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RMN Bowl Contest - What Direction were we Trending?

And like that, Utah State puts us in our place

This young man did some SERIOUS work last night for PItt
This young man did some SERIOUS work last night for PItt
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

In the nightcap though, Northern Illinois (-1.5) and the over (56) are extremely popular and could really set us up for a solid year

Utah State 21 - Northern Illinois 14


But alas, the games go on with three matchups today and four more tomorrow before the next day off on Sunday.  The popular picks today are:

  • Maryland +2 and the Under (very popular)
  • Minnesota - 4.5 (most popular of the day) and the Over
  • Washington -3 and the Over
Circling back to last night, Pitt decided not only to cover the 5.5 points they were getting, but beat Bowling Green outright in the Pizza Pizza Bowl.  Once the nightcap completed and the damage was tallied up, the contest now finds itself back in the red for the year AND for all-time.  We are now over 150 games to the bad for the year and over 100 to the bad all-time.  Lots left to be played, but the red came back quickly.

To the leaderboard, where Chessed is sitting alone at the top of what is becoming a thinner and thinner group with a very solid 13-3 record.  One game back are HNTR and drewder at 12-4 and then mizzougold, MizKC, mizzoulaw06 and McBoomofDoom all checking in at 11-5.  At the bottom, ColumbianKramer continues to maintain their one game "lead" on the Coin Phlip, sitting at 2-14.  Defending champion Sleepy Floyd is sitting at 7-9 and all-time leader MU 1839 is batting .500 at 8-8.  Want to see how you stack up?  CLICK IT.

Enjoy the football (starting at 1:30 p.m. central today) and Happy Weekend everyone!