramer continues to scuffle a bit, now sitting at 1-11.  Right behind is the Coin Phlip at 2-10, and then a group at 3-9.  With Oregon State having been the overwhelmingly popular pick, the contest is now 100 games over .500 for the year (at 51.8%) and has topped the 20,000 correct selection mark all-time, now sitting at 50.2%.

No games today, but two tomorrow evening/night.  In the first, we are looking for BGSU (-5.5) and the over (51), though both picks were relatively to the middle.  In the nightcap though, Northern Illinois (-1.5) and the over (56) are extremely popular and could really set us up for a solid year.

The updated spreadsheet can be found at THIS LINK when you decide you need to get away from the family for a few minutes.  In the meantime, happy holidays to all!